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stuff from foreign born


ive been listening to foreign born’s recently released secretly canadian record, person to person, for about a week, and while im still on the fence, im coming around. i kept picking up a sound/influence that i couldnt quite put my finger on then half way through my second listen it came to me, echo & the bunnymen. btw, i dont think there are enough bands influenced be em, just sayin… then by chance i landed on allmusic to read a bit more about the record, and whoever did up their profile tends to think they sound like em too – validation is nice. anyway, its a very lofty and summery record and even though they sound nothing like pavement, they remind me of the way pavement reminds me of summer. good stuff, but i still need convincing, i think….

vacationing people
early warnings

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vic chesnutt's chain


probably one of the greatest overlooked/under appreciated artists in the history of recorded music, vic chesnutt, has a new record coming out on constellation records called at the cut on 9.21. here be the first single from said record….


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wu-tang: the demos


sup, fools? this morning is a lovely collection of wu-tang demos that really aren’t all that lovely, in fact they are kinda rough, but they are demos. we’ll see ya a little later today…

1. enter the wu-tang
2. wu-tang master
3. cuttin headz
4. problemz
5. its all about me
6. after the laughter
7. bring da ruckus
8. the wu comin thru

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stuff from robert pollard's elephant jokes


yeah, i havent been keeping up…. im a bad uncle bob fan, but like i have stated in the past, i have had to take a break from paying attention. after 15/16 years of hanging on every release, and god knows my bank acct has felt the affects of the shitstorm of releases he’s bestowed upon us, i’ve had to quit my obsession cold turkey. with that said, bob’s got a new one coming out on 9.11 that he is calling, elephant jokes – which you can pre-order here.

symbols and heads

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what im listening to right now: pawnshop diamond

photo by fiona garden

i’ve had this folder “pawnshop final masters” sitting on my desktop for a month or so now. its almost been deleted a few times, as i have been running out of real estate on my desktop cause i sometimes become too lazy to move stuff from the said desktop into their appropriate folders. anyway, so i decided to give this record a chance, and that record is pawnshop diamond’s leaning to the sun. i am currently only on track #4 “sweet music,” of the ten song affair, but thus far im diggin their country and kind of jazzy vibe. lead singer, katie ormiston, has a great voice and can pen a pretty nice tune. btw, im on the last track now, “camping song” and all in all its a good record, not awesome, but its filled with a bunch of nice tunes that would be perfect for swigging some beers and shootin the hit on a lovely summer day.

cabernet sauvignon

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bird and flower's "hotboots" & "jump out the way"


admittedly, and probably like most of you, i have my musical “things.” these “things” usually manifest themselves into certain genres and artists that “do it” for me. these “things” that “do it” for me are typically your standard rock stuff that 35 year old dudes are into, but you already knew that. what i am getting at is that eve searls and her chosen moniker, bird and flower, arent typically something i would listen to, but dammit if she didnt win me over about half-way through one listen of “hotboots” off her recently released sunken treasure records, here we cease our motion – which was produced by jerry decicca of The black swans. the record tows a gray line tween singer songwriter inspired numbers ala edith frost and joanna newsom to more glitchy pop numbers ala lykke li and the blow. now, me and eve see eye to eye on the first genre, but her more pop inspired numbers is where i initially had a knee jerk “this aint my thing” reaction. but as i said earlier, it only took about a minute to put the knee down and give in to what she is selling. simply put,”hotboots” is fun fucking song, the record is quite charming, and sometimes i, collective we?, just gotta get past the idea that not everything needs to be life changing and accept and love shit for exactly what it is. i have issues, and i am coming to grips with em.

buy here we cease our motion, here via sunken treasure – which is run by robert @ donewaiting.

jump out the way

Bird & Flower at Comfest from Strummy on Vimeo.

Bird and Flower – That’s the Ticket from Strummy on Vimeo.

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cat power on the bbc collection


happy saturday, go-tards! if you have been following along over the past 4 years you know i sometimes go through spurts of posting stuff by the same artist. tonight i continue that long history, at least in blogging years, of mildly obsessive behavior with a collection of cat power bbc performances. i dont have the exact dates, so you may just have to do a bit of research if you are that kind of completest….

1. sophisticated lady
2. hard times in new york
3. wonderwall
4. he was a friend of mine
5. deep inside
6. come on in my kitchen
7. werewolf
8. up and gone
9. sister/knocking on heavens door
10. freebird
11. the party
12. baby doll
13. rule the islands
14. come on in my kitchen
15. evolution
16. funny thing
17. i dont blame you
18. names
19. who knows where the time goes
20. why

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roadside graves' "work itself out," plays new orleans 8.6


here’s another track, and probably my favoritest song of the year, from the roadside graves’ my son’s home. its out now on autumn tone, and worth every stinkin penny. check it…

work itself out

take note, new orleans, they’re here on 8.5 @ the blue nile.

07/25 – New York, NY @ Trash Bar
07/28 – Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13
07/29 – Washington, D.C. @ The Black and Red Bar
07/30 – Norfolk, VA @ The Taphouse
07/31 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Nightlight
08/01 – Birmingham, AL @ The Bottletree
08/02 – Athens, GA @ TBA
08/03 – Jackson, MS @ Martin’s
08/04 – Hattiesburg, MS @ Thirsty Hippo
08/05 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Chelsea’s
08/06 – New Orleans, LA @ Blue Nile
08/07 – Rikki Bailey’s Tattoo Shop Longview, Texas
08/08 – Lambert’s Austin, Texas
08/10 – Hotel Monte Vista Flagstaff, Arizona
08/11 – Soda Bar San Diego, California
08/12 – Knitting Factory w/ Parson Red Heads Los Angeles, California
08/13 – Long Beach, CA @ The Prospector
08/14 – Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex [Rock ‘n’ Roll Summer Circus]
08/15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
08/16 – San Francisco, CA @ Hotel Utah
08/20 – Lawrence, KS @ TBA
08/21 – Kansas City, MO @ Mike’s Tavern
08/22 – Madison, WI @ Memorial Union Terrace
08/23 – St. Louis, MO @ LEMP
08/24 – Milwaukee, WI @ Club Garibaldi’s
08/26 – Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
08/27 – Indianapolis, IN @ Vollrath Tavern
08/28 – Pontiac, MI @ The Vernors Room [at Crofoot]
08/29 – New Brunswick, NJ @ The Court Tavern
09/12 – Morrison, Colorado, @ Red rocks [Monolith Festival]

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lou barlow's gravitate

Lou Barlow kinda

here we are again, and here is the first single off lou barlow’s upcoming solo merge release goodnight unknown which is due on 10.6. he’s going to be touring, solo, this fall i believe. check his site for tour dates….


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cat power live on brave new world


hey, good morning. im out the door but wanted to post this cat power radio broadcast on brave new world in new york on 11.5.98. i have learned that this may not be the entire performance. gonna work on scoring the last two possible tracks, “back of your head,” and “nude as the news.” until then, you listen to elephant micah (see below) yet? really you should….

1. intro
2. american flag
3. interview
4. say
5. metal heart
6. interview
7. cross bones style
8. naked if i want to

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