Driver…This isn't the Howard Johnson's.


as a reminder, the gutter twins are at the roxy on 3.21.

so thine ears have been graced with the sounds of saturnalia, and its everything i was hoping it would be. tell ya this, lanegan has to have one of the most diverse voices around and its no apparent then throughout saturnalia. one moment its that gravel pit/whiskey stained snarl, the next its dare i say actually kinda of calming in a cigarette and coffee kinda way. this is really no surprise, but something that i tend to forget, cause this gentler lanegan is all over whiskey for the holy ghost and the winding sheet.

idle hands

saturnalia is out on subpop next tuesday.

here they are in all their glory live in paris on 2.19.08. thanks to the original taper!

1. intro

2. the stations

3. god’s children

4. the body

5. seven stories underground

6. all misery

7. idle hands

8. circle the fringes

9. bete noire

10. i was in love with you

11. down the line

12. who will lead us

13. each to each

14. front street

15. encore break

16. river rise

17. papillon(shadow of the season)

18. no easy action

19. king only

20. meth blues

21. no. 9

live with me


the stations


november has tied me to an old dead tree


for some reason i had always strayed away from somebody still loves you boris yeltsin and the only reason i can give is that their name turned me off. not sure what i was expecting, but it sure has hell wasnt jangly pop. their new record pershing is simply just a great pop record that if you are fan of fountains of wayne, beulah, apples in stereo, etc will definitely dig these lads.

glue girls off pershing

oregon girl off broom

someone still loves you boris yeltsin site / myspace

if for some reason you the slap in the face sounds of drive like jehu have never graced your ears, here are the two first tracks from their classic yank crime. from the ashes of jehu came the likes of rocket from the crypt and hot snakes, but spawned countless intimidators along the way.

here come the rome plows

do you compute

drive like jehu site

really liking this song, “cherry tulips” from headlights’ some racing, some stopping.

cherry tulips

headlights site

wanna thank the fine folks at the scott ford radio board for hooking me up with these black rider demos. for those who dont know, the black rider is a “musical fable” in the form of a theatre production created by tom waits. in terms of sheer creepiness i would give these demos a pretty solid 7, only slightly less apocalyptic than bone machine.

1. the black rider

2. november

3. the right bullets

4. the briar and the rose

5. george schmid

6. chase the clouds away

7. flash pan hunter

8. instrumental

9. t’aint no sin

10. in the morning

11. gospel train

12. i’ll shoot the moon

13. instrumental

14. the last rose of summer

George Newman, you are a selfish, thoughtless, insensitive creep.


hey, if anyone is looking for hosting, surpass hosting has a year of hosting for a buck. i cannot vouch for them in any way, but for a buck i figured someone may have the need. i’ve read some reviews and they seem to be decent to pretty good, but proceed at your own risk. oh, today is the last day for the deal.

kinda late to the mobius band party, but still glad i made it. granted, havent heard the whole record but these two glitchy synth pop tracks are pretty damn infectious. now, i am not too sure about their version of neil’s “razor love” but i guess i am willing to look past it, and it may grow on me. that cover is just one of six other covers available on a free valentines day inspired ep. which can be found here. they also took part in a daytrotter session over here.

(edit: strangely i wrote about these guys briefly in july, but have zero recollection)

their new record, heaven, is out on misra


friends like these

razor love young

true love will find you in the end daniel johnston

mobius band site / myspace

after a scant 3 or 4 listens, i can already tell i may fall hard for the men of birmingham, alabama’s 13ghosts. they sound like a front porch gathering of mark linkous(sparklehorse), califone and self-inflicted aerial nostalgia era gbv somewhere in the heart of the deep south. check em out..

their new record, the strangest colored lights, is out on 3.18 on skybucket records.

the lonely death of space avenger

beyond the door

robert j off cicada

a model citizen flip off cicada

13ghosts site

i dont know who this guy(s) is but i kinda dig it. this guy(s) goes under the moniker of boys noize, and while dj stuff isnt typically my thing, i find this set @ i love techno 2007 to be particularly interesting or at very least a nice change of pace from my normal listening regimen.

its one file @ about 80 megs, just to let you know.

boys noize @ i love techno

i have no idea whats going on right now


sup dickweeds? if you have been putting off signing up with amie street, you may want to rethink that because starting today they are offering up the entire beggars group, matador and polyvinyl catalogues – some, actually a lot, of which you can get for free. i downloaded 5 or 6 records, which i already had but wanted on my new computer, before getting cut off. but right now, a few of the pavement, yo la tengo, belle and sebastian, cat power discs are free and some as minimal as 16 cents. the highest a track will go to is 98 cents and if you add 25 bucks to your account you get 25 bucks, free. it’s probably worth your time…prices are rising just to let you know, but still 2 bucks for wowee zowee is a bargain..

i was and actually remain to be a huge drive like jehu/hot snakes/whatever other offshoot fan, and when a band comes a long keeping that torch alive like dragged by horses i cant help but to be a little psyched.

their new record, deep in the woods, is set to be released on 3.12 and can be pre-ordered via their myspace page.

one way ticket to rome

dragged by horses myspace

the last time paul mccartney and john lennon hit the studio it sounded a little something like this, a toot and a snore in 74. for more info check out the wikipedia page

1. bluesy jam session

2. cupid chain gang

3. lucille

4. nightmares

5. stand by me

6. studio talk

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.


i have really only heard this track, which i am really diggin, from nyc via louisville songstress dawn landes but couple that with the fact that she is just finishing up opening jason isbell and i can only hope for great things from her full length, fireproof. fireproof is due out in the us via cooking vinyl on 3.4. she’s quite loverly too, which doesnt hurt. after her stint with jason is over, she starts a tour across the pond opening for josh ritter.

she plays in athens @ the georgia theatre on wednesday w/ jason. tonight they are in wilmington, nc @ the soapbox.


dawn landes site

if you have never checked out oakland’s why? i must contend you are missing out on something quite interesting. part hip hop, part slacker rock, part contact high in your ears, they blur genres better than any band around. the hardest part of getting into their records is yoni vocal stylings, but once you get past that its all gravy. their lastest anticon release alopecia is thus far one of my favorites of the year. i know its still early, but its a damn fine record.

alopecia is out on 3.11. you can download a bunch of previous releases via their myspace page.

close to me – cure

the hollows off alopecia

dumb hummer


why myspace

On this show, your voice will be heard – in the form of my voice.


forgot to say thanks to the dude for grabbin this off xrt, very kind of ye. here is the rest of wilco show from 2.19 @ the riv.

19. hotel arizona

20. too far apart

21. was i in your dreams

22. misunderstood

23. someday soon

24. california stars

25. hate it here

26. the thanks i get

27. walken

28. im the man who loves you

29. im a wheel

30. kingpin

31. outta site outta mind

32. xrt chatter

33. the late greats

someday, someday soon


here is the first half, second half later today, of wilco during their extended stay at the riv. this is from the 2.19 xrt broadcast.

1. intro

2. outta mind outta site

3. i must be high

4. impossible germany

5. radio cure

6. leave me the way you found me

7. company in my back

8. handshake drugs

9. war on war

10. shake it off

11. summerteeth

12. in a future age

13. elt

14. a shot in the arm

15. poor places

16. reservations

17. spiders

18. on and on and on

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.


i am so fuckin frustrated at the moment! i have been attempting to install ubuntu on my laptop for the past 4 days and i keep getting this goddamn bcm43xx error! i have hit all the boards, followed all the rules but yet it just doesnt want to load. i give up! i am not even trying to actually install it, but run the live cd. i just wanted to try the fuckin thing out. it shouldnt be this difficult, seriously. what-fuckin-ever…

two things:

1. its been a while since my primary puter was a pc so what is everyone using as their media player? i used to use foobar but it wasnt as intuitive as i would have liked and winamp was just ok. im using itunes at the moment but still not all that thrilled with it. thoughts? suggestions?

2. a year or so ago i posted a tom waits show from warsaw that now has gone missing on my end. does anyone have a copy they would be willing to share with yours truly? gracias!

until later today, here is a very nice audience recording of husker du live in manchester on 6.20.87

1. these important years

2. charity, chastity, prudence

3. standing in the rain

4. drug party

5. back from somewhere

6. ice cold ice

7. you’re a soldier

8. could you be the one

9. the girl who lives on heaven hill

10. every time

11. book about ufo’s

12. bed of nails

13. tell you why tomorrow

14. whats goin on

15. chartered trips

16. green eyes

17. makes no sense at all

18. keep hanging on

19. sheena is a punk rocker

20. gotta lotta