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come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls


Well, with the imminent arrival of my next Netflix selection — the Strummer doc, The Future is Unwritten — I am going to break out some Clash. This one’s from June, 9, 1981, at former NY holer  Bond’s, aka Bond International Casino, heart of Time Square, where the Clash played 17 shows in 15 days during a marathon residency. More info on this amazingness at and at Black Market Clash. These boots are commonly referred to as Chaos in New York.


01 London Calling
02 Safe European Home
03 The Leader
04 Train In Vain
05 White Man In Ham Palais
06 This Is Radio Clash
07 Corner Soul
08 Guns of Brixton
09 The Call Up
10 Bankrobber
11 Complete Control
12 Lightning Strikes
13 Ivan Meets GI Joe

06.09.81 Disc 1 Bond’s Zippadoodledoo.

Stay tooned for part 2.

PS: ACHTUNG! From now on, I’m only going to post the first few tracks and then the zip. If you want to leave your opinion, one way or the other, on your preference for a couple of preview tracks+zip, please do. Some of you are appreciating the zip file, remarking that carpal tunnel is setting in. Now consider on our end, it’s +5 clicks for every single track we put up, and we certainly can commiserate. This is how I’ll do it from now on, unless you minions mutiny.

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go yuto go!

Did you catch 8 year old Yuto Miyazawa on Conan last night? OMG! I can’t even form a G chord. The Conan show isn’t up on the official site yet but here’s an older clip.


Join his Facebook.

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tip is the acronym for "to insure promptness."

photo by: selene a.

howdy, honkys! the past seven days have been seriously fucked up, but not necessarily all bad, mind you. just shit that i am ill prepared to deal with at this time. anyway, i may be m.i.a. over the next week, but fear not i will be back. in good news, i have an interview tomorrow for a gig that would take me and the family to columbia, sc. i know very little bout the area, but from the research i have been doing seems to be a pretty decent area. i am pretty excited about the possibilities. if anyone is familiar with columbia and wishes to share some info that would be extremely appreciated. so, wish me luck or something. the shitty news, is that i am in need of a real estate lawyer. if anyone knows one please give me a holla. for those that have been paying attention, my bitch ass renter is finally out, but the judgment was far below than expected. she owed us four months, but got a quarter of that. fuckin bullshit. so that has put us in a wee bit of a pickle. thus the need for a real estate lawyer. yeah…..

so, selene was all proud to point out that during this buffalo tom show from the paradise, boston, on 6.10.05 that mr. janovitz gives her a shout out before digging into “i’m allowed.” i will agree that he does mention the name “selene” but its more like “selene?” with a shrugging of the shoulders. regardless, this is a killer show both sonically and setlist wise.

1. birdbrain

2. kitchen door

3. your stripes

4. larry

5. postcard

6. rachael

7. bottom of the rain

8. crutch

9. darl

10. good girl

11. frozen lake

12. treehouse

13. i’m allowed

14. tangerine

15. late at night

16. bleeding heart

17. taillights fade

18. soda jerk

19. wiser

20. velvet roof

[sma Ed. – zip is here > ]

way off topic, bacon.

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back in the arms of a good friend


Matthew Sweet has a new album coming out, Sunshine Lies, a few songs of which are streaming here. Some dates in support.

8/25 Solana Beach, CA – The Belly Up
8/27 San Juan Capistrano, CA – The Coach House
8/28 Silver Lake, CA – Echo

10/20 Boulder, CO – Fox Theater
10/22 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue Mainroom
10/23 Chicago, IL  –  Park West
10/24 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Funhouse
10/25 Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
10/27 Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
10/28 New York, NY – Webster Hall
10/29 Falls Church, VA – State Theatre
10/30 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse

Damn, how much do you think that video cost? Long live the 90s!

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newman's own

“Hmmm. Now how would Woody feel in this 8th sequel to a Toy Story.”

The last time I saw Morrissey he opened with a song that went along the lines of “…..blah blah blah Simon  Dancing Bear.” (Except no blah blahs and far more histrionic.) I didn’t know the song and looked it up. Oh, Randy Newman. And so began one of those pursuits we’ve all had — the artist you should know/would totally be in love with. A friend dropped Newman live at the Record Plant on me. Guy’s got a way. This is from 11/10/74.























And the whole zippadoodle.

Seen at the nicest places……………….

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schwist and tout – springsteen, bielanko and malin at giants stadium last nite

Jesse Malin and Marah’s Dave Bielanko get up for “Twist and Shout” last night at Giants Stadium.


We’re sorry the video is no longer linkable?! Direct connect, babes.

That can sure rig a mean multi cameraphone setup eh?

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only humans sleep on their backs

oh, my lovely. not since the counting crows – i stand by my love for august and everything after – has an artist fallen so far, so fast. what happened? did ya get into the drugs? it was the drugs wasn’t it? just give me a name, baby! i’ll take care of this. hold up! aren’t they supposed to make ya all more creative and exponentially cooler for doing so? shit, at least adam duritz had a solid excuse, he started participating in rampant forms of douchebaggery. i’m just makin up the whole drugs thing. its just a random, easy guess. but seriously, i cant stomach to see you fall much farther into oblivion. you got the goods girl, you do. just stop fuckin round. ok?

maybe its just me, but her voice is not sounding as strong as it once did. in fact i can barely understand her at times. it may be that my ears are tired and cant handle her heavy english brogue at the moment. yeah, thats it. sure… here she is in camden, nj on 7.11.08.

1. intro

2. heartland truckstop

3. shadow of a doubt

4. comfort of strangers

5. someone’s daughter

6. conceived

7. worms

8. stolen car

9. shopping trolley

10. sweetest decline

11. rectified

12. she cries your name

13. katie cruel

14. central reservation

stolen car

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