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two tracks from gbv's suitcase 3


so, pollard is releasing another suitcase with this one being number 3. from the looks/sounds/etc of it, this one, a 4 disc set, should definitely be the best of the bunch cause most of the material is being pulled from the mid-90’s to the present. the 4th disc is an impromptu acoustic set featuring pollard, demos and sprout. tell me that aint worth the 28 buck price tag alone. i cant remember how much i paid for the other two, but i think i remember it being much more than 28 bucks. seems like i remember it being more around $40 or $50? i could be totally off though. anyway, its out this tuesday, 11.3, and here’s a couple tracks from it. btw, there’s also a briefcase version, which is the best of the suitcase plus one special track. oh btw, part two, the briefcase is only being printed on red vinyl and limited to 500 copies. why the hell does he do this stuff to me?

pre-order both of them here

jane wait
100 colors

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home's "photographed with ease"


well, this is a bit of a surprise. admittedly, i actually forgot about home’s existence after their 1996 release, elf: gulf bore waltz cause they didnt put a record out for another 9 or so years. during that time, i am pretty sure i sold back the three records i owned by em, and well you know the rest. from what i remember of home’s sound, and this song solidifies that memory, is that they reminded me of a soundtrack to a drugged out local theatre companys version of a space odyssey. make sense? probably not. if you wanna know more about home and their sorted past, check their wiki page. well, they have a new record coming out entitled, seventeen, and is being released by jagjaguwar on 1.26.10. most of their records have been numerically titled, or well roman numerically titled, minus elf and the concept record “about fucking” sexteen. looking forward to this…

photographed with ease

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the gutter twins live in liverpool, 8.30.08

taken from wikimedia, thanks acidkingz

the past 10/12 days have seriously kicked my ass. first, i have been busy as all hell at work. secondly, i got a case of the anxieties attacks which for me last a few days, and luckily dont rear their ugly heads too often but when they do, i dont feel like doin shit. thirdly, the wife has been working for the past ten days, which has left me deal with the kids, alone, from the hours of 3.30 pm to whenever i can get them to bed. i dont want to sound like im complaining bout spending time w/ my kids, but after 10 days w/ no “greg” time it gets to be a bit much or atleast a little taxing on my brain. anyway, i cant bitch too much cause the bride is working and getting paid pretty well, and she’s up for a promotion. so again, no serious complaints. hopefully things will get back to normal next week. anyone going to voodoo fest this weeks end? im trying to score some tickets, but havent heard back on anything as of yet.

until later here are the gutter twins performing stuff off their most excellent saturnalia
live at academy 2 in liverpool on 8.30.08. thanks to the fine folks at scott ford’s message board for this.

1. the stations
2. gods children
3. idle hands
4. seven stories underground
5. hard time killin floor blues
6. bete noire
7. down the line
8. st. james infirmiry
9. spanish doors
10. each to each
11. front street
12. encore break
13. papillon
14. methamphetamine blues
15. number nine

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pixies live in brussels, 10.14.09 – doolittle in its entirety


oh this post is going to be very suspect, and im not sure how long its gonna be up? could be a year, could be a day? it’s funny the stuff that i think im going to get busted for, i dont, then shit that i think is all good, i get called out on. luckily, its only happened twice, so here’s hoping that this stays up for a while. this being the pixies live in brussels on 10.14 which they perform doolittle in its entirety. im sure most of you folk that visit here are very familiar with doolittle, but if you happen to be in the 15-25 demographic and dont realize that 85% of the bands performing today have ripped off the pixies in some way, well here’s your chance…. you can buy other recent pixies shows, here. this is not the entire show, btw… i’ll post the remainder if it lasts longer than 72 hours…. or you can buy the remainder by clicking that link.

1. intro
2. dancing the manta ray
3. weird at my school
4. baileys walk
5. manta ray
6. debaser
7. tame
8. wave of mutliation
9. i bleed
10. here comes your man
11. dead
12. monkey gone to heaven
13. mr grieves
14. crackity jones
15. la la love you
16. number 13 baby
17. there goes my gun
18. hey
19. silver
20. gouge away

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los lobos @ the aggie theater, 8.24.99 part two


you may be asking yourself right now, why couldnt i have just done one post for this show? my answer to that would be, yeah i guess i probably could have. my network is experiencing issues at the moment, and had expected to be back to working by now and would just post the remainder, see below, later tonight. so, i have some unexpected free time on my hands. now off to luch…

14. cumbia raza
15. kiko and the lavender moon
16. ay te dejo, san antonio
17. volver, volver
18. lets go
19. why should i keep loving you
20. not fade away
21. bertha
22. europa jam
23. dont keep me wonderin
24. la bamba


los lobos @ the aggie theater, 8.24.99 part one


i really never tell anyone about this place, cause quite frankly the conversation either turns awkward or goes nowhere. when it does go somewhere, which is very rarely, i end up spouting off some of my favorite bands, and i always include los lobos, cause well they are. the one strange thing about mentioning los lobos is that i still typically get “oh, you mean la bamba.” la bamba was what 20 years ago, and people still see them as the band that plays “la bamba?” at that point, i try to speak intelligently and passionately about their catalogue and their place in music. its funny though, even after going on for 10 minutes or so, i sometimes get the “well the la bamba soundtrack is really good.” if you are still initiated to los lobos’ i cant recommend picking up kiko, the neighborhood, or the town and the city as good starting points. all of which you can buy here

anyway, here’s part one of two of the men of los lobos at the aggie theater in fort collins, co on 8.24.99.

1. intro
2. oh yeah
3. colossal head
4. one time, one night
5. that train dont stop here
6. this time
7. run away with you
8. wicked rain
9. some say some do
10. revolution
11. rattlesnake shake
12. forty thousand headmen
13. angel dance


tw walsh


you may not know tw walsh by name, or maybe you do, but you probably, or at least you should, know his work. most of this work is from behind the board, and in this year alone he was worked on what appears to be at least 50 projects – i stopped counting after 20. most notably, david bazan’s curse your branches and the man in me, gasoline heart’s nostalgia aint what it used to be, mike dunn and the kings of new england’s sundowner – more about them coming up, ra ra riot’s can you tell and rocky votolato’s true devotion, just to name a handful. besides his mixing, mastering, producing, etc he was part of the great pedro the lion for more than a few years, and he also released three solo record and had his own band, the soft drugs which he did away with last year. i heard the soft drugs’ in moderation back in late 06/early 07, and definitely dug it, but never bothered to check out any of tw’s other stuff. i hear that his disc blue laws is pretty damn great, but again havent heard it yet, but plan on it. if you’re a fan of david bazan, damien juardo, etc you should dig tw.

btw, he’s on twitter if thats your thing and seems like a perfectly likable dude

here’s a few tracks from mr walsh and you can also download a couple of soft drugs records, for free, via his site

drop the bomb
borrow my vibe
family of four
bless this mess off david bazan’s curse your branches

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dont stop now: a tribute to guided by voices


my portuguese is for shit, and online translators dont really cut it, but you swing on over to brazilian music outlet, transfusao noise records you can grab a 31 track tribute compilation made up of what i am guessing are brazilian artists. btw, anyone hear the new boston spaceships record?

weedking by monodecks
man called aerodynamics by fujimo
game of pricks by telerama
huffman prairie flying field by inspetores

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