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mama don't like tattle-tales

Posted by gregor on Monday, March 31st, 2008


hey there. whatcha wearin? word!? hope everyone had a splendid weeks end. mine was very short lived, but i gots 4 days off coming up starting on tuesday, but then work 10 days straight. oy! i would almost work 22 days in a row and get my 8 days of time off all in a row, but thats just me.

i get a lot of emails asking where shit is, not like “where are my keys” or “where are those johansson nudes you keep talkin bout,” but shit like “where is the rest of the replacements show, i cant find it.” ok, here’s how this works. at the bottom of every post are these things called “tags” and they are your friends. say you want to find more posts about bob dylan. all you do is click the bob dylan tag and it will take you to everything found here that is tagged “bob dylan.” for example, click here. that should take you to all said posts regarding bob dylan. pretty simple. got it? i should sticky this right next to the safari warning that nobody reads. fuckers….

nashvillian, josh preston is a dude that if given the opportunity could win over a lot of hearts, or so me thinks. he reminds me quite a bit of ron sexsmith, you know nothing flashy, just talented guy with great vocals and the songwriting to match. which sadly, doesnt go very far nowadays. still peeps, like myself, that dig the unreleased adams stuff like “memphis” aka “drunk and fucked up,” “gimme sunshine,” “idiots rule the world,” etc should definitely find something to dig in mr preston.

in anticipation of his upcoming lp, exit sounds, he is offering up a 4 track ep, for free, for your downloading pleasure which is entitled the complex wooden heart. exit sounds is out on 5.13 and available via me an the machine.

safety feels the exit


download the complex wooden heart

josh preston site / myspace

i cant vouch for anything other than this track mix thingy, but considering the company that alaska in winter is keeping i have a good feeling about em. alaska in winter is art student and apparently musician, brandon bethancourt, who spent a semester in alaska recording the songs that would eventually make it on dance party in the balkans. upon returning home to new mexico he teamed up with wunderkind zach condon of beirut, heather trost of a hawk and a hacksaw, and a host of others, or so the press release states to put the finishing touches on dance party in the balkans. the mix sounds almost exactly as what the title of the record implies.

dance party in the balkans was released last year in the uk, but was finally released in the u.s. on 3.25.

balkans mix

alaska in winter myspace / milan records

do you guys/gals dig saul williams? i still really cant decide. i kinda want to, but on the other hand i’m just kinda, meh. i downloaded and actually paid for the reznor produced niggy tardust, but never find a good time or i guess the right mood to listen to it. for the unitiated here be a track from said niggy tardust.

he is in atlanta at the loft on the 4th of april, btw.

sunday bloody sunday

saul williams site

here is an interesting pumpkins boot which goes by the name of reel time sessions. this is circa 1989 and i have very little information on it other than what is found here. this is a whopping 35 tracks as opposed to the 12 tracks i usually have found circulating under this title.


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he offered her an orgy in a many mirrored room

Posted by gregor on Saturday, March 29th, 2008


hey if you are in atlanta, mike doughty of soul coughing fame is playing at criminal this fine evening @ 7 pm.

leonard cohen is one of my main dudes. although i havent really talked about him up until now, my love remains unwavering. not much can really be said about him that hasnt been more eloquently stated thousands of times before. so, in lieu of doing him and his craft a grave disjustice, i’ll just leave you with this show from oslow, norway recorded on 5.1.93. its an fm broadcast, and thus probably not the entire show.

1. the future

2. aint no cure for love

3. bird on the wire

4. everybody knows

5. first we take manhattan

6. avalanche

7. suzanne

8. tower of song

9. i cant forget

10. so long, marianne

11. sisters of mercy

12. dance me to the end love

13. democracy

14. coming back to you

15. im your man

16. joan of arc

17. closing time

18. take this waltz



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girl dis aint no charter bus

Posted by gregor on Saturday, March 29th, 2008

bitch you ride the marta bus! thanks to tessa @ dafc for reminding about this lil gem courtesy of some fine upstanding young men from atlanta.


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these moms are desperate to find their baby daddys

Posted by gregor on Friday, March 28th, 2008


photo by karl ward

sup, sup? zomg! i love my renter, dearly. firstly, she couldnt pay this month because her company, which is a huge company, stopped her direct deposit so she then had to wait until the 21st to get paid. well the 21st came and went and still no rent. now, she claims, through her daughter, that she is in the hospital! she had her daughter call me, after i put aneviction warning on the door, to tell me that her mom was desperately ill in the hospital. yeah, i called her at work yesterday and wouldnt you know it, she answered! i was not shocked by any stretch of the imagination, but i still hung up for fear that i may go off. i still find it hard to believe that a mother would put her 14 year old daughter in that kind of situation. she’s truly a piece of shit.

hey, matador has a cool little comp available for download, here. it features the likes of malkmus, cat power, dead meadow, jay reatard, mission of burma, new pornos, etc.

in case you’ve havent bothered checkin out stephen’s real emotional trash, which is most excellent, here be a couple
of tracks from said record plus one from face the truth.

cold son
baby c’mon

anywho, here is mr malkmus and the jicks live at the glasshouse in pomona, ca on 1.12.07. as always, much love to the
original taper!

1. baby c’mon
2. jo jo’s jacket
3. real emotional trash
4. wicked wanda
5. it kills
6. dragonfly pie
7. mama
8. pennywhistle thunder
9. walk into a mirror
10. malkmus on bass
11. hopscotch willie
12. water and a seat
13. pencil rot
14. intros
15. dark wave
16. cold son
17. baltimore (52)

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national past time is juiced.

Posted by gregor on Thursday, March 27th, 2008


sup, holmes? or is it homes? ok this is going to be the last redesign for a long time, cause i actually am purchasing this one. so, i will feel more or less attached to it or i guess more or less attached to not wanting to feel like i am wasting money – which i am actually pretty damn good at. thoughts? i dig it, but what say you?

edit-thanks for everyone’s input. i am going back to this one for right now¬†until i decide wtf i am doing and work out some of the kinks with the other one.

hey, dr pepper wants to give everyone in the good ol u s of a free can of their good stuff. the only caveat is that gn’r must release chinese democracy before the end of the 08. could a free can of my favorite pop be enough to get this fuckin record out? yeah, probably not. i am guessing that its been scrapped yet again or at very least he’s waiting to get that promise from dr pepper up to a 6 pack for everyone in the u.s.

i have been wondering what booze explosioner russell simins has been up to lately, actually not really, but its good to know he’s not dead. anyway, as it turns out he’s been working on a record with dan the automator, seems like a cool pairing, and they are going under the name men without pants. havent heard the record, naturally, but it features a long list of peeps including sean lennon, members of cibo matto, mooney suzuki and apparently the lead chick of the yeah yeah yeahs is singing back up on this here track. not too sure what else to say except it should be a fun record for sure.

and the girls go

men without pants myspace

i kinda like it when i feel a band could kick my ass, which isnt saying much, but i am damn sure i could at very least take sufjan. such is the case with vincent black shadow, who i kept refering to in my brains as vincent black lightning. on first listen one might surmise that motorhead may be a big influence, and i think you may be correct, but theres a lot more shit going on then lemmy’s moles got hairs. imagine, if its possible, the bizarre offspring of a freaky tool heavy threesome that may or may not included members of dillinger four, the cramps, comets on fire and the two ladies from nashville pussy. check em out!

their debut, more deeper, is out now with a special release show goin on at the cake shop in nyc on 3.29.


wooden kimono

volume one

vincent black shadow myspace

admittedly, i dont know much about george clinton and his p funk allstars other than his part in the jeremy piven/david spade classic piece of cinema, pcu. well, i know a little bit more than that but not much. i have been gettin into this show, which sounds like a fuckin riot. anyone got any clinton recommendations? i have nothing other than this. gracias!


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arent you curious to see who you're compatible with?

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008


hey, ho! you all see that you can watch every south park ever aired now via southpark studios? pretty freakin awesome. i watched a bunch this morning, including the classic manbearpig and faith+1 episodes.

dont know about you but i love diy/bedroom recordings ala jack logan’s bulk, daniel johnston, a lot of lou barlow stuff and one could probably even consider all the gbv recordings up to the ric ocasek era, etc. so, it is with very little surprise that i dig benji cossa’s brand of lo-fi pop goodness. check him out!

his vault volume 2: jewels and gems can be purchased here



with any luck

a rainbow off between the blue and the green

benji cossa site / myspace

next to the flaming lips there is no more frustrating artist than jason molina an his many monikers. one minute brilliant, the next not so much. i can take a dud here and there, its only human, but when the division between brilliance an snore city is so evenly split it makes loving him even more trying/taxing – even though i still do. anyone else have this issue with him?

for some reason you havent checked out his work here are some album tracks

the dark dont hide it off trials and errors

cross the road off trials and errors

leave the city off what comes after the blues

for those that are still with me, here he is @ saint-ouen in france on 11.21.07. its a lovely soundboard and from what i hear this and many other molina shows in flac an mp3 format can be found at archive dot org.

1. leave the city

2. what comes after the blues

3. oh, punishment

4. dont this look like the dark

5. the dark dont hide it

6. down the wrong road both ways

7. ive been riding with the ghost

8. its easier now

9. no moon on the water

10. hammer down

11. down the track

12. whip-poor-will

13. the only way (19)

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poets use lies to tell the truth

Posted by gregor on Monday, March 24th, 2008


hola amigos! man i got nothing for ya today. i am emotionally spent from my continuing renter problems, if you have been here before then you probably know the whole story. so until i am in the mood for further discussion and such here is pink floyd live at pompeii, which was the subject of a film released in 72. more info here via wiki.

1. intro

2. echoes part one

3. careful with that axe, eugene

4. a saucerful of secrets

5. one of these days

6. set the controls for the heart of the sun

7. mademoiselle nobs

8. echoes part two (38)

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writing the hits with stupid or is he really nailing mandy moore?

Posted by gregor on Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

if you haven’t checked out mr adams new site you may or may not be amused. still a wee bit jealous to learning that he is dating one of my secret crushes, mandy moore.

Writing the Hits with Stupid from Ryan Adams on Vimeo. (27)

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Those Germans are bothering me.

Posted by gregor on Saturday, March 22nd, 2008


umm, yeah so that gutter twins show last night kicked all kinds of ass. i believed they covered the whole record, and also busted out the singers’ “blackberry belle” and one other i cant recall. they briefly covered “shadow of the season” and couple of lanegan solo tracks, one of which i believe was “methamphetamine blues” – i may be mistaken though. deep down i was really wishing for dulli to pull out a whigs song, but i knew that wouldnt happen. still a fuckin awesome show, whigs or no whigs. i was lucky enough to speak to scott ford, bassist for the twins and twilight singers, for a few after the nights festivities and as expected is a super cool bloke. it goes without saying that you need to check em out when they roll throw your town.

i cant think of a better way to spend six minutes and 40 seconds than by listening to luna’s “23 minutes in brussels,” which to me is as close to perfect to the perfect song as humanly possible. pure pop bliss at its absolute finest, and their records aint too shabby either. never listened to luna? definitely check out at least bewitched and/or penthouse, preferably both.

here is dean wareham and his band luna performing in sweden @ the hultsfed fest on 6.12.99. as always, much love to the original taper.

23 minutes in brussels off penthouse

1. pup tent

2. sideshow by the seashore

3. friendly advice

4. bobby peru

5. 23 minutes in brussels

6. blue thunder

7. tracy i love you

8. chinatown

9. ihop

10. lost in space

11. california

23 minutes in brussels from tell me do you miss me


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i'm a golden god

Posted by gregor on Thursday, March 20th, 2008

in case you missed it, here are the gutter twins on letterman last evening. they play @ the roxy tomorrow evening in atlanta. yay!


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