doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, and doctor


good day, people. let me ask you a question, feel free to answer. am i the only man living with a woman who has a hard time dispensing the toilet paper directly into the toilet after wiping? just about every morning when i open the door to the toilet area, there is toilet paper either on the seat or on the floor. anybody else face this issue? its not annoying, actual its quite comical. i just dont understand how she can miss. i know when i am done wipin my ass i dont ever just randomly throw the shit-laden tp into the air and hope for the best. whatever…

speaking of piss, im kinda late to the game with this collection of dudes who call themselves, humorously enough, pissed jeans. i only pissed myself once and it so happened to be in the middle of toys r us when i was six. i remember it like it was yesterday cause we were killing time before going to see empire strikes back and i was too wrapped up in checking out the newest star wars action figures to pay my screaming bladder any mind. yep, so i just pissed myself right there in the middle of the aisle. i know i’m not the only one. anyway, back to sub pop’ pissed jeans, who as far as i can tell sound like a lovely pairing of mudhoney and jesus lizard – two bands not enough bands cop a sound from. check em out.

i’ve got you

people person

pissed jeans site

here is a lovely rem bootleg which is commonly referred to as the dream. it’s a recording of their performance @ the pink pop festival, on 5.15.89 in holland. the last three tracks are from an audience recording that took place in milan on 6.15.89.

1. exhuming mccarthy

2. turn you inside out

3. stand

4. orange crush

5. feeling gravitys pull

6. king of birds

7. world leader pretend

8. underneath the bunker

9. pretty persuasion

10. get up

11. auctioneer

12. its the end of the world

13. summertime

14. swan swan h

15. finest worksong

begin the begin

perfect circle

dark globe

i made some love stains in the back. you'll see..


photo by steve caraway

the new hayden, in town and field, came out last week, or i guess two weeks ago, but i finally gotten around to checkin it out over the weekend. after a few listens, i can confidently say that this is definitely one of his, if not his best. his on going slide into neil young on the beach/after the gold rush territory is really strong with this record.

in town and field

hayden site

whilst, on hayden’s hardwood records site i came across this little candian vixen, basia bulat. she’s got a real 60’s songstress quality to her voice, which i very much appreciate. the music, at least this track, is upbeat if not a little quirky. again, fine with me. her oh, my darling comes out on rough trade on 2.5.08

in the night

basia bulat myspace

admittedly, i have never been a big fan of the who. mostly, due to the fact that i have never tried – although, like a lot of bands, i plan on it. anyway, my man paul brought this set of who demos/rehearsals to my attention called the punk meets the godfather. click the link for more info. anyway, some very cool stuff, including the almost 12 minute, “baba o’riley.” thanks again, paul.

1. the real me

2. the dirty jobs

3. the punk and the godfather

4. im the one

5. i’ve had enough

6. bell boy

7. cut my hair

8. brrr

9. drowned

10. im the one

11. pure and easy

12. baba o’riley

13. wont get fooled again

how about a nice, greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?


friends. how art thee? man, i’m super. so, yesterday i got glasses. yep, had to do it. well, i guess i didnt “have to” but the doc strongly recommended i get em. i guess spending much of my waking hours, for the past 10 years in front of a computer is taking its toll – not surprisingly though. not a huge fan of glasses, but its kinda like seeing in high-def now. squinting is going to be a hard habit to break. this is me with glasses, if you care.

ah, the return of a classic. i dont know about you folks but nothing makes me laugh more than making fun of others. now, i am not talking about those with handicaps, retardation, and all around shit that they cant help. no, i am talking about these shitheads. just knowing that these assholes exist in the same world as me, is fuckin awesome. i seriously cant take it. i have tried to wrap my brain around this movement that i thought would have died down by now, but if you go to club it up dot com you can see for yourself that its in full swing. or you can just take my word for it. oh, new jersey. here’s just a little taste of what im talkin bout..


anyway, thanks to mr drunkard for offering up these tidbits of info. firstly, strangers almanac is getting the deluxe double disc re-issue treatment, featuring a disc of rare, unreleased and alternate studio tracks. check out no depression dot net for all the info. Secondly, one of the best records i havent listened to in forever, the cowboy junkies’ trinity session is being reinterpreted for its 20th anniversary and features the likes of ryan adams and vic chesnutt. check ad for ryan adams and the cowboy junkies doing “200 more miles.”

here is a lovely recording of vic chesnutt at cats cradle in carborro, nc on 11.29.95. thanks mucho to the original taper.

1. isadora duncan

2. flying

3. gepetto

4. smiley punk rocker

5. stupid preoccupations

6. florida

7. confusion

8. bug

9. guitar story

10. lucinda williams

11. supernatural

12. when i ran off and left her

13. everybody can change

14. miss mary

15. danny carlisle

16. soft picasso

17. scholarship

18. withering

19. where were you

20. free of hope

21. stage babble

22. rabbit box

23. bakersfield

woke up election day, sky's gunpowder and shades of grey

after watching the video for “girls in their summer clothes” i spent the last hour on youtube checkin out just about every bruce vid available. heres a few from magic and “streets of philadelphia.”

[youtube:] [youtube:] [youtube:] [youtube:] [youtube:]

chuck norris counted to infinity, twice


top o the day, people. any of you see cloverfield yet? my bro saw it and said it was great, but it made him want to vomit. anyone else experiencing that whilst viewing it? is the camera work like blair witch project, because that wasnt bad at all and i am just having a hard time grasping how it can make one nauseous. in other movie related news, rambo looks awesome.

andy liotta and his the billie burke estate is an interesting melding of hook laden pop nuggets, kinda reminiscent of the first rentals record, and your classic 70’s singer/songwriter ala billy joel. his newest, let your heart break, is a concept record, that tells of the tale of tragedy in 4 acts, each of which contain 3 tracks. let your heart break features a cast of recurring characters, all of whom help tell the tale. check it out, pretty cool stuff.

stream let your heart break here

i can float

everybodys gonna die

the billie burke estate site

ok, i have differing information on this rolling stones show. from what i have been told, at least with the information provided that this is an unreleased live show from 72. i see a bunch of reported track listings and info but much of it is differing in some way. i am not sure “heartbreaker” was actually part of the show, cause i cant get a good feel for the transitioning between that and “jumping jack flash.” so, any of you how maybe stones aficionados can you help a brotha out?

1. all down the line

2. brown sugar

3. bitch

4. rocks off

5. gimme shelter

6. happy

7. tumbling dice

8. love in vain

9. sweet virginia

10. you cant always get what you want

11. midnight rambler

12. rip this joint

13. heartbreaker

14. jumping jack flash

15. street fighting man

cocksucker blues (demo)

eric bachmann and neko, it starts tonight


my man eric bachmann is opening up for neko on a few dates. so, if you happen to live near the locations below consider yourself in luck.

fri-jan-25, tarrytown, ny, tarrytown music hall*
sat-jan-26, ithaca, ny, state theater*
sun-jan-27, burlington, vt, higher ground*
wed-jan-30, brooklyn, ny, southpaw
thu-jan-31, albany, ny, the egg*
fri-feb-01, providence, ri, lupo’s*
sat-feb-02, northampton, ma, calvin theater*
*opening for neko

lonesome warrior

he stopped by electric lady studios and recorded some stuff for you can check out the videos and interview here.

we're not in wonderland anymore alice


hola! thats a real god damn shame about heath ledger, huh? yet brit and winehouse continue to live. although, not sure for how much longer. you see what spears was up to today? awesome!

i know i may seem like i am becoming a broken record, with these stones, pink floyd and beatles posts, but as of late i have been too lazy to do all the flac conversions/tagging/etc. so, since they came to me with all that shit already done, its just adds to my laziness. after this pink floyd show and another stones show tomorrow, i will be branching back out starting next week.

this has been probably been floating around tons of other blog things, but its definitely worth posting. secretly canadian artist, dave fischoff, has a new project in which he is going under the moniker, spoolwork. his first job is a remix jens lekman’s “i’m leaving you because i don’t love,” and its pretty damn cool. he was sent the basic vocal track and built everything around it. check it!

im leaving you because i dont love you

ghost of an afternoon off the crawl

landscape skin

dave fischoff myspace spoolwork myspace

i kinda dig these two euro-trashy dance pop tracks by the lk, even though i dont feel like i should. their new record, vs the snow, may be out now.

private life of a cat

tandem bikes

the lk site

here is pink floyd playing in london on 11.16.74.

1. tune ups

2. shine on you crazy diamond

3. raving and drooling

4. you gotta be crazy

5. speak to me

6. breathe

7. on the run

8. time

9. the great gig in the sky

10. money

11. us and them

12. any colour you like

13. brain damage

14. eclipse

15. echoes

i know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully


hey, hey! i am off to class. in the meantime, two things. firstly, after a very scientific drawing, markus farkus was deemed the winner of the nirvana unplugged dvd. this decision was based on me asking my wife to pick a number, and it just so happened to be mr. farkus’. second thing, here is a beatles bootleg compilation entitled more sweet apples. more info can be found here. see ya in a few days…

1. helter skelter

2. magical mystery tour

3. strawberry fields forever

4. glass onion

5. aerial tour instrumental

6. blue jay way

7. a day in the life

8. across the universe

9. dear prudence

10. while my guitar gently weeps

11. child of nature

12. while my guitar gently weeps

13. something

14. let it be

15. the long and winding road

16. child of nature

17. old brown shoe

18. get back

19. commonwealth song

20. no pakistanis

21. ive got a feeling

22. i lost my little girl

when chuck norris does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the earth down


the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!! omfg!!!!!! thats what the news here in atlanta was like the past two days. panic breeds panic and they had me buying what they were selling. sure its kinda cold, and it snowed like an inch, but come on already.

btw, go packers!

btw part two, i dont know if i need sleep or something but i teared up watching apollo 13. luckily norris’ walker texas ranger is on to feed my need for more testosterone. on the flipside of crying, its been a long time since i laughed as hard as i did after reading these amazing chuck norris facts. i know they are old news, but its been a while since i read em.  

if all you really want is straight up, beer swiggin rock ala the mats, lucero, drive by truckers, etc. then you should totally dig massachusetts, the dirty truckers. call me simple or as i like to think of myself, a purist, but sometimes, actually more often than not, i dont need my music to be any more than just loud and gritty, productions value be damned. washed and ready, their first new one in six years, is kinda like a whisky and cigarette fueled love makin session, it aint pretty. which is why i am absolutely loving it. washed and ready is twangy, punky, hook laden and meant to be played loud.

off the hook

without a sound

the dirty truckers myspace

barton carroll sounds like a dude i can get behind, or well, at least musically speaking. he kinda reminds me of modern day nick lowe, which is cool. he’s toured and played with eric bachmann/crooked fingers, azure ray, dolorean, and micah p. hinson. his new record, the lost one, comes out on tuesday, 1.22.08.

pretty girls gonna ruin my life (again)

brooklyn girl, youre going to be my bride

barton carroll site / myspace / virb

what? edie brickell’s back? well, i’ll be damned. she’s playing with harper simon under the monikor the heavy circles. this song’s pretty cool. kinda gotta some kind of mid-easterny type of vibe to it. their new self titled record comes out on 2.12.08. i still cant believe she’s married to paul simon.


the heavy circles site

rarely is the questioned asked: is our children learning?


pete smith,

sup peoples? man, nothing like spending the last 6-7 hours studying the finer points of subnetting to get the ol wang to stand on end. really exciting shit. in other news, the winner of the nirvana dvd will be announced later today. hopefully everyone left me a working/non bullshit email address just in case lady luck happens to smile down on you.

in case you didnt get enough of it in video form. i know i didnt. here is the mp3 of “everyday normal guy” one and two, and a few other comedic gems courtesy of jon lajoie.

everyday normal guy one

everyday normal guy two

high as fuck

cold blooded christmas

jon lajoie site

here we have today a two disc set of outtakes from the stones’ sticky fingers.

disc one

1. travelin man

2. potted shrimp

3. aladdin story

4. leather jacket

5. wild horses

6. wild horses

7. brown sugar

8. brown sugar

9. brown sugar

10. let it rock

disc 2

1. brown sugar

2. sway

3. wild horses

4. good time women

5. silver train

6. you gotta move

7. bitch

8. i got the blues

9. sister morphine

10. all down the line