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i'll drop you off in harlem with the black rider

Posted by gregor on Friday, October 31st, 2008

happy halloween everyone! just got finished taking mac out trick or treating, and now we sit in an empty house. movers came today, so we will be sleeping on the floor this evening. the moving guys were super cool and will delivering our shit on sunday instead of monday. the thought of having to spend multiple nights without furniture and sleeping on hardwood floors didnt sound all that appealing. so kudos to these chaps…

i dont have any awesome halloween mix to post, but i do have something probably as creepy. admittedly, this is a repost but me thinks it fits the nights mood. i should mention that these are the demos to mr waits’ the black rider.

1. the black rider

2. november

3. the right bullets

4. the briar and the rose

5. george schmid

6. chase the clouds away

7. flash pan hunter

8. instrumental

9. t’aint no sin

10. in the morning

11. gospel train

12. i’ll shoot the moon

13. instrumental

14. the last rose of summer

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kicking television

Posted by selene on Friday, October 31st, 2008

While I was at Bill Janovitz last night watching Tom Perrotta rock “Powderfinger” on the guitar (dude can type. dude can rock), I was missing this: Wilco on The Colbert Report.

“Wilco is on the show tonight,” Colbert introduced earlier. “Their real fans will listen to the interview on vinyl.”



“Let me try to match your energy…. I think my endochrine system just stopped producing hormones.”

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english, motherfucker! do you speak it?

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

one of the greatest songs ever…

well, this is it folks. the last post from the comfy confides of my douglasville, ga abode. while it hasn’t been my ideal place of residence, it has served its purpose for 4 years. interestingly enough, i will kind of miss it’s serene yet boring setting. thanks bro! we shall see all of you on the other side….

came across the forest city lovers the other day, and so far i am really diggin em. they are out of toronto and kind of remind me of lois maffeo crossed with rebecca gates’ spinanes. me thinks you will dig em. their new record, haunting moon sinking, is out now on out of this spark records.

dont go

forest city lovers myspace

love boston’s dirty truckers, and have been crankin this one lately in the ol’ hyundai. their new one loose in the joints is great, and you should buy it.

boston wrangler

dirty truckers myspace

oh, and yeah here is another track from the vic chesnutt/elf power record dark devolopments. definitely, one of my favorite songs of the year. i revel in its stylistic simplicity. buy dark devolopments via orange twin.

teddy bear

here be the remainder of the bruce show from atlanta.

13. countin on a miracle

14. thunder road

15. into the fire

16. where the bands are

17. glory days

18. born to run

19. intros

20. city of ruins

21. born in the usa

22. land of hope and dreams

23. dancing in the dark

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i got seven pictures of buddah

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

sup, sup? ummm, so i started “training” today. i dont know if you would consider it training if you already know how to do the task that you are supposed to be trained on. while i understand that it’s merely a formality, it still doesnt make it any less pointless.

btw, i have no heat in my house right now, and tonight is supposed to dip to about 33 degrees. btw, part two, the firewood sold at your local publix, jewel, kroger, dominicks, etc are worthless. i tried to make a bad ass fire, well as bad ass as a fire can be expected to be, tonight and that didnt work out so swell. shit, i even bought those firestarters to get the shit goin, but alas not much is going on. let me point out why i dont have heat. i dont need gas pretty much 9 months out of the year, cause everything in my house is electric including the stove. so, instead of paying the service fee every month during the months i dont need gas, i just disconnect the service. now, since i knew i was moving i just didnt feel like turning it back on. thus, the ass freezing temps that we are about to face…

here is part one of a killer bruce and the e street band show from the atl that took place on 12.2.02. its a soundboard, just so ya know. part two will be up tomorrow. fyi, this version of “mary’s place” is particularly awesome.

1. the rising

2. lonesome day

3. the ties that bind

4. night

5. empty sky

6. you’re missing

7. waitin on a sunny day

8. no surrender

9. worlds apart

10. badlands

11. she’s the one

12. mary’s place

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decided not raise them god damn kids

Posted by gregor on Monday, October 27th, 2008

evening! well, this is about it, folks. by this time next week we will be chillin on our veranda in new orleans. i only got a couple posts left for this week. i will probably close up shop for about 5 days come thursday, fyi. until tomorrow i am going to leave you with what is probably one of my favorite things i have posted here on captains dead. it is paul at fantasy studios for kfog on 9.12.96. its pretty fuckin righteous!

1. waiting for somebody

2. valentine

3. once around the weekend

4. these were the days

5. i will dare

6. aint got me

7. achin’ to be

8. john, i’m only dancin

9. mammadaddydid

10. black eyed susan

11. merry go round

12. angels walk

13. love untold

14. left of the dial

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homer every day

Posted by gregor on Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Homer Every Day from Noah K. on Vimeo.

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rat patrol and djs

Posted by gregor on Saturday, October 25th, 2008

all one shot, but it took 16 attempts to get it right…

i, the kite off dual hawks

trust to lose off dual hawks

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i'm sorry your stepmother is a nympho

Posted by gregor on Saturday, October 25th, 2008


not too sure what to think of this remix of the cool kids’ “the bassment party” by a fella that goes by the name of logarhythmik. i am guessing that he has re-worked the entire bake sale record, and all proceeds of said remix record will go to the obama for president fund. you can actually download it free of charge, but the whole monies thing is up to you. download it here.

a party (for everyone) get involved

here is disc 2 of the keef’s complete honeymoon tapes.

1. donna

2. i got stripes

3. if you see her, say hello

4. cant take a joke

5. granada

6. sweet dreams II

7. never on sunday

8. 32-20 blues

9. devoted to you

10. i wonder who’s kissing her now

11. try a little tenderness

12. flamenco improv

13. problems

14. heartache coming on aborted

15. beast of burden

16. no expectations

17. never on sunday II

18. dreams

19. heartache coming on

20. dont be cruel

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only after disaster can we be resurrected

Posted by gregor on Saturday, October 25th, 2008

one thing i have learned in my scant 34 years here on this rock is that the minute you think you have shit figured or planned out thats when reality slaps ya upside the head and goes “hey not so fast there buddy.” case in point(s) took the car to tires plus for an oil change and inspection, and of fuckin course they come back with i need this and need that. do i have the cash for the this and that? no… luckily they said it could wait a while. that very afternoon i was pulling into my subdivision and i hear a clacking coming from one of my tires and wouldnt you know it, theres a god damn nail in one of em. lovely… thats not even the most annoying happening, but i’ll just stop there and just say the last 72 hours has pretty much busted our budget for this move. rock n roll!!!!!!! hate being such a fuckin buzz kill, but damn if the past 8 months been a son of a bitch.

dave fischoff aka spoolwork has thrown his hat into the radiohead remix challenge with his retooling of the track reckoner off in rainbows. i was not a fan of rainbows, so i am not super familiar with “reckoner” but i can only assume its better than the original. vote for it here.


speaking of david bowie, here is the bbc broadcast of the rehearsals for his 50th birthday party at madison square garden.

1. interview

2. the man who sold the world

3. the supermen

4. interview

5. andy warhol

6. repitition

7. interview

8. lady stardust

9. white light white heat

10. interview

11. shopping for girls

12. interview

13. quicksand

14. aladdin sane

15. interview

16. bbc promo clip

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wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup! 8 years later

Posted by gregor on Saturday, October 25th, 2008

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