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say "hi" to sexual harassment panda!


i was so psyched last evening/early morning for comedy central played like a 6 episode block of insomniac. that was seriously a great show, and i dont think anyone could have pulled that off better than attell. he had the uncanny ability to make people look like total assholes while keeping said asshole completely oblivious. probably cause they were always drunk.

speaking of assholes, i am going to take my kid to see asshole santa tomorrow @ criminal records sometime between the hours of 12 – 6. should be a good time. check out the pics from last year.

the cover art for clear tiger’s brutal could be described as “frightening” or very least “mildly disturbing.” it conjures up a whole bunch of emotions, and really none of them being positive. firstly, i hate animal masks and secondly i dont like horses – i think they are inherently evil creatures. now, knowing that little nugget of information about yours truly, their depiction of an asexual being wearing some kind of fetish-like garment, face covered by an evil cat mask, riding a horse with its shlong in full view and brandishing a gun is purely disturbing, at least to me.

honestly, i went into this listening experience with little to no expectations and actually a little unnerved. to say i was more than pleasantly surprised is an understatement. brutal is a record that is devoid of any kind of pretensions and is simply just a great pop record with unconventional sensibilities. fans of animal collective, panda bear, the elephant 6 collective, oakley hall, talking heads, and probably the arcade fire would definitely dig this.




clear tigers site / myspace

i have yet to listen to the whole thing, but i have been diggin these two tracks from philadelphian nicole reynolds’ folkie debut this arduous alchemy. check her out..

here right now

in the morning

nicole reynolds site

here is springsteen’s classic nebraska performed live taken from different performances throughout the years. the last three tracks are thrown in just as bonus.

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random chance seems to have operated in our favor


i reposted neutral milk hotel @ the sidedoor over here, for those who missed it the first time around.

here is mr young @ the bottom line in nyc on 5.16.74.

1. pushed it over the end

2. long may you run

3. greensleeves

4. ambulance blues

5. helpless

6. revolution blues

7. on the beach

8. roll another number

9. motion pictures

10. pardon my heart

11. dance dance dance

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i've said it a million times: romance languages lead to premarital sex


good day all! hey if you are in nyc and not doing much tomorrow evening you should check out the j.a.m. awards and concert at the hammerstein ballroom. the j.a.m. awards and concert are in honor of jam master jay and will include performances by dmc, raekwon, q tip, de la soul, epmd, dead prez, everlast w/ dj muggs, and a host of others. all proceeds raised will benefit jam master jay foundation for music. sounds like it could be a cool evening.

minnesotean dan israel is part of a dying breed of musicians that are able to create records of both substance and style, melding them into one harmonious union. and these gifts are no more apparent than on his most recently and released ninth record, turning. the man keeps good company, too, enlisting members of son volt, the jayhawks, honeydogs, just to name a few to help in the recording process.

israel is a bit of a throwback singer/songwriter/wordsmith who is more in the vein of elvis costello, randy newman and springsteen, than many of what would be considered his modern day counterparts. coming across as a strange blend of newman and former minneapolis brethern craig finn, israel sings with a conviction that stretches beyond his otherwise dead pan delivery. with “turning” israel has created a record that stretches beyond his twin cities zip codes and hopefully the rest of the country will take notice.

turning can be purchased via his site

counting on you

never go away

dan israel site

here is a collection of tweedy songs known as the collected jeff tweedy, lovingly put together by some of the fine folks at via chicago. this is the second part of the collection. i am still trying to locate the first the collection, which will be posted as soon as i can find it.

1. casino queen

2. nothings ever gonna

3. passenger side

4. when you wake up

5. sugar baby

6. millionaire

7. far, far away

8. new madrid

9. remember the mountain bed

10. red eyed and blue

11. gun

12. i got you

13. i am tryin to break your heart

14. bob dylans beard

15. dear employer

16. jesus etc

17. wait up

18. the long cut

19. screen door

20. pick up the change

21. be not so fearful

22. say you miss me

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soon you will be like cheese boy: melty, melty, melty!


sup honkeys? hopefully you all had grand thanksgivings and were all good little consumers and did your part to keep the economy alive. i know i did my part. i bought a new 4 gig sandisk thumbdrive, which was normally $70 and i got it for $20 – pretty sweet deal. yep, i am definitely helping keep that economy train chuggin along. 

in other news, if you want to check out captains dead radio you can now do so by clicking here. i dont have all that much streaming as of yet, but within the next week i could have as many as 500 tracks available for your listening pleasure.

kevin dubrow is dead, my friends and it only took a scant 20 years for him to catch up with his career. rip

i dont know who h.w. beaverman is, but it sure would be a cool name to put on a license plate. at least the latter part of the name. anyway, the ghost of of h.w. beaverman is elf power’s jimmy hughes’ full length debut under the folklore moniker. i am a pretty good size elf power fan, so when this hit my email box i was pretty excited and luckily the record is pretty fantastic. jimmy’s got a venerable who’s who of awesomeness and athen’s brethern backing him on the record, including andrew rieger (elf power), amy dykes (i am the world trade center), jon croxton (wee turtles), ren mead (masters of the hemisphere and vetran), ian rickert (bugs eat books), heather mcintosh (the instruments and circulatory system) and scott spillane (gerbils and neutral milk hotel). the ghost of h.w. beaverman is great piece of psychedelic pop that reminds me of uncle bob pollard on his best days – also known as having an editor, and a cool mix of all the bands represented by their respective members. its a concept record, but doesnt feel like one at all as each track could stand alone and you wouldnt feel like you were missing some piece of the puzzle – unlike operation:mindcrime i used to freakin love that record. what makes this record even the cooler, is that its free, which is becoming quite the popular model as of late it woud seem. here are a few of my favorites off beaverman… 

the bartender

the ghost

h.w. beaverman

download the ghost of h.w. beaverman here

folklore site / myspace

for the unitiated, here are some songs by a few of the willing participants on the ghost of h.w. beaverman

future sightings


i am the world trade center site

all the stories i sold

dead batteries

dog sled

bugs eat books site


your street is dark

coat of arms (world trade remix)

masters of the hemisphere site

joe pernice is my boy, plain and simple. it all started, what seems like ages ago know, after i read some glowing piece in, i think alternative press – it actually used to be a very cool mag – about the scud mountain boys. after reading said article i ventured to my local shop to try and pick up either pine box or dance the night away only to find out that they didnt have it, nor could they even find any record of its existence. not to be deterred, i went back and got the label’s name just to cover all my bases. wouldnt you fuckin know it? the label didnt exist in my local shop’s database, or whatever stoner setup they were using at the time. i then decided i would hit the city cause they just had to have it. i traveled far and wide, well as far and wide as the el and my two feet would take me from quaker goes deaf, to reckless to dr wax to val halla’s to rolling stone records to rose records. i then tried blindly ordering it a rose records on wabash, and still nothing for a very long time. i had pretty much forgotten about it until that fateful day that i got a call stating that they had found dance the night away. it seriously had been probably 8-10 months since i originally ordered it that they actually got it in for me, but i was grateful. i would have to wait for the double disc reissue to actually hear pine box. since then though, everything joe has done has been golden to these ears, that was until i heard live a little, a record i really cant stand. i’m not going to rag on it though, cause he’s still getting in my musical hall of fame on the first ballot. i will say that there was absolutely no need or reason to remake “grudge fuck.” frankly, that just spoiled an already sour experience. with that said, the rest of his catalogue is stellar. my personal favorites are big tobacco, massachusetts and the world wont end.

btw, apparently there was an 8 track of dance the night away or pine box made at one point. if anyone has one i may be willing to purchase it from ya.

here are the brothers pernice performing at the borderline in london, date unknown. 

1. bum leg

2. plane story

3. flaming wreck

4. everyone else is evolving

5. crestfallen

6. monkey suit

7. shoes and clothes

8. working girls

9. our time has passed

10. breakneck speed

11. the ballad of bjorn borg

12. overcome by happiness

13. number two

14. clear spot

15. wait to stop

16. band intros

17. grudge fuck

buy all your scud mountain boys and pernice brothers related merch directly from them, here

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you may have been a good smuggler, but now you're bantha fodder


normal posting will return tomorrow.

in the mean time, here is another archers of loaf show, this time live in nyc at tramps on 11.26.96. 

1. step into the light

2. audiowhore

3. greatest of all time

4. form and file

5. scenic pastures

6. harnessed in slums

7. assassination on xmas eve

8. vocal shrapnel

9. lowest part is free

10. bacteria

11. nostalgia

12. all hail the black market

13. plumb line

14. distance comes in droves

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hookers, man! where the hookers?


tool live in denver on 7.21.02. nice soundboard recording.

1. intro

2. sober

3. 4 degrees

4. the grudge

5. stinkfist

6. forty-six two

7. schism

8. parabol

9. parabola

10. the patient

10. aenima

11. disposition

12. reflection

13. triad

14. lateralus


much anger in him. like his father.


animal collective on the bbc, 11.19.07

doggy heylight

from a beach

on a highway

going fishing! holla!

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i find your lack of faith disturbing


happy thanksgiving to all residing in the us and all those who know reside outside of our lovely borders! hope everyone has a great one.

if you may have noticed i have started using a new search thingy. i think its pretty cool, but for those who have used it, what do you think? the icons on top are all places where i do stuff. so, if you want to be a friend, enemy, lover just click the icon and do whatever it is you want to do.

in other news, i am so loving this verizon fios. my inlaws have it and it absolutely blows comcast broadband out of the water. i can upload a 6 meg track in like 10 seconds and get a constant 250kb/s upload rate as opposed to comcast’s average of about 50kb/s. sure, comcast has “speed burst” but that only lasts about 10 seconds and is only useful for tracks smaller than 3 megs. so, for all of those that have fios, i am extremely jealous.

here is elliot smith performing in dc on 4.17.98.

this can now be found here.

1. angeles

2. division day

3. clementine

4. waltz #2

5. between the bars

6. southern belle

7. jealous guy

8. say yes

9. oh well, okay

10. no name #4

11. rose parade

12. alameda

13. pictures of me

14. some song

15. biggest lie

16. st. ides heaven

17. care of cell 44

18. speed trials

19. thirteen

20. no name #3

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you are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor!


for more info on dylan’s banjo tape/nyc town hall visit bobs boots

banjo tape:

1. lonesome river edge (trad)

2. back door blues (trad)

3. bob dylan’s dream

4. you can get her (Trad)

5. farewell

6. all over you

7. masters of war

8. instrumental (fragment)

9. keep your hands off her (leadbelly)

10. honey babe (trad)

11. goin’ back to rome

12. stealin’ (trad. memphis jug band arrangement)

town hall:

13. ramblin’ through the world (adapted from guthrie)

14. bob dylan’s dream

15. tomorrow is s long time

16. bob dylan’s new orleans rag

17. masters of war

18. walls of red wing

19. hero blues

20. who killed davey moore?

21. with god on our side

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