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morning to you all. the great show rub out continues, but here is another one of my favorites. its a  lovely recording of jeff buckley @ mercury lounge in ny on 12.31.95. one million thanks to the original taper! fyi, anything older than 4 months is gone or going. so, if you been putting off grabbing something i would probably do it within the next 24-48 hours….

1. new years prayer
2. lover, you should’ve come over
3. curtains
4. kick out the jams
5. grace
6. mood swing whiskey
7. woke up in a strange place
8. last goodbye
9. lost highway
10. mojo pin
11. the other woman
12. so real
13. dink’s song
14. alive
15. 3 is the magic number

emma lee's never just a dream


sometimes i just wanna be coddled, either via a serious head rub or taking in the tones that only a lovely lass can provide. usually, and/or sadly, i have to rely on the latter, but that’s a matter that i must take up with my lady. usually i hit up the usual suspects, chan, neko, lucinda, mary lou, etc to wrap me close to their bosoms and take my pain way, but i may have found another to add to my collection of ladies. canadian emma lee has the pipes that hearkens me back to simpler days. days when my gramma-ma would crafted her locally famous apple pies near an open window, and the smells of said pies and the sounds of her zenith am radio would waft in the air and through the fields as i played. that does sound a like lovely time, but sadly never happened. although, if i were ever lucky enough to have experienced such a rockwellian experience, i think i would want emma lee playin in the background.

never just a dream is being released on 3.3.

never just a dream

bruise easy

emma lee site / myspace

he came from new york city man, but he couldn't take the pace


morning, ladies and gents. here is nick cave @ the berlin tempodrom, germany, 5.21.08. its an fm broadcast, btw.

1. night of the lotus eaters
2. dig, lazarus, dig
3. tupelo
4. todays lesson
5. red right hand
6. midnight man
7. deanna
8. lie down here
9. moonland
10. we call upon the author
11. papa wont leave you henry
12. more news from nowhere
13. get ready for love
14. hard on for love
15. the lyre of orpheus
16. into my arms
17. the mercy seat
18. stagger lee

re-discovering, mike johnson


on my way back from atlanta the other week i, for some reason, brought a book of cds in addition to my ipod. this practice vanished years ago, but i knew there was some stuff in that book that wasnt on the ipod, and i just felt the need to maybe mix shit up. as it turns out i did indeed listen to a bunch of stuff that hadnt been heard in years, which was quite refreshing. one record during my drive that i re-discovered was mike johnson’s year of mondays. mike has worked with just about everybody in “indie” rock – most notably, playing on most mark lanegan’s early solo records and playing bass in dinosaur jr. as you may have already guessed by the title, year of mondays is a bit of a downer record. its not a depressing record, its just that johnson’s vocals, somewhere between lanegan and stephen merrit, make it difficult for the mood to rise above the doldrums. sadly, since my return i have been unable to locate year of mondays to provide a few tracks, via up, for you sampling pleasure, but here are a few from his other, most excellent releases. will keep on attempting to locate mondays, though…

all there is off i feel alright

world hadn’t gone insane off gone out of your mind

arise off what would you do

mike johnson myspace

alela diane's white diamonds


alela diane, never heard of her until today, but so far me likes what me hears. the first single from her sophmore record, to be still, is a lovely little folkish type song ala joanna newsom and the like, and i can only hope the rest of the record is much of the same. good stuff…. the nevada city native’s to be still is being released via rough trade on 2.17 and is embarking on a tour with blitzen trapper.

white diamonds

tour dates..

Feb 18 Cedar Cultural Centre w/ Blitzen Trapper Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb 19 Empty Bottle w/ Blitzen Trapper Chicago, Illinois
Feb 20 Magic Stick w/ Blitzen Trapper Detroit, Michigan
Feb 21 Horseshoe Tavern w/ Blitzen Trapper Toronto
Feb 22 La Sala Rossa w/ Blitzen Trapper Montreal
Feb 24 Bug Jar w/ Blitzen Trapper Rochester, New York
Feb 25 Pearl Street Nightclub w/ Blitzen Trapper Northampton, Massachusetts
Feb 26 Paradise w/ Blitzen Trapper Boston, Massachusetts
Feb 27 Bowery Ballroom w/ Blitzen Trapper New York, New York
Feb 28 Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Blitzen Trapper Brooklyn, New York
Mar 1 First Unitarian Church w/ Blitzen Trapper philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 2 Black Cat w/ Blitzen Trapper washington DC, Washington DC
Mar 4 40 Watt Club w/ Blitzen Trapper Athens, Georgia
Mar 5 Orange Peel w/ Blitzen Trapper Asheville, North Carolina
Mar 6 Mercy Lounge w/ Blitzen Trapper Nashville, Tennessee
Mar 7 The Bottletree w/ Blitzen Trapper Birmingham, Alabama
Mar 8 Hi-Tone Cafe w/ Blitzen Trapper Memphis, Tennessee
Mar 9 The Opolis w/ Blitzen Trapper Norman, Oklahoma
Mar 10 Jackpot Saloon w/ Blitzen Trapper Lawrence, Kansas
Mar 12 Hi Dive w/ Blitzen Trapper Denver, Colorado
Mar 13 Kilby Court w/ Blitzen Trapper Salt Lake City, Utah

i am not ashamed

i am actually half contemplating going and seeing the boys of tesla here in new orleans on 2.16 @ the house of blues. as a child of the 80’s, born in 74, i listened to a lot of metal back in the day, both good and bad and downright fuckin horrible. 99 percent of which i have no need for any more, but for some reason, there is one band i still listen to, to this day. that band is tesla. i dont care how cool you think you are, if you are of my age, its hard denying your metal roots. if you can take these songs for what they are, me thinks you may dig em. just fuckin drop any kind of pretension you may built up in you soul…

love song


what you give




nothing to do with tesla, but i love this song


wake up with the everybodyfields

good sunday morning, peoples. usually i do most of my youtube searching/watching on sunday mornings. dont know why that is, but it seems to be the case most sundays. so i figured i would start a feature that i am entitling “wake up w/ (insert name here).” the inaugural episode is going to feature the sweet, sweet sounds of the everybodyfields. they have a new record coming out sometime this year, which is one of my most anticipated records of the ’09.

lonely anywhere live @ the living room, 4.29.08


aeroplane live @ local 506 in Chapel Hill, 6.23.07


tva live @ the festival essex




interview w/performances on uttv, university of tennessee tv, 4.26.08


tracks off nothing is okay

everything is okay
dont turn around

jason isbell and the 400 unit's seven-mile island


i am currently listening to the new self-titled isbell and the 400 unit record, and i must contend that its everything that i wished sirens of the ditch was. sirens is a great record, dont get me wrong, but it was kind of a departure from what in my mind a jason isbell record should sound like. so far, in simple aka my terms, this is freakin awesome..

anyway, here be the first single “seven-mile island”. the record, is due out on 2.17.

seven-mile island

jason isbell and the 400 unit site

say hello to vulture whale, goodbye to the silver jews


afternoon, all. hope everyone is doing well. i am partaking in a beer, so i am all to the good. sad to report that david berman is disbanding his silver jews. you can read all about it here in a thread david posted on the drag city message boards. he also goes on to talk about his father, who apparently is a pretty big piece of shit. interesting read to say the least. thanks to rich from cable and tweed for bringing this to my attention.

i love these guys name, vulture whale. usually i am rather indifferent about band names, but this one conjures up a bunch of visuals in thine head. these guys hail from birmingham and is made up of wes mcdonald (formerly of the ohms), guitarist lester nuby (formerly of verbena – oh verbena what could have been), bassist keelan parrish, and drummer jake waitzman. here’s the first single, and its pretty great, of their self titled record that is due out on 2.3 on skybucket records.

tote it to cleveland, al

vulture whale site