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sam quinn + japan ten, etc

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


Sam Quinn + Japan Ten: “Hello” @ Ramseur Records HQ from Ramseur Records on Vimeo.

late the other night

Sam Quinn + Japan Ten: “Late the Other Night” @ Ramseur Records HQ from Ramseur Records on Vimeo.

in case you dont know, sam quinn is the male/less sexy half of the everybodyfields, who happened to create my favorite record of 2007, nothing is okay. both he and jill, the lovely/sexy half, are taking a break from recording the new everybodyfields record and venturing out on their own. thus far we have no proof, other than a jill andrews website, of her musical outpouring, but sam quinn, however, has been hard at work, as seen above – not to say jill hasnt. anyway, here are a couple new sam quinn + japan tracks filmed by the folks at ramseur records. both are playing some shows, so check their respective myspace accounts for more info.

i know i have posted these tracks quite a few times already, but for the uninitiated here are some songs from the everybodyfields’ nothing is okay. still remains one of, if not my favorite records of the past 5 or so years.

everything is okay
dont turn around
leaving today

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it hurt much worse when you gave up

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


wanted to send a big thanks to everyone who donated to the cause! truly warmed my ever blackening heart, and i sincerely mean that. again, thanks… xoxoxo, greg

here is part one of uncle tupelo at the blue note in columbia, mo on 11.29.90. part two should be up later tonight. until then…..

1. live worth livin
2. punch drunk
3. watch me fall
4. postcard
5. gun
6. discarded
7. flatness
8. outdone
9. sauget wind
10. train
11. wasnt born to follow
12. atomic power
13. nothing
14. before i break

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funk man: the stimulus package

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

<a href="">Get it right now! by Del The Funky Homosapien</a>

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there are some mornings when the sky looks like a road

Posted by gregor on Monday, March 30th, 2009


evening, folks. if you havent checked it out as of yet, make your way over to daytrotter for what i would consider a very special daytrotter session featuring stephen malkmus.

tonight is joanna newsom show from the 5 spot in nashville on 6.30.04. its not the greatest recording, but still pretty nice.

1. yarn and glue
2. bridges and balloons
3. the book of right on
4. swansea
5. sprout and the bean
6. sadie
7. this side of the blue
8. peach, plum, pear
9. clam, crab, cockle, cowrie

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the evening rig

Posted by gregor on Monday, March 30th, 2009

photo by kris drake

there are 3 or 4 records right now that i am obsessing over, minneapolis’ the evening rig’s is doin stuff is one of em. right out the gate with “the steve mcqueens,” i knew i was going to dig their replacementy/lucero-ish/buffalo tommy ways. you ever listen to a record and it just feels right? is doin stuff sounds like a patchwork of a lot of my favorite records, which is to say ive heard this all before, but i love it all the same. pat over at culture bully called is doin stuff a possible “american classic,” or at least alluded to the fact that it may, given time, be considered one. read his in depth review here.

the steve mcqueens
the hilltop pines

the evening rig myspace

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followed a star to bethlehem steel

Posted by gregor on Saturday, March 28th, 2009


its repost party saturday night! i am going to put this bluntly. if you dont own grant lee buffalo’s mighty joe moon, you may as well be dead to me. you want the flavor of the month, look else where. im sure pretty much amazing has you covered – he’s a nice guy, i must admit, however. you want something that is going impact your soul for longer than a month, then i got what you need. dont believe little ol me? check the internets, the amazons, the all music guide, etc and all signs will point back to what i am preaching and that is the fact that mighty joe moon is a classic record. if somehow you find a negative review of said record, they, my friend, dont know shit about music. you can buy it on amazon for as little as 47 cents – are you kidding me? buy it! or if you dont feel like going through the trouble, ill send you a copy.

here they are at the troubadour on 11.16.96. its an excellent recording, i must contend.

1. the shining hour
2. drag
3. the oxen
4. the hook
5. its the life
6. armchair
7. arousing thunder
8. bethlehem steel
9. mockingbirds
10. honey dont think
11. lone star song
12. stars and stripes
13. jupiter and teardrop
14. fuzzy
15. lady godiva and me
16. for the turnstiles
17. two and two
18. you just have to be crazy

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i told her lies deceitfully

Posted by gregor on Friday, March 27th, 2009


i know i am not telling most you pavement fans anything you dont already know, but outside bobby nastanovich’s musical life, which is limited now a days, he is very active in horse racing. while looking for pavement pics, i stumbled upon this picture of bobby which was attached to this semi-recent article about his involvement in the sport. fairly brief, but still an interesting read. i, by chance, ran into bobby @ arlington on my 30th birthday and i wish i can report that i played it cool, but i was pretty much a giddy fanboy. i dont think i was too over the top, but i didnt hide it very well either.

here is bobby and other guys playing @ melkweg, amsterdam, 2.3.94. its a fm broadcast.

all wrapped up

1. unfair
2. cut your hair
3. the green slide
4. heaven is a truck
5. stop breathing
6. hit the plane down
7. she believes
8. summer babe

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f' the re-depression, the video

Posted by gregor on Thursday, March 26th, 2009

F’ the ReDepression – Music Video from f' the redepression on Vimeo.

a few weeks back i posted the little ditty/world changer/song for ages below, “fuck the re-depression.” if the song, alone, wasnt enough to right this wayward ship, the folks at stone road have unleashed the video onto the world. words cannot describe…..enjoy

fuck the re-depression

fuck the re-depression myspace

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bob mould's city lights

Posted by gregor on Thursday, March 26th, 2009


hey hey! another new mould song from his upcoming anti release, life and times. this one entitled “city lights (days go by)” is courtesy of spinner dot com. i never visit spinner but they seem to have some decent stuff featured from time to time. doesnt help that its an aol sponsored site, i suppose. being completely honest here, im not all that crazy about this one. its nice enough, but must keep on going back to that damn autotune? something is still a little off, or is it just me?

city lights

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where the wild things are trailer

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

i’m pretty psyched for this. spike jonze directs so i would assume that means it will be at least visually awesome.

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