the tailors' "animal humour" video

The Tailors: “Animal Humour” from ILL FIT RECORDINGS & PROMOTION on Vimeo.

here’s the first video from the tailors’ most excellent sophmore record, come dig me up, which is out today on trash aesthetics. you can download the track by right click saving as this link, or if youre on a mac, ctrl and the mouse.

cat power's black session


hola amigos! hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, and if you dont happen to celebrate said holiday i hope you had a great thursday. its been a rough past month, which i may have mentioned before, but i like repeating myself. the last month being as it was has caused me to be slacking when it comes to this place. i had debated long and hard the past week or so about shutting her down, after all it is only a stupid little music blog thingy and my life outside of this joint comes first. this is not to say that this interferes much with my life, but it does take up a decent size chunk even if it may seem like it does. in the end though, i enjoy doing it too much to let it fade away into the black nether regions of the internets. plus i would really like to hit 5 years, and then after that all bets are off. i guess ill worry bout that next year and just enjoy this while it lasts….

here is cat power’s black session from 1.23.08…

1. metal heart
2. new york, new york
3. ramblin (wo)man
4. silver stallion
5. i lost someone
6. lord help the poor and needy
7. dark end of the street
8. song to bobby
9. naked if i want to
10. dont explain
11. aretha, sing one for me
12. shes got you
13. shes got you
14. lived in bars

archie powell and the export's "moving to the city"


top of the morning. hope everyone had a great weeks end! knowing i had a 4 day weekend ahead of me made waking up this morning a little easier. if you havent already, please do check out that video below.

twitter is strange. either you’re into it, or you’re not. i dont think there is anyone on the fence about it. admittedly, i like it a lot cause it suits my waning attention span fairly well. i get a lot of bands that follow me and if i dont follow back within a few days, i get unfollowed and thats fine. or maybe they just dont care for my schtick, whatever that maybe? one dude that has hung in, and who seems like a decent fellow is archie powell and his band of chicagoans, archie powell and the exports. we’ve been mutually following each other for a few months now, and just now am listening to their goods. and by goods i mean their free ep, loose change. like i said archie and his fellow exports seemed like enough dudes, but that doesnt always translate into making something i wanna even listen to or halfheartedly recommend. so, since im writing about it, you can assume its good, and even more its actually really good. it would be good even if it werent free, meaning i would pay for it. its a little bit a.m. era wilco, a little westerberg, and maybe even a little bit like ted leo’s more poppy side. whatever it is, its good and more than worthy of wasting your precious bandwidth on.

download the loose change ep via their bandcamp site.

moving to the city

pavement live at mississippi nights, 10.14.99


here be an awesome soundboard of pavement performing at st. louis’ famed mississippi nights back 10.14.99.

1. grounded
2. spit on a stranger
3. date w/ ikea
4. the hexx
5. carrot rope
6. rattled by the rush
7. shoot the singer
8. stereo
9. major leagues
10. in the mouth a desert
11. billie
12. you are a light
13. here
14. kennel district
15. debris slide
16. father of a sister of thought
17. folk jam
18. shady lane
19. unfair

explosions in the sky live at warren wilson college, 4.14.08


i have pretty much given up hope on the bear this season. i dont think i have been so disappointed in a bear season as i have been thus far this year. not gonna name any names, but i think he knows he’s on my shit list. so, with that being the case lets go saints!!!! here is explosions in the sky @ the chapel at warren wilson college in asheville, nc on 4.14.08. much love to brad b. the original taper.

1. does that pipe organ work?
2. first breath after coma
3. catastrophe & the cure
4. the birth and death of the day
5. the only moment we were alone
6. greet death
7. your hand in mine
8. remember me as a time of day
9. memorial

spiritualized's acoustic mainline, 12.9.07


dont know if i mentioned this, but sometime last week was captains dead’s 4 year anniversary. so i guess yay for me, or this, or something? here’s to another year! and here is spiritualized in london on 12.9.07 during their acoustic mainlines tour. much love to the original taper cause this show is phenomenal.

1. sitting on fire
2. lord let it rain on me
3. true love will find you
4. cool waves
5. amen
6. going down slow
7. soul on fire
8. walking with jesus
9. feel so sad
10. death take your fiddle
11. stop your crying
12. all of my tears
13. baby, i’m just a fool
14. ladies and gentlemen…
15. broken heart
16. think i’m in love
17. lord can you hear me
18. goodnight, goodnight, silent night
19. oh happy day

jill andrews perfomance vids from the evening muse

i know you all are probably getting sick of the jill andrews posts, but i promise this will be the last one for at least a couple of weeks. these vids were taken from her performance at the evening muse in charlotte on 10.23. kudos to the videographer cause these are really nice.

sinking ship

worth keeping

a way out

these words

superchunk live at the whisky, 2.11.92


this is the kinda day i needed, slightly cool, overcast and rainy. i dont want to feel guilty about not leaving the house today. cause when its sunny, which it quite often is, i feel the need to go out even when i dont feel like it. so the repost fest rambles on and next up is superchunk playing at the whisky a go go, opening for hole of all bands, on 2.11.92. they really really need to get a new record out one of these days. although their leaves in the gutter was awesome enough to tide me over a little longer. buy superchunk stuff via merge.

1. skip steps 1 & 3
2. cast iron
3. brand new love
4. new low
5. tie a rope to the back of the bus
6. binding
7. slack motherfucker
8. mower
9. cool
10. the breadman
11. for tension
12. fishing
13. throwing things