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avenge me, boys! avenge me!!!!

bullshit! of course liz has to be doing her exile in its entirety thing at the vic the week before i get there. so fuckin pissed! anyway, she’s playing @ the vic on the 24th and @ the fillmore in san fran on the 23rd. tickets go on sale today, saturday via ticketmaster.

btw, here is a good link to purchase the special edition dual hawks. they also gots a couple of cool new centro and south san gabriel shirts for your purchasing pleasure. i should mention that if you order by the end of the day today, 31st, you can take an extra 15% off your order.

trust to lose off south san gabriel’s portion of dual hawks

according to spin gregor samsa is a buzz you must catch. i dont recall the last time spin was relevant, at least to me, but after listening to this samsa track i’ll give em this one, just this once. anyway, if ya dig godspeed, low, sigur ros or maybe even mogwai you should probably check these peeps out.

their latest, rest, hit stores last tuesday, 5.27.

jeroen van aken

gregor samsa myspace

here is a pink floyd boot that goes by the name of meddler. me believes it was taped for the john peel show. it took place on 9.30.71 @ paris cinema in london.

1. fat old sun

2. one of these days

3. echoes

4. embryo

5. blues

bob dylan @ the supper club, 11.17.93

i dont know about you all, but man have i really felt lazy this week. that laziness has manifested itself into a deep seeded annoyance and aversion of this place. it happens every few months when i get sick of everything i am into. anyone else ever get that way? like you just want to blow everything you feel comfortable doing and start over. i kinda feel the same way i did almost 5 years ago when we left chicago for georgia. this too shall pass, maybe.

here is the dylan late show from the supper club on 11.17.93. track 7 which is supposed to be “i want you” was removed, not by me, because it was commercially released.

1. ragged and dirty

2. lay lady lay

3. tight connection to my heart

4. weeping willow

5. delia

6. jim jones

8. ring them bells

9. jack-a-roe

10. forever young

11. i shall be released

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bob dylan @ the supper club, 11.16.93

morning, peeps. here is bob dylan @ the supper club in nyc on 11.16.93 – the early show. the late show from the 17th will be posted later today. both are soundboard recordings and some of the best i have heard.

1. absolutely sweet marie

2. lay lady lay

3. blood in my eyes

4. queen jane approximately

5. tight connection to my heart

6. disease of conceit

7. i want you

8. ring them bells

9. my back pages

10. forever young

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about dual hawks special edition

knowing there are some, and there should be more, centro-matic fans that frequent this dump, here is brief word about by will johnson about their and south san gabriel’s upcoming and most excellent double disc, dual hawks. i am definitely going to be ordering the special edition.

i, the kite off dual hawks

calling thermatico off fort recovery

triggers and trash heaps

flashes and cables off love you just the same

argonne limit co.

Over the last twelve years, our band has been mighty lucky to chug along in as natural way as we could have hoped. We’re not particularly well known on a lot of levels, but we also haven’t experienced the slippery slope resulting from premature or undeserving gains. No one ever gave us nice hotel rooms before we felt like we deserved them, and the red wine and baby carrots and various backstage luxuries didn’t exactly show up too soon. Actually, they still don’t show up most times. But I guess we’ve managed to do this thing in workman like fashion. We march and roll and fly and sail on in our own sovereign, hands-on kind of way, and continue to have a real good time doing it, growing and learning as any family might together.

Our fans have taken good care of us over all those years and we’ve made a phenomenal amount of friends over many, many miles. Somehow things just get a little better with every passing year, too. It feels good to be able to say that. I guess perseverance, continued inspiration and love for one another can lead to that.

We’re about to release our 13th and 14th records next. Both of our bands, Centro-matic and South San Gabriel are included. The collection is called Dual Hawks. The idea of making it a double split release stemmed from the want to do something unusual but fan-friendly. In addition to that, we are assembling a limited special edition release, complete with a beautiful 30-page book full to the neck with the fruit of Matt Pence’s, Julie Miller’s and Mark Ray’s awe-inspiring talents. Matt’s phenomenal photography continues to exist as the perfect, rightful document of our bands’ life. His body of work holds the most fitting timeline of images I could ever hope to have represent this chapter of our lives together. Julie is a new friend of ours, a kind and devoted fan for some time now. After finally seeing some of her stunning work last year, we instantly knew that we wanted her involved with this release. She’s been very generous to contribute this endeavor. With the mix of Matt and Julie’s efforts, combined with our friend, Mark Ray’s always fitting and beautiful artwork, we felt like we had the right mix for this special edition release.

And so here we are. It’s an involved batch of music. There’s a good bit to sift through, and it’s against the grain at points. It begs a chunk of patience and time from its listener. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s the point of independent art. It’s not always convenient. It’s not always tidy and easy to categorize. That’s the kind of liberty we get to enjoy as a creative group of people fully in control of our own destiny. This is our ship. Why not paint it and sail it the way we want? Most importantly we feel like it’s the kind of release that’s specially designed for our friends and fans that have soldiered on with us over the years. so, to the mechanics of our spiritual engine, the painters and foundation supporters of our cottage industry, the sober drivers of our emotional fuel truck, and the night owls and guards of our sentimental forest, maybe see ya’ down the road! — Will Johnson

Preorder the deluxe edition for $35.00 before June 3, 2008, $40.00 after June 3 at misra records.


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word of advice shithead, dont you ever wake up.

sup? sup? hay atlantan’s the lineup for this year’s corndogorama @ lenny’s has been unleashed and it looks to be pretty great. its going on june 26 -29 and i will definitely be hitting up the shows on the 28, or so i think at this moment. i may have to rest up for the waits show on sunday. otherwise it should be a killer weeked of music related debauchery. speaking of waits and knoxville, are there any hotels near, preferably walking/stumbling distance to where he is playing?

in an interesting turn of listening events, i find the much ballyhooed flight of the conchords record to be completely unfunny and really quite shitty – maybe i expected too much. on the flip side, i wasn’t expecting much from the cool kids the bake sale but its pretty dope – is that term even used any more? if not it should be reincarnated. anyway, definitely diggin and appreciating the old school beats and laid back lyrical flow. not to take anything away from the bake sale, but i can only assume that the target audience, intentional or not, is hipsters and aging white hipsters who remember what hip hop used to be. will hardcore black hip hop fans buy into what they are selling? this is definitely more of a crossover from the hipster sect into the hip hop world instead of vice versa.

flight of the conchords site

ladies of the world

business time

the cool kids myspace


action figures

i am really looking forward to/not looking forward to wire’s 11th release, object 47. i have yet to listen to “one of us” out of laziness, but mostly out of fear. if ya never checked out wire please check out anything pre-1980 but i am mostly speaking about their classic debut, pink flag.

one of us

three girl rhumba live @ the roxy off pink flag

wire site

i can already foresee really getting into the broken letter’s sing the burning alphabet this summer. if ya dig nick cave, earlier my morning jacket, or magnolia electric co then you should definitely check these dudes from birmingham, alabama out.

another morning


the broken letters myspace

here’s a very cool rem show from the vote for change performances that took place in st. paul, mn on 10.5.04. its a pretty nice audience recording and the tracks with bruce and neil are definitely worth the download. thanks to the original taper!

1. springsteen intro

2. the one i love

3. begin the begin

4. whats the frequency, kenneth?

5. leaving new york

6. so fast, so numb

7. introduction

8. final straw

9. country feed back w/ neil young

10. walk unafraid

11. stipe psa

12. i wanted to be wrong

13. losing my religion

14. bad day w/ bruce

15. man on the moon w/ bruce

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wolf parade @ the theatre plaza, 10.8.05

photo by kreeningsons

this is my first foray into the pop goodness that is wolf parade. or if i have listened to before, i sure as hell dont remember. although, the cover to apologies to the queen mary looks very familiar. regardless, this show from the theatre plaza in montreal on 10.8.05 has convinced me to pick up apologies, pronto. anyone know the tracks labeled as new song 1, 2 and 3? as always, much love to the original taper. everyone have a loverly memorial day.

1. intro

2. its a curse

3. dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts

4. we built another world

5. wish i had a 9 volt battery

6. shine a light

7. you are a runner/fancy claps

8. new song #1

9. dinner bells

10. secret knives

11. new song #2

12. i’ll believe in anything

13. new song #3

14. this hearts on fire

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where would you go with your hoveround?

what is going on? hey man, brooklyn vegan’s got an interview with swervedriver’s adam franklin for your reading pleasure. adam and swervedriver are playing here in atlanta @ the masquerade on 6.5. i may be there…

wanna win tickets to bonnaroo? why the hell wouldn’t you? criminal records, along with a few other ones across the country, has a promotion that will enter your name in a drawing to win these coveted tix. i think all you have to do is buy one of the records here and your golden – that link has all the participating stores and such, too. please do yourself a favor, and if you are going to go forth with this deal, pick up the everybodyfield’s nothing is okay. chiggity check below… all three are off said everybodyfields record.


everything is okay

dont turn around

i’ve had more than a handful of requests for this waits show from warsaw, poland to be reposted. so, here it is..

1. jesus gonna be here

2. jockey full of bourbon

3. earth died screamin

4. get behind the mule

5. strange weather

6. hold on

7. angels in heaven

8. chocolate jesus

9. murder in the red barn

10. goin out west

11. tango til they’re sore

12. warsaw 5 a.m.

13. picture in a frame

14. cemetary polka

15. invitation to the blues

16. innocent when you dream

17. 16 shells

18. gun street girl

19. who are you

20. pony

21. swordfishtrombone

22. i’ll shoot the moon

23. come on up the house

24. lucky day

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damn you pfork tv!

i admit it, i like pfork tv…

band of horses’ “no one’s gonna love you” off cease to begin

why’s “song of the sad assassin” off alopecia one of my favorites of the year – see below for “the hollows” mp3

the hollows

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