three things


firstly, happy new year everyone! y’all be safe and dont do anything i wouldnt do, which isnt really asking too much.

umm, if you havent grabbed joey kneiser’s the all-night bedroom revival i absolutely recommend that you do. its really all i have been listening to for the past week and i dont see my love affair ending any time soon. here’s another track in case you need convincing… download it here. btw, glossary’s yet to be released feral fire is all kinds of awesome…

funeral flowers

timothy cushing recently released a record which he has entitled, telephone lines. ive given it a few spins over the past few days and its a pretty cool lil record. he kinda sounds like the john who sings for they may be giants, but musically its more like swinging country folk or something. definitely worth a listen.

dandelion wine

hey alan sparhawk is back with his retribution gospel choir who are releasing 2 on 1.26. i havent listened to it yet, although it is residing on my hard drive but i have heard nothing but good things. not that i would expect anything less, honestly. you can pre-order it via subpop.

hide it

red red meat at the hideout

Red Red Meat
photo by noah w. bailey for dallas observer

top of the morning, everyone. i was so psyched last night to watch district 9, but somehow got sidetracked watching a mini marathon of salon takeover and then the little couple – or whatever its called. i actually love salon takeover, and im not too sure why cause i could really give a shit, but yet it intrigues me. the little couple was just cause i was too lazy to find something else….

i remember the first time i saw a thax douglas “performance” i thought it was pretty cool, but that was as far as it went. i really didnt need to hear one of his poems again, nor did i ever need to see the man ever again. yet, for a period of time, him and his pieces were seemingly at every show i went to. i grew to loathe thax douglas and still do to this day. i have a hard time letting go, btw. if you dont know who thax douglas is, click here. anyway, here is red red meat performing at the hideout in chicago in 08. thanks to the original taper – its a soundboard btw.

you can buy red red meat stuff via subpop and cant recommend em enough particularly jimmywine majestic.

1. red red meat by thax douglas
2. chinese balls
3. all tied
4. stained and lit
5. braindead
6. theres a star above the manager tonight
7. gauze
8. idiot son
9. airstream driver
10. rosewood, wax, voltz and glitter
11. sulfer
12. comes
13. chain chain chain
14. quarter horses
15. oxtail

one random email featuring bella ruse

photo by jason aten

so far this whole “one random email” thing hasnt turned out too badly. thus far i havent been subjected to pure shit, which is good. maybe, i just know how to pick em by band/artist name, or maybe the music gods are just sparing me from having to write about pure shit. who knows? today’s/this week’s/this months one random email comes to you from the minneapolis folky duo, bella ruse. the duo is made up of singer kay gillette, who’s got some lovely pipes, and guitarist joseph barker and formed earlier this year, which is pretty cool cause they definitely sound like they have a good/great chemistry going on. their ep which you can grab via bandcamp would make for a very nice soundtrack to the late night consumption of alcoholic beverages at your local watering or maybe just chilling on your back porch, if ya got one. definitely nice stuff, check em out.

push on

vic chesnutt live at the pour house, 2.26.09


rip, vic. this one has hit me pretty hard, i gotta admit. justin has a very nice tribute to him over at aquarium and kristin hersh set up a donation page to help offset some of the expenses and also wrote up a very touching tribute to him.

here he is performing songs off dark developments, the record he did with elf power. its from the pour house in james island, sc on 2.26.09. thanks to brooks wilson for the show….

1. tuning
2. mystery
3. little fucker
4. and how
5. teddy bear
6. we are mean
7. stop the horse
8. bilocating dog
9. mad passion of the stoic
10. phil the fiddler
11. old hotel
12. independence day
13. sewing machine

the sandwitches' "back to the sea"


firstly, just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas, and if you happen not to celebrate that sort of thing, happy friday!

secondly, here’s an interesting record i have been listening to the past couple of days. that record being the sandwitches’ how to make an ambient sad cake which has been described as a “a holy communion of roky erikson and stevie nicks.” im not 100% sold on it yet, but its definitely an interesting listen. there are some brilliant parts – like the song below, and some meh parts, but even the questionable stuff is still pretty enjoyable. you can buy it here

back to the sea

new stuff from glossary's joey kneiser – free record alert


yeah, im really late on this one, well a month or so, but late nonetheless. this being joey kneiser’s solo record, the all-night bedroom revival, which if i would have heard it earlier probably would have been in my top ten. joey, by the way, is the lead singer for murfeesboro, tn’s glossary, who are releasing their feral fire on 2.2. best of all the all-night bedroom revival is free, and definitely worth the download. here’s a couple tracks and/or click here to grab the record – warning download will start automatically.

torch song

new stuff from one hundred dollars


morning all. im assuming everyone had a lovely weekend and i hope you folks up there and to the right of me are staying safe and warm. if you got some time, and hopefully you will make some, why dont you head on over to slowcoustic for the most random of stories, by yours truly, and my top ten songs that didnt make it on to any of my top ten records – yeah thats awkward. there are also a bunch of other blogger folks/friends that have contributed over the past couple weeks. so, definitely check it out. thanks to sandy for letting me participate.

i have been listening to canada’s one hundred dollars’ forest of tears for a few months now, and i still cant make up my mind on how i feel about it. musically, its gorgeous, lyrically its great, but lead dollar simone schmidt’s delivery leaves me confused. again, the music and lyric combo is really lovely and if you’ve ever seen that sort of backseat of car watching the landscape pass home video footage, its reminds me of that. but schmidt’s mumbling drawly delivery is keeping me from falling in love. i believe rick white of eric’s trip and elevator fame produced the record.

forest of tears is out now on sonic unyon

careless love
no great leap

captains dead's top ten records of 2009

for the past week or so, i have been digesting huge amounts of music from this year. there are quite a few excellent records that didnt make the list, mostly cause i didnt spend enough time with em and thusly felt kinda weird putting on said list. most notably, the avett brothers’ i and love and you, patterson hood’s murdering oscar, califone’s funeral singers and mumford & sons sigh no more. what did make the list though, i feel are some of the best records to come out in the past 5 years or so. the top 5 i obsessed over for most of the year, which sadly caused me to neglect the above mentioned records and im sure countless others. to their credit, though, the top 5 records could probably make it in to my top 30 records of the decade – the top 2 definitely, which are minor classics in my opinion.

and here they are….whats yours?

1. roadside sons home – buy it via autume tone
work itself out – favorite song of the year

2. magnolia electric co.josephine – buy it
little sad eyes

3. dawes.north hills – buy it
that western skyline via daytrotter
when my time comes

4. richmond fontaine.we used to think the freeway sounded like a river – buy it via their bandcamp
you can move back here

5. jason isbell and the 400 unit buy it
seven mile island

6. dinosaur – buy it
i want you to know

7. bombadil.tarpits and canyonlands – buy it
so many ways to die

8. a.a bondy.when the devil’s loose – buy it
i can see the pines are dancing
when the devils loose

9. built to spill.there is no enemy – buy it
things fall apart

10. the evening doin stuff – buy it
the steve mcqueens
hilltop pines

pavement live at shepherds bush


good monday morning to everyone! hope you all had a loverly weekend. mine was interesting to say the least. the most interesting part of it happened on saturday evening when there was flooding in and around my hood and we had to ditch my car on “high ground” and walk for about a mile through mid-calf to waist deep water to get back to my house. that was both exciting and terrifying…. went back on sunday morning to get my car and there were probably a hundred cars abandoned up and down claiborne tween jefferson and broadway – bout 6 blocks. looking back, im sure we were just wading through sewage, which is not so awesome…

here’s a pavement show that i hadnt heard before, up until yesterday. here they are performing at shepherds bush in 1997 – sounds like a sounboard, btw.

1. father to sister of thought
2. shady lane
3. silence kit
4. transport is arranged
5. stereo
6. old to begin
7. stop breathin
8. blue hawaiian
9. painted soldiers
10. the hexx
11. grounded
12. cut your hair
13. we are underused
14. type slowly
15. range life