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i stay up late watching cable

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

sup folks? well if all goes well, and it probably wont, i worked my last night last evening. this month i am going to days, and i pray to god, or whoever will help make this happen, that i hear something about our move to new orleans. what sounded like a wham-bam-thank you ma’am deal last week has turned into who the hell knows?

before i forget, go sox!

been listenin the hell out of blitzen trapper’s furr as of late, in fact i am listening to em as i type, and its definitely going to end up on a bunch of end of year lists – including mine. in case you have failed to check em out thus far, well what the hell?


here is a loverly sun kil moon show from malmö, sweden on 9.6.08. am i the only one that really hasnt listened to april at all? as always, thanks to the original taper

no zip today, sorry. had some ftp issues…

1. make like paper

2. last tide

3 like the river

4. priest alley song

5. heron blue

6. moorestown

7. river

8. tonight in bilbao

9. tonight the sky

10. duk koo kim

11. unlit hallway

12. glenn tipton

13. katy song

never ending math equation -love this version and vid, actually prefer it to the original

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when we were teenagers we wanted to be the sky

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

the re-post train is ending with this cat power show recorded all the way back in 1998.

1. he was a friend of mine

2. naked if i want to

3. werewolf

4. say

5. metal heart

6. he turns down

7. dreams

8. i found a reason

9. let sadness not be attached to your name

10. color and the kids

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mercury rev loves you, but ya still got to pay

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

photo credit: vk red duvivier

before i forget to mention, the men of mercury rev have two new albums out now, one free, the other, well, is not free but definitely worth your hard earned cash. the free one is entitled, strange attractor and can be gotten by merely signing up for the rev mailing list, here. strange attractor serves as a companion piece to the not free one, but much more sublime, snowflake midnight.

dont have anything available off snowflake midnight, but here’s one from strange attractor.

nocturne for norwood

tonite it shows live from melbourne on 9.30.99 – thats weird, 9 years ago today

opus 40/once in a lifetime same show, which can be found in its entirety, here.

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it's better to have beer in hand than gas in tank

Posted by gregor on Sunday, September 28th, 2008

firstly, since my first plea went unanswered, can someone please try and download something using safari. i believe the problem has been finally fixed, but since i dont have safari at my disposal i have no way of knowing. thanks… so, yesterday we made the mistake of leaving the house and needing gas. it wasnt like we had half a tank, or even a quarter tank. we were on fumes or at least the gas monitor thing in the subaru was telling us. all i am going to say is that if you have more than 3/4 of a tank, you have no business getting fucking gas. some dumb ass broad walks into the station and the guys goes “how much?” she in turn says “i dont know i am only topping it off.” you, fuck face, are part of the problem! and to the hippies in the late 70’s mercedes, if i were a violent or confrontational dude i would have kicked both of your asses for filling up 5 or 6 gas containers. god damn, people! my faith in humanity while always not very sunny, is at its darkest point. anyway, i could seriously ride this re-post thing into the ground – i have almost three years worth of shows and such. of course i wont do that, though. so, until normal posting resumes, tomorrow, here is dylan’s banjo tape/nyc town hall – visit bobs boots for more info. banjo tape: 1. lonesome river edge (trad) 2. back door blues (trad) 3. bob dylan’s dream 4. you can get herfarewell 6. all over you 7. masters of war 8. instrumental (fragment) 9. keep your hands off her (leadbelly) 10. honey babe (trad) 11. goin’ back to rome 12. stealin’ (trad. memphis jug band arrangement) town hall: 13. ramblin’ through the world (adapted from guthrie) 14. bob dylan’s dream 15. tomorrow is s long time 16. bob dylan’s new orleans rag (Trad) 5. 17. masters of war deleted cause it was officially released. thanks andrew! 18. walls of red wing 19. hero blues 20. who killed davey moore? 21. with god on our side

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the sheik he drove his cadillac

Posted by gregor on Saturday, September 27th, 2008

here’s the clash’s rat patrol from fort bragg.

1. the beautiful people are ugly too

2. kill time

3. should i stay or should i go

4. rock the casbah

5. know your rights

6. red angel dragnet

7. ghetto defendant

8. sean flynn

9. car jamming

10. inoculated city

11. death is a star

12. walk evil talk

13. atom tan

14. inoculated city (unedited combat rock version)

15. first night back in london

16. cool confusion

17. straight to hell

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everybody had a wet dream

Posted by gregor on Saturday, September 27th, 2008

the re-post train keeps rollin, peoples. here’s the beatles river rhine tapes.

1. two of us

2. i dig a pony

3. i got a feeling

4. dont let me down

5. i me mine waltz

6. let it be

7. for you blue

8. one after 909

9. long and winding road

10. get back

11. oh darling

12. across the universe

13. dig it

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he was just 18 proud and brave but a yankee laid him in his grave

Posted by gregor on Friday, September 26th, 2008

freakin colbert…

good afternoon, peoples. the re-post marathon marches on and i foresee it ending on monday. sadly, all this shit i am supposed to be doing, i am not cause i still haven’t heard when in the hell i am off to new orleans. anywho, here is lovely broadcast of the band performing live @ the palladium on 9.18.76. it was originally broadcasted on wbcn. this copy doesnt include the actual track 12 “forbidden fruit” because it was officially released.

1. announcers intro

2. mc intro

3. ophelia

4. the shape i’m in

5. it makes no difference

6. the weight

7. king harvest

8. the twilight

9. the night they drove old dixie down

10. across the great divide

11. stage fright

12. acadian driftwood

13. the genetic method

14. chest fever

15. this wheels on fire

16. dont do it

17. dj announcement

18. dj announcement

19. up on cripple creek

20. life is a carnival

21. dj announcement

22. the ws wallcott’s medicine show

23. dj announcement

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if i don’t get my medium-rare shell steak with roasted vegetables in the next 10 minutes, the terrorists have already won

Posted by gregor on Friday, September 26th, 2008

you like those mad editing skillz?! yeah, i knew that you would.

oh, hey i think we may have solved the safari issue that has plagued us for so freakin long. so, if someone could attempt to download a few things via safari and report back, it would be greatly appreciated.

before, i get any farther into these re-posts i should mention that there will be no zips or rars provided. get flashgot, and that should make ya happy.

here be radio birdman live @ cats cradle on 6.29.07. sadly, i still have not listened to any of their records. one day…

1. opening

2. non-stop girls

3. I 94

4. hot rails to hell blue oyster cult

5. you just make it worse

6. we’ve come so far

7. die like april

8. burn my eye 78

9. remorseless

10. heyday

11. hand of law

12. descent into the maelstrom

13. alone in the endzone

14. anglo girl desire

15. what gives

16. aloha steve and danno

17. crowd noise

18. unknown

19. murder city nights

20. til the end of the day

21. locked up

22. new race

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david vandervelde vs daniel martin moore

Posted by gregor on Friday, September 26th, 2008

jason molina much, david?

i freakin love david vandervelde’s waiting for the sunrise and i think a lot of people would too if secretly canadian actually released a single that was a better representation of the record moreso than the first one they released, “i will be fine.” “i will be fine” works beautifully as an opener, but should be taken in the context of the whole record. luckily, sc read my mind and just released “someone like you,” which definitely works much better as a stand alone “single” than “i will be fine” and me thinks is more indicative of the tone of the waiting for the sunshine.

someone like you

i will be fine

david vandervelde myspace

i like this kentuckian chap, daniel martin moore. well, i like this song, dont know if i like him, he may be a total fuckin dick. but as far as his music goes, i like what i have heard thus far. thus far being this one track from his subpop debut, stray age. his story goes something like this: he sends subpop demo, they (subpop) decide to open it, they listen to it, they decide to contact him, they find him in costa rica, they sign him. not too shabby, and he’s actually quite a lucky bastard.

stray age comes out on 10.7. pre-order via subpop.

stray age

daniel martin moore myspace

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he kissed his sleeping daughter

Posted by gregor on Thursday, September 25th, 2008

another one from the post of yesterdays past vaults. bruce performing on the ghost of tom joad tour @ the univ of akron on 9.25.96

1. tom joad (woody guthrie)

2. atlantic city

3. straight time

4. highway 29

5. darkness on the edge of town

6. murder incorporated

7. nebraska

8. little things that count

9. red headed woman

10. shut out the light

11. born in the usa

12. dry lightning

13. reason to believe

14. youngstown

15. sinola cowboys

16. the line

17. the new timer

18. across the border

19. does this bus stop at 82nd st

20. this hard land

21. no surrender

22. galveston bay

23. the promise land

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