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there is a big petroleum problem


regular posting will return tomorrow. in the mean time, here is two gallants at studio 104, maison de radio France on 12.17.07 a.k.a. black sessions.

1. intro by bernard lenoir

2. seems like home to me

3. steady rollin

4. long summer day

5. the hand that held me down

6. fly low carrion crow

7. despite what you’ve been told

8. waves of grain

9. the prodigal son

10. las cruces jail

11. unknown

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you want me to produce your war?


sup peoples? not much going on today except this lovely broadcast of the band performing live @ the palladium on 9.18.76. it was originally broadcasted on wbcn. this copy doesnt include the actual track 12 “forbidden fruit” because it was officially released.

1. announcers intro

2. mc intro

3. ophelia

4. the shape i’m in

5. it makes no difference

6. the weight

7. king harvest

8. the twilight

9. the night they drove all dixie down

10. across the great divide

11. stage fright

12. acadian driftwood

13. the genetic method

14. chest fever

15. this wheels on fire

16. dont do it

17. dj announcement

18. dj announcement

19. up on cripple creek

20. life is a carnival

21. dj announcement

22. the ws wallcott’s medicine show

23. dj announcement

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i fell for her like a blind roofer


sup? for you futurama fans, like myself, out there, adult swim is airing nothing but until 11.30 pm, new years eve.

i’m curious did you guys/gals get anything from your respective companies for xmas? its gotten to the point that i would rather get nothing than what they try and shovel on us. i dont want to sound ungrateful, but did i really need a 20 buck gift card to carrabba’s? really, i didnt; but, thanks anyway, i suppose. since i am no fan of the joint i will be losing money on a meal that i didnt care to have in the first place. here’s an idea spend the extra 30 cents or whatever and get everyone visa gift cards or something similiar. maybe i am just becoming too disenchanted with the ways of corporate america.

so, i went through the entire pfork list last night and listened to whomever i was not familiar with. i was hoping that i would come away with at least a few new bands worth investigating further. the sad truth is that 90 percent of the tracks that make up their list are pure shite. ok, maybe not 90 but at least 70. still a sad state of affairs on what they consider to be the best of the best. lcd soundsystem? two tracks int the top ten? are you fuckin kidding me? the only two i can agree with are panda bear’s “bro,” which should be single of the year, and interestingly enough, “umbrella” – i liked it the first time i heard it. the only band that made an impression on me was the funky stones/springsteen/marah inspired sounds king khan & his shrines. check em out.

no regrets

welfare bread

king khan and his shrines site

back in my early twenties i went through a mildly big roxy music phase which just so happened to coincide with my own personal british invasion. then like a lot of musical awakenings, see obsessions, it ended up abruptly. the only record i listen to with any regularity from that era of my life is blur’s parklife and pulp’s this is hardcore – which i still contend is one of the best records ever recorded. as of late i have found a new appreciation for roxy music’s siren and country life. i dont know what made me pull them back out, but its always a testament to the strength of a record when it sounds as good as the first time you heard it.

here they are playing in 75 on the siren tour. as a note, she sells might actually be the second track and it is tagged as such. the first actual track is missing but it may be just crowd noise.

1. she sells

2. mother of pearl

3. out of the blue

4. do the strand

5. the thrill of it all

6. whirlwind

7. if it takes all night

8. editions of you

9. remake remodel

10. song for europe

11. virginia plain

12. for your pleasure

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good night, santa. good night, mrs. santa's sister.


merry christmas from us, well me, at captains dead! be safe and godspeed!

here are the top 100 singles from 07 according to pfork. thanks to the cat that wrangled up these tracks!

100: ost & kjex – milano mugolian (a thrilling mungophony in two parts)
99. broken social scene presents: kevin drew – backed out on the…
98. old time relijun – indestructible life!
97. sir richard bishop – ecstasies in the open air
96. times new vking – teenage lust
95. groove armada [ft. mutya buena] – song 4 mutya (out of control)
94. mgmt – time to pretend
93. antibalas – beaten metal
92. air – mer du japon (kris menace remix)
91. menomena – the pelican
90: Miranda Lambert – gunpowder & lead
89: air france – beach party
88. the new pornographers – myriad harbour
87. sophie ellis-bextor – me and my imagination
86. rekid – next stop chicago
85. barr – the song is the single
84. 50 cent – i get money
83. sonic youth – i’m not there
82. tinariwen – matadjem yinmixan
81. modest mouse – dashboard
80: grizzly bear – little brother (electric)
79. magik markers – taste
78. amy winehouse – tears dry on their own
77. the national – mistaken for strangers
76. klaxons – golden skans
75. escort – all through the night
74. black lips – katrina
73. the twilight sad – cold days from the birdhouse
72. ted leo & the pharmacists – la costa brava
71. the shins – turn on me
70. cassie – is it you?
69. roisin Murphy – overpowered
68. black kids – i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you
67. devin the dude [ft. andre 3000 and snoop dogg] – what a job
66. king khan & the shrines – welfare bread
65. dj khaled [ft. t.i., akon, rick ross, fat joe, birdman & lil wayne] – we takin’ over
64. no age – neck escaper
63. sharon jones & the dap-kings – i’m not gonna cry
62. cool kids – i rock
61. !!! – hearts of hearts
60. the white stripes – rag and bone
59. lil wayne – upgrade
58. shellac – the end of radio
57. electrelane – to the east
56. aesop rock – none shall pass
55. studio – no comply
54. joanna newsom – colleen
53. bat for lashes – whats a girl to do?
52. the clientele – bookshop casanova
51. kanye west [ft. t-pain] – good life
50. dude ‘n nem – watch my feet
49. yeasayer – 2080
48. liars – plaster casts of everything
47. t2 – heartbroken
46. Deerhunter – wash off
45. the honeydrips – fall from a height
44. pantha du prince – saturn strobe
43. deerhoof – the perfect me
42. spoon – black like me
41. los campesinos! – you! me! dancing!
40. beirut – elephant gun
39. sally shapiro – he keeps me alive
38. matthew dear – deserter
37. blonde redhead – 23
36. okkervil river – our life is not a movie or maybe
35. dirty projectors – rise above
34. the tough alliance – silly crimes
33. dinosaur dr. – almost ready
32. r. kelly [ft. t.i. and t-pain] – i’m a flirt (remix)
31. cortney tidwell – don’t let stars keep us tangled up (ewan’s objects in space remix)
30. dan deacon – wham city
29. arcade fire – keep the car runnin
28. dizzee rascal – pussy’ole (old skool)
27: lil mama – lip gloss
26. jay-z – roc boys (and the winner is…)
25. kanye west – can’t tell me nothing
24. gui boratto – beautiful life
23. simian mobile disco – i believe
22. animal collective – peacebone
21. m.i.a. – boyz
20. radiohead – all i need
19. the field – a paw in my face
18. chromatics – in the city
17. burial – archangel
16. feist – 1 2 3 4
15. jens lekman – a postcard to nina
14. caribou – melody day
13. of montreal – the past is a grotesque animal
12. spoon – you got yr. cherry bomb
11. grinderman – no pussy blues
10. jay-z [ft. beanie sigel] – ignorant shit
9. animal collective – fireworks
8. justice – d.a.n.c.e.
7. lcd soundsystem – someone great
6. ugk [ft. outkast] – int’l players anthem (i choose you)
5. rihanna [ft. jay-z] – umbrella
4. m.i.a. [ft. bun b and rich boy] – paper planes (remix)
3. panda bear – bros
2. battles – atlas
1. lcd soundsystem – all my friends

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its good to be alive


top of the sunday afternoon. so, i got my grubby lil paws on the new truckers record, brighter than creation’s dark, and i am so psyched to report that its fuckin killer. for those, like myself, that were a bit underwhelmed by a blessing and a curse will find that creation’s dark is classic dbt. 19 tracks and 75 minutes later you really dont even miss jason so much as shonna’s songs are pretty awesome and a nice compliment to patterson and cooley.

you can preorder creations dark, here. they got a shirt/cd combo deal for 30 bucks that i am definitely going to be ordering.

for the uninitiated here are a few songs to get ya started. they also have tracks from creation streamin on their myspace page.

zip city

puttin people on the moon

the great car dealer war

loaded gun in the closet

here they are playing in brooklyn on 10.27.07. thanks to jonicont for this very nice audience recording!

1. world of hurt

2. panties in your purse

3. heathens

4. marry me

5. my sweet annette

6. tales facing up

7. a ghost to me

8. im your puppet

9. the home front

10. check out time in vegas

11. goods field road

12. daddys cup

13. the deeper in

14. self destructive zone

15. gg allin

16. carl perkins cadillac

17. im sorry houston

18. the living bubba

19. encore

20. the tough sell

21. zip city

22. opening act

23. shut up and get on the plane

24. buttholeville/state trooper

25. people who died

never gonna change

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i think every group of black guys should have at least one white guy in it


to say i was a little estatic when this tweedy and bennett show from ’99 showed up on dime yesterday is a major understatement. i was at this show and it is still one of the best tweedy shows i have been witnessed to. the only thing that could have possibly pissed in my cheerios is if it were a shitty recording. all worries were quickly vanquished, thankfully, cause this is a pristine recording of their performance during the old town school of folk music festival on 7.25.99. much love to the original taper.

1. intro

2. james alley blues

3. shes a jar

4. new madrid

5. blood of the lamb

6. down in the willow garden

7. auld triangle

8. another man’s done gone

9. hesitating beauty

10. via chicago

11. sugar baby

12. i got you

13. forget the flowers

14. im always in love

15. the lonely 1

16. summerteeth

17. pecan pie

18. true love will find you in the end

19. casino queen

20. encore break

21. california stars

22. hoodoo voodoo

i miss jay…

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i love you more than my after-show monster bong hit…


photo by stacy sandstrom

sup peoples? after listening to jens for the past few days, i have finally come to a realization on who he sounds like. barry manilow! or atleast a “i write the songs,” and “mandy” era manilow. this is no apparent than on “a postcard to nina” where the horns come in. am i the only one that hears this? it may be my massive exposure to manilow as a child kicking in.

for those interested, i reposted a cool grant lee buffalo show from germany over here.

this real life simpsons house is super freakin creepy. it has “bad things go on in here” written all over it.

im always amazed at the shit that passes under my radar. the latest, in a depressingly long list, is william eilliot whitmore and jenny hoysten’s collaboration, the hallways of always. yeah, it came out in november of 06. they got a cool cash/carter vibe goin on a few of the tracks, and is a nice departure from whitmore’s usual type of stuff. check it!

feast of a thousand beasts

whitmore daytrotter sessions

jenny hoyston myspace william elliot whitmore site

i am kinda diggin this track by the choir practice. they are fronted by coco culbertson who in her past was part of the gay, the ac newman band and briefly in the tennessee twin. as their name implies they really bring the choir, but not in a polyphonic kinda way. more subdued and not all up in your face with it.

red fox

the choir practice myspace

here we have a very nice ted leo and the pharmacists soundboard from the picador in iowa city on 4.27.07. thanks to the original taper, tim, for makin this available.

1. intro

2. sons of cain

3. dail up

4. mia and mia

5. army bound

6. where have all the rude boys gone

7. who do you love

8. old souls know

9. colleen

10. the high party

11. annunciation day/born on christmas day

12. counting down the hours

13. little dawn

14. the angels share

15. bottle of buckie

16. heart problems

17. crying over you

18. the lost brigade

19. biomusicology

20. dirty old town

21. timorous me

22. rappaports testament: i never gave up

buy ted leo records here

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santa wanna cracka?


the men in cracker want to wish you a merry christmas…

merry christmas, emily

this is from a 2001 promo for their record forever

cracker site

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