you say, i only hear what i want to


here is disc 2 of 4 of the 90’s “alternative” and rock radio mix. see a couple posts below for tracks 1 – 15.

16. run around – blues traveler

17. buddy holly – weezer

18. machinehead – bush

19. only wanna be with you – hootie

20. down – 311

21. spiderwebs – no doubt

22. santa monica – everclear

23. december – collective soul

24. lump – presidents of the u.s.a

25. one of us – joan osborne

26. in the meantime – spacehog

27. stay – lisa loeb

28. champagne supernova – oasis

29. 1979 – smashing pumpkins

30. lovefool – cardigans

leavin on a southern train, only yesterday you lied


in a time filled mostly without the luxury of ipods and other like devices, we were forced to either lug around caselogic’s full of cassette tapes or cd’s. or if you were like me, a shoe box full of cassettes and a carefully handpicked crop of cd’s for the days driving adventures. there were those times that neither of those options were available, thus we were forced to listen to the….radio. it mostly sucked, but if you were lucky to live within earshot, or a stiff breeze, of your local college radio station then it wasnt so bad, or so i have been told. unfortunately, at the time, i wasnt living near such a university nor did the winds bring one my way. even though i lived near columbia college, i could never pick up a decent signal. honestly, if you weren’t total fuckin music dork/snob, radio at the time wasn’t so bad. in fact, it was pretty bearable. i never once thought to myself, “hey i can get used to this radio stuff,” mind you, but i must admit that when candlebox came across the waves, i sang along. so, without much further adieu here is part one of a four part mix of what you may have found on “alternative” radio in the 90’s.

1 . there she goes – the la’s

2. two princes – spin doctors

3. hey, jealousy – gin blossoms

4. runaway train – soul asylum

5. far behind – candlebox

6. mr. jones – counting crows

7. cannonball – the breeders

8. here and now – letters to cleo

9. loser – beck

10. no rain – blind melon

11. interstate love song – stone temple pilots

12. zombie – the cranberries

13. breakfast at tiffany’s – deep blue something

14. new age girl – deadeye dick

15. self esteem – the offspring

have fun in cyprus, bruno!

mother nature just pissed her pantsuit


hey! what’s going on? just finished watching walk hard which was both ridiculous and quite funny. love to see tim meadows getting some work – i actually liked ladies man. his “you dont want none of this shit” scenes were hilarious, especially the weed one. i am really surprised it did so poorly at the box office. maybe john c reilly isnt the box office draw he should be. people are finicky fucks. in other movie news, my mother and i are going to see iron man this weekend – she’s visiting from chicago. my only hope for this movie is that it is fucking awesome. of course the previews make it look killer, but the previews for fantastic 4 also made those pieces of shit look pretty awesome, especially the rise of the silver surfer. anyone else going to see it? movie news, part 3 – cant wait to see tropic thunder. anyone play gta iv yet? i really want to play it, but that would mean i would have to have either a ps3 or a 360. oh well..

busting out a few of my favorite shows and here is one of em. grant lee buffalo performing in oslo, norway at the rockefeller music hall on 10.15.94

1. mighty joe moon

2. demon called deception

3. drag

4. mockingbirds

5. wish you well

6. soft wolf tread

7. the hook

8. lone star song

9. fuzzy

10. grace

11. jupiter and teardrop

12. happiness

13. for the turnstiles

14. the shining hour

15. you just have to be crazy

16. stars n stripes

17. honey dont think

you have got to have shitloads of money


sup peoples? hey if you are in atlanta or within the vicinity and wanna win tickets to see cracker and dead confederate on 5.2, head on over to rich at cable and tweed to enter to win a pair.

texan austin collins the rainbirds’ roses are black has been quietly making its way into daily listening routine for the past month – dont think i am just noticing this! i have been on the lookout for some new countryish/rootsy rock records for a while, since some of my typical go-to’s have been getting a bit stale as of late – see whiskeytown and son volt catalogues, and there is only so much burrito brothers stuff i can listen to. roses are black has definitely been filling that void, nicely. its a great chill out, drinkin on the back/front porch in the middle of a summer day kinda record. this is not to say roses are black is one dimensional, oh contraire my good people, collins is a hell of songwriter there’s no doubt about it. forgot to mention that roses are black was produced by will johnson of centro-matic. btw, dual hawks is phenomenal.

11 months

roses are black

austin collins and the rainbirds site / myspace

check out this canadian, justin rutledge. he’s got a new record out called man descending. i just started listening to it last night but its a damn fine record.

the wire this is a great song

justin rutledge site / myspace

here is a liz show from 8.1.05, live at joes pub in nyc. its a beautiful soundboard recording.

1. table for one

2. polyster bride

3. never said

4. if i ever pay you back

5. baby got going

6. extraordinary

7. uncle alvarez

8. mesmerizing

9. somebodys miracle

10. closer to you

11. everything to me

12. divorce song

13. supernova

14. fuck and run

15. intro/soundcheck

16. little digger/soundcheck

17. never said/soundcheck

18. table for one/soundcheck

i want fifty thousand digeridoos!


the only redeeming thing to come out of my brief stint at moraine valley community college in the lovely chicago suburb, palos hills, was my introduction to north carolina’s polvo. which were introduced to me under unusual circumstances, not so much unusual just not typical. a girl that i really liked – see wanted to nail – was really into them. i say typical because it was very rare, at the time, that a girl introduced me to a band that i was not aware of, or at least had not listened to. times have changed of course. anyway, my first listens to the chaotic and frenzied sounds of polvo were not met with favorable results, but i really wanted to get with this chick. so, i let her beat today’s active lifestyles into my head and by about about week two i had succumed to their sonic youth/pavement inspired mess. still, polvo can be a hard pill to swallow and they dont have too many songs that will leave much of an impression other than maybe indifference. in their defense, though, what may have been an initial distaste for em has led to still listening to em some 15 years later. btw, i never could seal the deal with that chick. if i remember correctly, i stopped calling her after i really starting getting into polvo. she served her purpose, i suppose. 

as it turns out, and i didnt know this, polvo have gotten back together for a few shows(see below) and exploded drawing and shapes are being reissued on vinyl on may 6 which will come w/ download coupons to for redeeming the records as mp3s. more infor can be found here via touch and go.

may 9 – washington dc – black cat
may 10 – chapel hill – cats cradle
may 16-18 – minehead, uk – explosions atp
may 29-31 – barcelona, es – primavera sound
jun 20 – cambridge, mA – middle east
jun 21 – new york, ny – bowery ballroom
jun 22 – hoboken, nj – maxwell’s
jul 25 – chicago, il – subterranean – i may be going to this show

feather of forgivness off exploded drawing

light of the moon

enemy insects off shapes

everything in flames

thermal treasure off today’s active lifestyles

my kimono

can i ride off cor-crane secret

ox scapula

lull off ep

just cause i dont want to war with you, dont mean go warm up the barbecue


from roughly 1994 until 2000, hip hop was completely dead to me. it wasn’t until i came across aesop rock’s float and the deltron 3030 record that my interest in the genre began to flourish for a possible round two, round one being from ’88 – ’94. during the younger days of hip hop, i fully immersed myself into the music and it made a big impact on my later listening habits. but i got truly tired of the inconsistency. i could never depend on an artist/crew to put out two or three succesive records of good to great material. it was more like one great record, the rest, pure shit. this lead to distancing myself from all hip hop. even though i have gotten back into hip hop, i could never fully give myself over to hip hop as i did in younger days, for fear of feeling betrayed yet again. but the select artists i have found, since the reawakening, have made, collectively, a pretty big impact on my soul. quality over quantity.

in case you need a reintroducing, here’s a killer mix to help you on your way. thanks aesop real.

1. paradise – c-rayz walz (prod el-p)

2. grand ol party crash – cage feat jello biafra (prod dj shadow)

3. goin off – blueprint

4. fumbling over the words the rhyme – edan

5. up 2 no good – tame one

6. the ride – oh no featuring medaphoar

7. 2 brothers from the gutter – percee p featuring diamond d

8. the point of no return – immortal technique

9. 18 with a bullet – murs

10. american history x – ill bill

11. crap artists – despot (prod blockhead)

12. heavy artillery – mr lif

13. windsprints – cool calm pete

14. jump muthafuh – hangar 18

15. run the numbers – el p w/ aesop rock

16. behold – lodeck

17. scream phoenix – cannibal ox (prod el-p)

teenage angst has paid off well, now i'm bored and old


morning, amigos! thanks for all the warm wishes and such. tis truly appreciated. sadly, my time to enjoy the wee child was short lived because i had to be back at work this weekend. my company doesnt offer any kind of paid maternity leave, for dads. to be fair, i could take unpaid leave or use vacation time, but neither of those options sound appealing at this point. btw, my company stresses family first. yeah… but again, thanks.

let me preface this by stating that i have seen two burlesque shows in my lifetime and neither of which left me feeling anything other than a tingling in the nether regions. so, can someone explain to me the appeal or all the critical praise for dita von whatevertherest is? i have seen some of her performances and calling them “amazing,” as some have, seems a wee bit of an overstatement. the latest i saw was a brief clip of her performing topless in a champagne glass with an ever classy cointreau logo draped in back of her, which, again, caused a shit load of b to c list celebs to gush over her like a squirt flick. until i get such praise for rubbing my junk in a vat of newcastle i will fail to recognize her to be nothing more than a chick that likes to show her tits a lot, as nice as they are.

more in depth posting will resume, tomorrow. in the mean time…

here is what i think is the last known nirvana recording which is commonly referred to as roma, which took place on 2.22.94.

1. radio friendly shifter unit

2. drain you

3. breed

4. serve the servants

5. come as you are

6. smells like teen spirit

7. silver

8. dumb

9. in bloom

10. about a girl

11. lithium

12. penny royal tea

13. school

14. polly

15. very ape

16. lounge act

17. rape me

18. territorial pissings

19. all apologies

20. on a plain

21. scentless apprentice

22. heart shaped box

23. improv

24. the man who sold the world

killed women and children just as easy as a man

thanks everyone for the well wishes and such. so, last night at about 2.30 am lily marie was born. everyone is doing just fine. its amazing how much you forget between child one and child two. both of us were acting like we have never done this shit before, but mac was born 3.5 years ago and its all such a blur now. until later…

mogwai seems kind of appropriate for tonight. so, here is a 3.11.98 fm broadcast.

1. like herod

2. a place for parks

3. ex-cowboy

4. helicon 2

5. katrien

6. ithaca 27-9

7. xmas steps

8. helicon 1

9. mogwai fear satan

10. dj closing

honey i'm a prize and you're a catch, and we're a perfect match

this kid couldnt wait just a couple freakin days. not much going on just those lovely contractions that all the ladies rave about. i seriously was ill prepared for this day but i am happy its upon us. so, wish us well if you will. by this time tomorrow we should have a new addition to the family. god bless technology, wi-fi in a hospital.

here is one of my favorite shows, pavement live at e-werk, cologne, germany on june 26, 1995.

1. in the mouth a desert

2. elevate me later

3. grave architecture

4. kennel district

5. rattle by the rush

6. unfair

7. heaven is a truck

8. brinx job

9. serpentine pad

10. best friends arm

11. half a canyon

12. black out

13. grounded

14. conduit for sale

15. motion suggests

16. pueblo

17. cut yr hair

18. shoot the singer

19. here