all alone in a world thats changed


firstly, i hope everyone has a lovely new years eve. i, for one, am going to be watching my kids and enjoying some beers all by my lonesome. sandy, my bride, has to work this evening, which is fine with me cause she should make some huge cash – i hope. to be quite frank, nye lost its allure about 14 years ago, so i aint heartbroken…

secondly, i find it hard to believe that with all the los lobos shows out there that i have never posted one. it boggles the mind… in my humble opinion, los lobos are one of the most underrated if not the most underrated band performing today. they make as interesting of music as anyone, no matter the genre. sadly, to this day when i mention to people that one of my favorite bands is los lobos, the typical response is “oh the la bamba band.” yeah….  as far as i am concerned they have not made one bad record, and to top that i dont think they have made even just one marginal record. their entire catalogue should is phenomenal – kiko, the neighborhood, the town and the city and how will the wolf survive in particular, through and through.  i am sure there are some los lobos fans out there that can back me up on their awesomeness…

here they are playing @ biddy mulligans in chicago on 12.14.84. i lived in chicago for 29 years and never heard of this place, btw…

1. we’re gonna rock

2. i got loaded

3. come on let’s go

4. a matter of time

5. evangeline

6. dont worry baby

7. how will the wolf survive

8. i got to let you know

9. why do you do

10. 300 pounds of heavenly joy

11. la bamba

its that time again…

the time again to make a plea to those of you who use places like seeqpod, mp3realm, and places of the like, to just fuckin stop. i dont know if you know much about bandwidth consumption, but 200 gigs a day is fucking outrageous and its all due to these sites that just scrape the internets looking for data. these sites dont make their users visit the sites they are scraping from, just stream away like they havent a care in the world. i can only do so much in terms of banning ips, sites, etc… cause i just dont have that kind of time. so, if you use those types of sites, just stop it cause eventually you will drive places like this joint out of business due to insane bandwidth useage. luckily my host is very forgiving, but there is no way captains dead can last if this keeps up. enough with my kvetching, thanks for whatever….

Day Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
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02 Dec 2008 12146 145982 168708 207.57 GB
03 Dec 2008 11476 145834 168285 213.25 GB
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05 Dec 2008 11573 132086 152342 203.87 GB
06 Dec 2008 12031 148169 162851 206.68 GB
07 Dec 2008 12495 160600 175435 241.96 GB
08 Dec 2008 11848 131525 151546 244.65 GB
09 Dec 2008 11526 121413 140431 205.45 GB
10 Dec 2008 11230 117926 138196 215.53 GB
11 Dec 2008 11097 117608 134635 218.23 GB
12 Dec 2008 11476 133154 148423 200.80 GB
13 Dec 2008 12084 147223 161681 304.81 GB
14 Dec 2008 12343 139167 165059 236.72 GB
15 Dec 2008 11008 110875 160885 196.84 GB
16 Dec 2008 10949 109254 161703 194.19 GB
17 Dec 2008 9979 110596 157234 153.86 GB
18 Dec 2008 10897 119153 166932 205.23 GB
19 Dec 2008 11830 137950 185172 193.29 GB
20 Dec 2008 12393 160444 201275 215.25 GB
21 Dec 2008 11757 150588 191802 199.35 GB
22 Dec 2008 10650 121250 163367 165.10 GB
23 Dec 2008 11887 149616 215996 295.87 GB
24 Dec 2008 9983 129816 177806 219.74 GB
25 Dec 2008 10721 145268 189751 233.36 GB
26 Dec 2008 11315 154000 200028 223.30 GB
27 Dec 2008 10669 142342 184273 219.59 GB
28 Dec 2008 10805 133350 176269 219.66 GB
29 Dec 2008 11161 130086 175060 219.73 GB
30 Dec 2008 11460 149604 196723 235.37 GB
31 Dec 2008 460 4799 7045 12.35 GB
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Total 341714 4054209 5078237 6478.00 GB

when you're a star, i know that you'll fix everything


i got a real love/hate relationship with sonic youth. it’s a relationship that hasn’t changed much since about 1988. i whole heartedly appreciate the music they make, kinda like hansel and his indifference/admiration of sting, but i dont really listen to em all that much. actually, other than sister and goo, i dont care for an entire sy record. every record has its fair share of unadulterated awesomeness, but are just too scattered for my brain. i always kinda felt like i should fall in line and just give into the noise, that sometimes borders on nauseating self indulgence, but just couldnt bring myself to do so. maybe one day, i suppose…

here they are playing at the palladium in hollywood on 8.17.90. it tis a pretty awesome show, i should add.

1. intro

2. catholic block

3. mary christ

4. kool thang

5. eric’s trip

6. dirty boots

7. tunic

8. tom violence

9. mote

10. flower

11. cinderella’s big score

12. schizophrenia

13. white cross

14. scooter

15. titanium expose

16. my friend goo

17. mildred pierce

antony and the johnsons vs papas fritas


oh, happy monday! i was not much of a fan of antony and the johnson’s previous work, but i have been listening to their upcoming the crying light the past few days and i gotta say its pretty damn spectacular. i dont know what has changed in my makeup to all of a sudden really be diggin antony’s voice/delivery, but i am just going to accept it. maybe i should go back and listen to their other stuff? anyway, the crying light is due out on secretly canadian on 1.20. i havent heard their latest ep, another world, but here is track from it.

another world

hope there’s someone off i am a bird now

antony and the johnsons site

one record that i constantly continue to pull out whether i am in the mood for bouncy pop goodness or not is boston’s papas fritas’ (pop has freed us) 1995 debut record. after hearing this record for the first time i think i may have gone and helped an old lady unwillingly cross the street i felt so damn good. one thing i love about it is that its kinda goofy without falling into the normal entrapments of such a record. they put out three records, in total, but their last two didnt have the same effect on me as their debut. still they were/are good records and do contain some killer songs see “hey, hey you say,” as an example. me thinks my part-time partner has the scoop on what lead fritas member tony goddess is up to nowadays, but she wont return phone calls….

both of these are from their debut…

guys dont lie

passion play

way you walk off buildings and grounds


hey, hey you say off helioself


hey, hey you say on some awesome public access show


afterall off the debut


the jukebox has to take a leak


top of the day, heathens! today’s offering is mr waits performing @ postaula, in bremen, germany on 4.26.77.

btw, i am attempting to reincorporate the rar files back into the site, but it probably wont happen until sometime next week.

1. step right up

2. semi suite

3. fumblin with the blues

4. midnight lullaby

5. emotional weather report

6. nobody

7. i cant wait to get off of work

8. new coat of paint

9. grapefruit moon

10. diamonds on my windshield

11. the one that got away

12. small change

13. spare parts

14. invitation to the blues

15. depot, depot

16. the piano has been drinking

17. pasties and a g-string

something in my veins, bloodier than blood


top of the afternoon, all. hope you all had a lovely christmas. my christmas was quite lovely, for a better part of the day, at least. then at about 6 pm, the nights and days drinking caught up to me, and i was stricken with a severe case of faucet ass – you can just imagine what that is. it wasnt pretty, to say the least.

normal and greater/more fequent posting will resume on monday, but in the meantime here are some demos to wilco’s classic summerteeth.

1. a shot in the arm

2. were just friends

3. im always in love

4. candyfloss

5. how to fight loneliness

6. tried and true

7. shes a jar

8. pieholden suite

9. nothingsevergonna…

10. via chicago

11. elt

12. my darling

13. in a future age

let's be naughty and save santa the trip

merry christmas, happy channakuah, happy kawnaza, etc.. from us/me at captains dead! keeping with what i can now consider a tradition – cause i did this last year, here is pfork’s list of top 100 singles of 08. honestly, i have not heard of 95 percent of this stuff and i really dont know how many of them i am actually going to check out.

secondly, thanks to everyone for visiting captains dead this year! just in this year alone, captains dead had just over a million hits. which is pretty impressive, i think, for a site that is run from primarly from my couch. so, again, thanks for visiting….

oh, yeah, i cant take credit for compiling this, just the posting. thanks and love to the chap for putting this together…

1. blind – hercules and love affair
2. white winter hymnal – fleet foxes
3. ready for the floor – hot chip
4. l.e.s. artistes – santagold
5. kim and jessie – m83
6. nothing ever happened – deerhunter
7. hearts on fire – cut copy
8. collapsing at your doorstep – air france
9. machine gun – portishead
10. american boy – estelle
11. strange overtones – david byrne and brian eno
12. out there on the ice – cut copy
13. flashing lights – kanye west
14. a milli – lil wayne
15. sabali – amadou and mariam
16. run to your grave – the mae shi
17. wearing my rolex – wiley
18. black rice – women
19. where do you run to – vivian girls
20. happy house – the juan maclean
21. hercules’ theme – hercules and love affair
22. lights out – santagold
23. single ladies – beyonce
24. house jam – gang gang dance
25. constructive summer – the hold steady
26. in the new year – the walkmen
27. no matter what – t.i.
28. eraser – no age
29. m79 – vampire weekend
30. time to pretend – mgmt
31. whispers – aeroplane
32. untrust us – crystal castles
33. street flash – animal collective
34. sweet love for planet earth – fuck buttons
35. the snow leopart – shearwater
36. i couldnt sat it to your face – arthur russell
37. royal flush – big boi
38. dlz – tv on the radio
39. love lock down – kanye west
40. live your life – t.i.
41. sleeper hold – no age
42. dig!! lazarus, dig!!! – nick cave and the bad seeds
43. entropy reigns – kelley polar
44. one pure thought – hot chip
45. shake that devil – antony and the johnsons
46. graveyard girl – m83
47. fascination – alphabeat
48. soul on fire – spiritualized
49. always wanting more – jay reatard
50. cable dazed – invisible conga people
51. golden age – tv on the radio
52. enfants – ricardo villalobos
53. becky – be your own pet
54. little bit – lykke li
55. love in the club – usher
56. oxford comma – vampire weekend
57. from stardust to sentience – high places
58. i know ur girlfriend hates me – annie
59. fools – the dodos
60. courtshipt dating – crystal castles
61. gettin up – q tip
62. lucky – the tough alliance
63. kamphopo – the very best
64. golden cage – the whitest boy alive
65. which song – max tundra
66. dance, dance, dance – lykke li
67. put on – young jeezy
68. ribbons – four tet
69. the rip – portishead
70. dont stop the music – rihanna
71. gobbledigook – sigur ros
72. blue ridge mountains – fleet foxes
73. a&e – goldfrapp
74. the kramer – wale
75. stuck on repeat – little boots
76. dvno – justice
77. i cant stand it – telepathe
78. the modern leper – frightened rabbit
79. oh my god – ida maria
80. poison dart – the bug
81. wishing well – love is all
82. sandcastle disco – solange
83. upon viewing brueghel’s “landscape with the fall of icarus” – titus andronicus
84. gila – beach house
85. 16th stage – osborne
86. sweet dreams, sweet cheeks – los campesinos!
87. untouched – the veronicas
88. things are gonna get easier – low motion disco
89. celebrate the body electric – ponytail
90. message from the law – sic alps
91. all i wanna do – jamie lidell
92. i need a life – born ruffians
93. river card – atlas sound
94. fatalist palmistry – why?
95. paris – friendly fires
96. walking on a dream – empire of the sun
97. sound of kudero – buraka som sistema
98. the nun’s litany – the magnetic fields
99. the butcher – final fantasy
100. hellhole ratrace – girls

captains dead top 12 songs of 08

as i was coming up with my favorite songs of 08 i noticed an interesting trend. that trend being that most of my favorite songs were not necessarily on my favorite records. so, i decided to compile a list of my favorite songs that weren’t on my top album list. out of the 12 here, only about 4 would have been omitted by including tracks found on my favorite records.

two of the albums, in particular were real close to getting into the top ten. first one being, horse feathers’ house with no home which is a lovely collection of americana, that fans of great lake swimmers, iron and wine, bon iver, etc would really dig. the other being why?’s alopecia which, while a great record, i can only listen if i am in the right mood. it gets a little long in the tooth, when completely sober, but damn if it aint a great drinkin record…

these are in no particular order. although if i had to pick, it would be between the bottom three. you may axe yourself, “a milli?” really? yeah, i fuckin love that song… it be bangin and sounds so sweet comin out of the elantra’s boomin system.

taking the farm off wagonwheel blues

the war on drugs myspace

spiders, snakes off a cove

a weather site

un dia off un dia

 juana molina site

goner off wrecking ball

dead confederate site

boston wrangler off loose in the joints

the dirty truckers myspace

furr off furr

blitzen trapper site

national talk like a pirate day off (OH) ohio

lambchop site

fatalist palmistry off alopecia

why? mypsace

curs in the weeds off with house with no home

horse feathers myspace

methamphetamine off tennessee pusher

old crow medicine show site

frankie’s gun off self titled

the felice bros site

a milli off the carter III

lil wayne myspace

captains dead top ten records of 08, #5.5


i think i done fucked up my top ten of 08 list. i knew, i just knew damn well i was missing something. that something was the mountain goats’ most excellent heretic pride. if i remember correctly, this isnt the first time i forgot to include them in my top 10 list. back in 06, i was a huge fan, and still am, of their get lonely and subsequently left them off that list too. i wasnt going to let it happen twice. so, i am going to just shove this in between carried to dust and saturnalia at number 5.5. if you have never dug john darnielle’s wares previously, this record may win you over. if you just cant stand his vocal/lyrical stylings, well, this aint gonna win you over. but me thinks this is probably his most solid and consistent work to date. check it..

sax rohmer #1

lovecraft in brooklyn (aesop rock remix)

the mountain goats site / buy stuff

maybe we could mess around?


sup, fools? in case you missed it, mr largeheartedboy is in the process of compiling what is already an exhaustive list of “best of’s” from around the blogoweird. check it here.

i’m gonna come right out and say it, west philly’s algernon cadwallader’s copping of tim kinsella and his cap n’ jazz is almost embarrasing. even with that said, i really dig em. sure, the world only needs one tim kinsella, but maybe the world needs another cap’ n jazz? considering their short life, me thinks a rejuvination of the cap’n jazz sound is in order. you know why? cause i liked it, and could use more of it. pretty simple. maybe there are other bands out there doing that whole thing, but i havent heard em. so, my money is on algernon cadwallader to rekindle the flame…

i have offered cap ‘n jazz’s “little league” as evidence. its not the best representation, but you will probably pick it up…

casual discussion in a dome between two temples off some kind of cadwallader

little league off shmap’n shmazz