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i'm on the floor, i play with knives

Posted by gregor on Saturday, November 29th, 2008

sup, homies? hope everyone had a grand thanksgiving and no one was killed venturing out the day after. i participated in my first every turkey bowl with some of the fellas on my block, and for a guy that smokes and drinks too much, i think i did pretty damn well. sure, i was a little winded from time to time, and it was hard to keep up with the younger dudes but, fuck, i think i am still a pretty decent athlete. i should mention that for the past three days, my groinal region has been sore as hell. thats just from the jukin and jivin clinic i was putting on…

btw, plaxico burress is a complete and utter piece of shit. how the hell do you accidentally shoot yourself at a club?

been listening the hell out of two cow garage’s speaking in cursive as of late. a record, that me thinks you will either find much to your liking or not so much. isnt that always the way though?

your humble narrator

brass ring

you can buy it for a measly 5 bucks via suburban home or vinyl for 8 bones. definitely worth it.

here are the afghan whigs live at the democrazy in belgium on 10.8.92.

1. beware

2. i’m her slave

3. turn on the water

4. kiss the floor

5. my world is empty without you

6. come see about me

7. congregation

8. let me lie to you

9. retarded

10. little surfer girl

12. will you still love me tomorrow

13. amphetamines and coffee

14. you my flower

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20th century go and sleep

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

photo: david atlas/retna

here’s the remainder of the rem show from the paleo festival. 

11. electrolite

12. pretty persuasion

13. the one i love

14. fall on me

15. let me in

16. i’m gonna dj

17. orange crush

18. imitation of life

19. its the end of the world

20. supernatural superserious

21. man on the moon

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you know you wont feel this way tomorrow

Posted by selene on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

photo: christian landry

Brett Milano, a Boston music writer and pal, recently interviewed Paul Westerberg for the Rock Band site (“Alex Chilton” is featured on RB2). He dishes on his ode to the Big Star frontman, the “49” record and a maybe-kiboshed, maybe-not-kiboshed Mats reunion. His son plays Rock Band but not he:

It’s beyond my coordination to hit the buttons.

Here’s the transcipt, and full audio!

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In the mouth of a particle board desert

Posted by selene on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

“No way. The Norrsten is more your style.”

Wow(ee zowee). A friend emailed us the following link and said, “Am I being PUNK’D?” She loves Pavement *and* IKEA — to the Nth — so when this “Shop with a member of Pavement at IKEA contest” popped up on her pvmnt lstgrp, she lost her plastic-coated shit.

But yes, it’s true. $500 and the caring Queer eye of one of the 90s greatest exports could be yours (member as yet unknown). We just wanna know — are Malkmus or Nastanovich gonna be there to help us put the JÄMSUNDA sideboard together? Cause that’s when you’d really need them.

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the jealous sound vs scott ford vs the uglysuit

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

ok, here’s a novel idea instead of re-packaging a record, kill them with kindness, and an ep thats already 2-3 years old, why dont ya, the jealous sound that is, just come out with a new one? granted said record and ep are absolutely grand, still it pains me that its taking so freakin long. as it turns out and according to their wiki page they released an ep, got friends on 10.14.08 which is only available via itunes. can anyone confirm or deny this ep’s existance? i dont use itunes, so any help would be appreciated. anywho, back to this repackaging. for 20.99 plus shipping you get the ep and full length on your choice of either baby blue or white vinyl. here’s a pic of the baby blue vinyl… looks pretty sweet, and if my turntable was still operational, i would probably pick one up. for more info, clicky here to pick one up.

hope for us off kill them with kindness

the fold out

priceless off the ep

in other news, if you havent checked out scott ford radio yet, you probably should. for those that dont know scott, he is the bassist for the gutter twins and the twilight singers and is a lovely human being. his station has something like 29,000 songs and it broadcasts in cd quality. so, if you are looking for an internets station look no further. scott ford radio can be found here.

in more other news, the uglysuit were recently in the daytrotter studios and they laid down some tracks. check it out, here. here is the first single from their most excellent touch and go debut.


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more entries from the bleeding heart show

Posted by selene on Monday, November 24th, 2008

As the frontman for the New Pornographers, AC Newman’s been stuffing records full of consummate pop arrangements for the better part of a decade. Here comes another one – “Get Guilty” is due Jan. 20 and features cameos by Jon Wurster, Nicole Atkins and Mates of State.

Matador included a preview on their fall sampler, Intended Play. It’s good. Let’s hope Brooklyn and (a New York Times plugged) marriage didn’t dent his mojo and that the balance matches his first solo disc, “Slow Wonder.”


The whole sampler, which includes tracks by Belle and Sebastian, Lou Reed and Mogwai, is available for download here.

He’s touring in February — the only confirmed date so far is NoisePop in SF the week of Feb. 24.


Newman’s website

Newman’s MySpace

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yo mama so fat she eats wheat thicks

Posted by gregor on Monday, November 24th, 2008

one of the worst yo mama jokes, ever…

evening, all. here is part one an fm broadcast of rem at the paleo fest in switzerland on 7.27.08.

1. bad day

2. whats the frequency, kenneth?

3. living well is the best revenge

4. these days

5. drive

6. man sized wreath

7. ignoreland

8. hollow man

9. begin the begin

10. the great beyond

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new, free jay bennett record

Posted by gregor on Monday, November 24th, 2008

sup, kiddies? hey you a jay bennett fan? you know, the guy that made wilco awesome. well, you can download his new record, whatever happened i apologize, for free via rock proper. rock proper is a recently launched distributor who, for at least the moment, are offering up their records for free. sounds like an excellent concept, lets wait and see how this pans out. clicky here to be taken to the rock proper site and to get the bennett record.

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you make my pee-pee maker t-t-tingle

Posted by gregor on Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

about that 24 hour train ride, never again! the way there wasn’t so bad, in fact it was pretty relaxing, but the way home was brutal. i didnt really realize how badly the train stinks until the return trip. i know i didnt help the stank in the air and seats any cause i was pretty gassy, but i wonder how often they clean the seats and whatnot. i also had this little old lady next to me for much of the ride that when she would fall asleep her head would eventually make its way onto my shoulder. it was cute the first couple of times it happened, but the cuteness quickly wore off. why couldnt she had been a 19 year sorority chick? one more thing, if i never set foot into a tgi fridays or quiznos again, that would be ok. regarding tgi fridays, i ended up bullshitting with some guy for a while and i loved to hear about the hookups and drama that unfolds at that particular fridays on any given night. i love knowing that the fridays connected to the dulles marriott has sexy times drama.

anywho, here is a lovely explosions recording that i grabbed from archive dot org that took place at the metro in chicago on 3.28.07. thanks to the original taper, brian skalinder. you can grab it flac form from the link provided.

1. lead in

2. first breath after coma

3. welcome ghosts

4. memorial

5. the moon is down

6. yasmin the light

7. greet death

8. catastrophe and the cure

9. the only moment we were alone

six days at the bottom of the ocean

your hand in mine – fan made video

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hang the dj

Posted by selene on Thursday, November 20th, 2008

For those in Boston, I’ll be DJing at River Gods tonight with Chris Marstall as part of his Tourfilter thang.

We’ll be spinning tunes by bands playing Boston during the next month or so — everything from Wilco, Delta Spirit and Passion Pit to Aimee Mann, Ted Leo and Marissa Nadler. We’ve also got a stash of tix to Mercury Rev, King Khan and The Slip to give away care of LiveNation.

I am on 9-11pm, then Chris comes on. River Gods is at 125 River St, Cambridge, just outside Central Square. They gots good food (til 10), good drink (til 1) and good peoples (always).

Not on Tourfilter yet? If you are a showgoer, TF will be your new best friend. Track your favorite bands, pop em into your iCal, etc.

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