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kinda fell off my radar after secret wars, which was 4 records ago. i hear everything since has been pretty stellar, but still havent listened to any of it. no better way to get back into em than a triple album?!? yep, rated o is a triple record, and is also the middle child of the “thank you parents” trilogy – 08’s preteen weaponry was the first installment. here are three tracks from the 7.07 jagjaguwar release.

i will haunt you
whats up jackal

the raindogs' lost souls


what is up peoples? man not much here. took a cert exam this morning, and got an 895 out of 900. so, that was pretty awesome, considering i was unsure if i would even pass. it’s the ol birthday, too, which honestly i’m not that psyched about, but i cant fight time, i guess.

from time to time, i walk a very grey thin line. some of the demos/outtakes/etc i post are definitely suspect, especially those belonging to the beatles, keith richards and artists of the like. this post is definitely very very grey. i have never posted a full record before, and really dont plan on making it an every day event, even one that has probably been out of print for many a year. the album in question, that i am posting, is lost souls from the boston band the raindogs. since its release, all the way back in 1990, i would venture a guess that its been one of my most played records. its simply just a great rock record, nothing more nothing less. if you dig road apples era hip, early mellencamp, springsteen and petty you will most likely love this record. grab it while you can, cause it may only be up for a short while. we’ll see ya tomorrow….

1. im not scared
2. may your heart keep beating
3. phantom flame
4. the higher road
5. too many stars
6. nobodys getting out
7. cry for mercy
8. adventure
9. this is the place
10. under the rainbow
11. i believe
12. something wouldnt be the same

bob mould on german radio


i dont got much for ya today, peoples. but i do have this quite awesome bob mould show/radio performance from germany back in 1989.

1. sunspots/wishing well
2. compositions for young and old
3. heartbreak a stranger
4. life without lies
5. poison years
6. sinners and their repentances
7. lonely afternoon
8. brasilia crossed with trenton
9. see a little light
10. whichever way the wind blows
11. instrumental/everybody knows this is nowhere
12. cinnamon girl

links for 2009-06-25

the apples in stereo, 3.26.07


keep on forgetting to mention that summer’s kiss, the definitive site all things dulli, the afghan whigs, twilight singers, etc, has just released an afghan whigs tribute record featuring the likes of lanegan, joseph arthur, matthew ryan, susan marshall and host of others. click here for all the details.

i used to listen to the apples in stereo just about every day, for quite a while. when i mean a while, i mean probably a few years. i loved the hell out of their first three records, fun trick noisemaker, tone soul evolution and her wallpaper reverie. then they for some reason fell out of favor with my ears and its been probably 8 years since i listened to any of their records. as soon as i get off work im going to put on at least one of em, probably fun trick noisemaker. here they are at berbati’s pan, portland, or on 3.26.07. grab the flac version here, and thanks to yltfan for the recording.

1. intro
2. can you feel it
3. please
4. go
5. energy
6. do you understand
7. strawberry fire
8. sun is out
9. play tough
10. rainbow
11. same old drag
12. whats the #
13. skyway
14. radiation
15. open eyes
16. i cant believe
17. break no 1
18. ruby
19. break no 2
20. tidal wave

two random live cat power tracks


top o’ the morning. not to sure where i got these two cat power tracks, but they have been sitting on various harddrives for quite some time. all i know is that they were recorded live in amsterdam on 7.11.96 at vpro – which i assume is a club? anyone have any other info on these? is this all there is from that recording? gracias….

back of your head
nude as the news