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sunny day real estate live on fallon

you’ve probably seen it already, but just by chance you havent…. edit: the youtube vid got deleted. so just jump to the last spacer to just watch their performance that is unless you really feel like knowing more about jude law.

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echo and the bunnymen's "think i need it too"

E&TBM Fountain cover FINAL_E&TB Fountian FINAL

echo and the bunnymen have a new record coming out called the fountain sometime at the end of october. i havent listened, or had a desire to listen to a bunnymen record since 1999’s what are you going to do with your life, which wasnt very good, but the first song off the fountain, see below, is pretty cool and may just be enough for me to give them yet another chance. they’re touring as well, so check their site for all the dates.

think i need it too

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dr dog and the generationals tonight @ howlin wolf, new orleans


anyone going to this gig? i may or may not be, but unfortunately its probably more like the latter. i do really want to see both of these guys, cause i hear they put on pretty great shows. dr dog is going to be joined by members of the rebirth brass bad, btw. tickets are 15 bucks and mynameisjohnmichael opens the nights festivities @ 9ish.

both bands are on local label park the van which is offering up a new 100mb sampler of the good stuff. click here for the park the van fall sampler. (warning file will automatically start downloading)

dr dogarmy of ancients
the generationalsfaces in the dark

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pixies live in mardrid, 9.17.90


much like the title suggests, here are the pixies on 9.17.90 in madrid. its the full fm broadcast, but unfortunately not the entire show.

1. cecilia ann/levitate me
2. debaser
3. rock music
4. hang wire
5. dead
6. there goes my gun
7. monkey gone to heaven
8. isla de encanta
9. cactus
10. hey/gigantic
11. crackity jones
12. dig for fire
13. dancing the manta ray
14. gouge away
15. here comes your man
16. velouria
17. allison

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not an airplane's nothing to lose

photo by angry f

this one is a mystery, a mystery i cannot seem to solve. typically records i have come from three sources 1. own personal collection 2. promos 3. a super secret spot i cant tell you about. californian nick shattell’s not an airplane doesnt seem to come from any of those 3 sources. then from where i ask you? khan!!!!!!!!! maybe i just haphazardly was downloading stuff one day, from somewhere, and decided to download not everything is loveable cause his chosen moniker comes eerily close to a gbv song which is entitled “you’re not an airplane.” luckily, he sounds nothing like gbv. i say luckily, cause that’s one road that no band should really ever travel down. his six song ep, not everything is lovable, is pretty damn cool piece of singer/songwriter americana. dont know where you can pick this up other than a show, but check out his myspace page for some additional info, im assuming.

nothing to lose

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alice in chains' heroin


the more i think about it, i may have posted portions of this before, but im too lazy to look. i know i posted some alice in chains demos before, but it was a long ass time ago. it was before i used the tagging system, which i have been using for a few years now. btw, dont know if you knew this or not, and it maybe helpful to some, but you can go directly to tags w/o searching. say your looking for posts about guided by voices, just go to your address bar and type make sure you put the tag in there and then whatever it is you are looking for, but also make sure to add dashes if its longer than one word. got it? awesome! here is the alice in chains bootleg, heroin, which is a collection of demos and live tracks. see below for a breakdown on the tracklisting…

1-12 publisher demos seattle, wa april-june, 1989
14-15 mtv drops the ball december 31, 1992
16-19 canada 1992
20 osaka, japan february 23, 1994

1. suffragette city
2. bleed the freak
3. social parasite
4. we die young
5. chemical addiction
6. sunshine
7. the king of the kats
8. the real thing
9. killing yourself
10. sea of sorrow
11. i cant remember
12. queen of the rodeo
13. empty
14. would
15. angry chair
16. dam that river
17. them bones
18. junkhead
19. rooster
20. nutshell

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those darlins @ one eyed jacks, 10.2 – ticket giveaway


those darlins are rolling through new orleans on friday night, 10.2, at one eyed jacks. opening the night is new orleans own, country fried – im assuming thats them although it doesnt show that they’re playing this particular gig. anyway, tickets are a measly 7 bucks but i gots two pairs of tickets to giveaway, and all you gotta do is leave a comment and make sure you leave a working email address so i can get in touch with ya.

red light love off their recently released self titled record

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hush arbors "the devil made you high"


havent heard keith wood’s hush arbors’ j mascis produced yankee reality, do out 10.6, as of yet, but if the whole ordeal is anything like the track down there, which very much reminds me of dino jr doin my bloody valentine or is it the other way around, it should be pretty killer – yes i said killer. stereogum has got the video to “devil made you high.” check it!

yankee reality is being put out by estatic peace

the devil made you high

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venice is sinking's video for "okay"

ha! ha! hey-o! lucas, buddy, keep the shirts on! there’s only one person in this video that has any right showing any skin and she’s really quite lovely. anyway, as the title suggests this is the video for venice is sinking’s cover of okay. their maxisingle okay is out now!!!!

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