the cottonmouth and copperhead are king

afternoon, denizens of the internets. now, i am not a huge college football fan, but i do like to partake in my fair share of viewing and the opening saturday is always a bit exciting. so, it was to my amazement that the georgia/georgia southern game wasnt being broadcasted in freakin georgia! very strange.

admittedly, i got in the gourds pretty late, well within the past 4 years, but have grown to celebrate their entire catalogue. sadly, i have yet to hear last years noble creatures, for some reason. a man’s only got so much money. anyway, here they are at the river city roots fest in missoula, mt on 9.15.07. you can also find this in glorious flac on archive dot org. much love to swampy pat!

1. into

2. declinometer

3. do 4 u

4. cranky mullato

5. all in the pack

6. o-rings

7. hellhounds

8. my name is jorge

9. burn the honeysuckle

10. dr. spivey

11. cracklins

12. pine island bayou

13. ants on the mellon

14. mr. betty

15. pill bug blues

16. my name is john johanah

17. lower 48

18. gin and juice

19. plaid coat

i am dungeon master


used to love d&d. everyone have a glorious weekend. i gots a four day! yipee!

here is the remainder of the cure show.

disc one = zip

disc two = rar

14. from the edge of the deep green sea

15. never enough

16. cut

17. end

18. love song

19. charlotte sometimes

20. primary

21. boys dont cry

22. close to me

23. why cant i be you

24. three imaginary boys

25. a strange day

26. a forest

elephants are the only mammals that can't jump

hola, amigos. i was a “big” cure fan for about 2 days back in, well whenever disintegration came out which i think was 88 or 89. sadly, our relationship was not meant to last, much like my date’s dress on prom night. i digress, but for those 2 days, i was way into the shit that robert smith and crew was shoveling. i was a sour fuck, he was/is a sour fuck so it should have been a match made in some weird version of heaven.  we probably would have lasted a bit longer, but someone broke into my 86 ford taurus and snatched whatever tapes were in there. actually they didnt break in per se, i left the windows down during a grueling 4 hour shift at my area mall’s kroch’s and brentanos and away they went.

here is part one of the cure live in maryland heights, mo on 7.11.92. part two along with the accompanying zips will be up later today.

1. open

2. high

3. pictures of you

4. lullaby

5. just like heaven

6. fascination street

7. a night like this

8. trust

9. doing the unstuck

10. the walk

11. let’s go to bed

12. friday i’m in love

13. in between days

chad vangaalen and his soft airplane

chad vangaalen is a cool cat. he’s like a young bob pollard. actually he’s really nothing like uncle bob except that they both have a penchant for recording on 4 tracks or other random analog equipment and crafting strangely hummable pop songs. case in point, chad’s new record, soft airplane, was recorded primarily on an old tape machine and a jvc ghetto blaster or at least thats what subpop would lead you to believe. either way, he’s kinda all over the map not so much in styles but in instrumentation and is very reminiscent of the early elephant 6 days of elf power, olivia tremor control, nmh, the music tapes, etc. i have really really dug his past records, infiniheart and skelliconnection and judging by the first single off soft airplane i am sure my fanboy status will keep on, keepin on. 

willow tree off soft airplane

echo train off infiniheart

clinically dead

flower gardens off skelliconnection


btw, sub pop and flemish eye are also offering a bonus limited edition cd-r featuring three songs, including a new track and two 1-man-band versions of songs from soft airplane to anyone who pre-orders the album by september 9th.

molten light


neil young and crazy horse @ horde fest, 7.29.97

wazzzzzzzzzzzz up? here is a great audience recording of neil young and crazy horse performing @ the horde fest in cincinnati on 7.29.97. is horde fest still around?

1. buffalo springfield again

2. on the way home

3. this note’s for you

4. homefires

5. everybody knows this is nowhere

6. rockin in the free world

7. crime in the city

8. hippie dream

9. big time

10. from hank to hendrix

11. the needle and the damage done

12. ohio

13. down by the river

14. tonight’s the night

15. sedan delivery

16. piece of crap

the uglysuit: soft rock renegades

top of the evening. oklahoma city’s the uglysuit’s debut is truly the feel good record of the ’08. they pull mostly from the laid back, sun drenched and pill poppin greats of the 70’s, but there are hints of everything from shoegazer, to mathrock to plain ol pop sprinkled throughout. i like scenarios and their respective soundtracks. therefore, this record would be perfect for driving down the coast in an old international scout, high as hell, with nary a care for the world that is dangerously passing you by. highly recommended.

riyl: midlake, fleetwood mac, david vandervelde, a more focused, less wankery beachwood sparks, etc


the uglysuit myspace

will you wake me without warning some jingle-jangle morning

photo by david mcmahon

morning, all. in case you missed it, i am holding a lil contest to win matthew sweets new record, sunshine lies, here. the contest ends at 12 pm et on saturday, btw.

in other news, good friends of captains dead, the line of best fit is up for the peoples choice award at the bt digital music awards. if you could take time out of your precious day and help em out by voting it would be much appreciated. it would take ya all of 20 seconds. gracias! line of best fit has also started up the tlobf community, which seems to be kinda rockin already. check it out. you will find yours truly over there, if that does anything for ya.

here is a lovely mary lou lord show from music mellenium in portland, or on 10.4.97. thanks to the original taper!

1. talk

2. western union desperate

3. chit chat

4. she had you

5. he’d be a diamond

6. your new thing

7. his lamest flame

8. helsinki

9. i figured you out

10. 1952 vincent black lightning

11. talk

12. down along the lea

13. talk

14. camden town rain

15. talk

16. lights are changing

17. talk

18. polaroids

some jingle jangle morning


odontophobia is the fear of teeth

i seriously dont know how i got knee deep in pumpkins stuff? i will say that they are a good go to when i am feeling lazy, which is more often than not, but yet i keep on pushing forth.

here is disc one of their much ballyhooed mashed potatoes bootleg. btw, zip/rar’s will return tomorrow.

1. happy fucking valentines

2. tritessa (live ’92)

3. there it goes (demo ’88)

4. with you (demo ’89)

5. jesus loves his babies (outtake ’91)

6. stray cat blues (outtake ’91)

7. snail

8. bob speaks

9. window paine (live ’90)

10. wave song (demo ’91)

11. blue (acoustic ’91)

12. lie i lie (live ’89)

13. my eternity

14. jesus is the sun (demo ’90)

15. sookie sookie