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hey, hey! so, i stopped that whole words and guitar experiment after a scant number of posts. i realized half way through the last post that i hated my own stories. couple that with my dwindling memory of yesteryear and my ever shrinking personal time, it just wasnt going to happen the way i wanted.

never heard of this kid, james mcavoy, but apparently he has been picked to portray cobain in the long talked about biopic.

robert goulet is dead, my friends and sadly the only thing i know about him is this..


and this..

thong song

long live goulet!!!!!!!

i’ve written a couple o’ times about the coathangers but just in case you missed them the first couple times around here a few tracks off their debut. they play in nyc this evening at mercury lounge and tomorrow, also, in nyc at death by audio – never heard of that joint.

shut the fuck up

dont touch my shit

parking lot

the coathangers site / myspace

its kind of hard, at least for me anyways, to not dig dc’s the carribean. they make a nice chill sound that would go down nicely with a hoegaarden or two or three and a smoke or an entire pack. they’re an interesting meld of the shins pop sensibilities and the sea and cake’s ever present jazz leanings. their new record, populations, is out today. check em out.

the go from tactical

bees, their vision and language

the carribean site

i was a late bloomer when it comes to actually listening to the byrds. i was a burrito brothers fan about 4 or 5 years prior to ever listening to sweetheart of the rodeo. one would think that i would have made the transition to the byrds a lot sooner, but such was not the case. it wasn’t until i dove into sweetheart and then their back catalogue how much on a different level they were than the burrito bros. sure they burrito’s are great, but their first two records are the only ones really worth owning in my opinion. the byrds catalogue, on the other hand, is absolutely stellar. well, at least the period from 65 -68 is, but during that time they put out 6 classic records.

here they are performing at the avalon in san francisco on 11.2.68. for a recording that is almost 40 years old it sounds superb.

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hey, woman! hey, woman!


hey congrats to all you bosox fans out there. i, like the rest of the country probably, didnt think they were going to make it out of the alcs, but what the hell do i know? i expected my sox to have won at least 2-3 world series by now. considering that they have the same freakin team as 05! anyway, those rookies really carried em, which bodes well for the future. could it be possible that arod might be a sock next summer now that he has opted out of his contract with the yanks? man, i would love if the white sox got him. nay, they need to get him. no matter the price. by the way, papelbon needs to just stop.

dont know if you guys have checked out this comp called folk music for the end of the world, but its pretty great. its put out by yer bird records and features a lot of great performers including j tillman, hayden, travel by sea – whose new record i cant wait for, aline simone, chris bathgate, paleo and matthew ryan amongst others. one thing i really dig about it is that it flows really well and no track seems outta place – which is a major downfall of a lot of comps. its definitely worth your investment.

swimming in money – paleo

flash of light followed by – chris bathgate

yer bird records site

staying on the topic of folk music for the end of world, i wanted to make special mention of two of the artists. first being paleo, who has just wrapped up his song a day for a year project. i havent listened to only but a few, but they are cool for what they are – raw recordings. check em out here. he plays in athens on the 17th of december at the flicker. the other artist in question is michael metivier’s oweihops. his contribution to the comp is beautiful little tune called “sad little drunks.” hoping that the rest of his stuff was as grand, i hopped over to his myspace page and i can confidently say that it is. his new record, cinquefoil, can be downloaded/purchased on his myspace page.

sad little drunks

this is the earliest tupelo recording i have heard and as luck would have it, its a great recording. here they are playing at the blue note on 8.22.88.

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god bless the pretty women


here is a random photo of mr anton newcombe – i had planned a bjm/newcombe post but got tired and havent finished yet – and the remainder of the billy joel show from miami in 77.

15. the entertainer

16. vienna

17. root beer rag

18. you are so beautiful

19. she’s always a woman

20. i’ve loved the days

21. miami 2017

22. ballad of billy the kid

23. captain jack

24. say goodbye to hollywood

25. only the good die young

26. get it right the first time

27. weekend song

im the eat me, beat me lady


sup peoples? not much going on here except that i am enjoying a red stripe at 11 am. its my first beer in about two weeks, and it tastes so good. red stripe is not my first, second, third, or even in my top ten of beer choices but it was all my local gas station had that was decent. beer good…

hey, the new porno’s play in atlanta on tuesday, 10.30, at the variety and opening for ’em is emma pollock who was once in the great glasgow band, the delgados. emma has a new solo record out, since the delgados are no longer, and i hear its really quite good, but i cant solidify that with a personal opinion since i havent heard it. here are a couple tracks from said record.



emma pollock site / myspace

i often think, or better yet dream, of moving the family unit to athens, georgia not greece. i am always looking for well paying gigs, but i have yet to strike potential pay dirt. not only is it an awesome little town, but the music that has come, and continues to roll out of there is some of the best in the nation. which brings me to the athens own ginger envelope which features members of dark meat and venice is sinking. its probably a good thing that i haven’t heard their new, unreleased record as of yet cause i have a feeling that it could end up fuckin up my top ten. their brand of folk/pop is rife with lap steel, piano, acoustic geetars, and breezy melodies which when all brought together into one package is probably my greatest musical weakness. check em out…really good stuff


dirty penny


the ginger envelope myspace

on the quick, if you like your rock, big and anthematic – even a word?, then check out the men of siberian. their new record, with me, came out last week on sonic boom recordings.

belgian beer and catholic girls

islands forever

siberian myspace / sonic boom

i dont know how this happened, but i found myself listening to billy joel’s greatest hits vol 1 and 2 the other day and i actually really liking most of it. i have always had a small soft spot in the old chest for joel, just cause i grew up listening to him, but have i not paid attention to him in probably 20 years. his stuff, at least the stuff found on the greatest hits record, has aged really well and its hard to deny that a lot of this stuff is classic american pop.

here is mr. joel playin on 10.31.77 in miami. nice soundboard recording. part two will be posted tomorrow.

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when i return i shall be a cabin man!

photo: senor mcguire

in a perfect world this man would need no introduction, but unfortunately you say the name todd snider and its typically met with a vacant, glossed over stare. i really dont know what to attribute his lagging popularity to? he has an uncanny ability to pen lyrics that can make you laugh and cry, sometimes in the same song, he is wonderfully skilled musician, he’s not ugly, and i hear he’s a good dancer. so, what seems to be the problem here? right place, wrong decade(s)? the highest compliment i can pay to any artist is, to steal a line from office space, to say that i “celebrate their entire catalogue.” such is the case with mr snider.

check him out performing at the mystic theatre in petaluma, ca on 4.21.02. very nice soundboard recording. thanks to whomever freed this recording from its shackles.

1. vinyl records

2. all my life

3. whats wrong with you

4. stuck all night

5. out all night

6. my generation part 2

7. moondawgs tavern

8. cant complain

9. betty was black (willie was white)

10. missing you

11. statisticians blues

12. sideshow blues

13. long year

14. illegal smile (john prine)

15. beer run/easy money/its only rock n roll

16. alright guy

you got away with it live at grimey’s


dare me to jump and i will

i may cry, but it needs to be done. over the next week or two or three i am going to be unloading a decent chunk of my cd collection – roughly 400 of em. i just dont have the space any more, im not impressing anyone anymore (anyone = chicks), and they are just sitting in boxes, untouched for the better part of at least 2/3 years. so, im going all digital. i am going to burn em first and then begin the sell off. so, if any one is looking for anything or interested in the whole lot, let me know. most of them have cases w/ the booklet, all of them should play, and all are awesome – well most are at least.

i wrote about zookeeper a few months back and after streaming their debut, becoming all things, for a few days, i kept on meaning to purchase an actual copy. of course, that didnt happen. luckily for me and maybe you, i got an email the other day that included two more tracks off said record. i always like unexpected reminders. so, i went to order it and i am glad i didnt waste my time before cause its not out until 11.7, but listening to it a few more times has only solidified my need for it. if you happen to be a fan of lazy day, jangly, fractured pop records then becoming all things will definitely scratch that itch.


becoming all things

zookeeper site / myspace

when you are true time waster its amazing where you can end up finding yourself on these internets. i somehow found myself on the skin graft records site. a label that i used to worship when i was in my early twenties, but have since not kept up with. they put out some challenging records that are definitely not anywhere near the mainstream. honestly, some of them are shit, but a lot of them are very rewarding once you get past the initial obstacles. here’s a sampling of some of their releases…

letter to zz top from long hair in three stages by u.s. maple

the flotation method from god’s of chaos by the flying luttenbachers

storm of shit from the revenge of the flying luttenbachers

walk away from plays the music of “walls in the city” by the denison / kimball trio

terminal 2 from soul machine by the denison / kimball trio

the day after i never met you from introducing lemon by cheer-accident

skin graft records

here is the remainder of the freakwater show from the great american music hall

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i've been tired

man, have i felt lazy the past couple o’ days. could be the weather or something or lack of nicotine. i think i just wanna sleep so i dont smoke. make sense to me. who the hell knows?

couple cool/noteworthy shows happening over the next few days in atlanta and here is the run down…

great northern and robbers on high street are playing at the earl on friday the 26th. both bands are good/great. i was/am a fan of the robbers tree city which if you are spoon fan, you might find that its better than the last two spoon records, not counting ga ga ga… yeah they sound a quite a bit like em, but who cares. i cant vouch for their new record, grand animals, since i havent heard it, but its on my list. if anyone has let me know how it is. great northern, on the other hand, i have not spent much time with, but their newest, trading twilight for daylight, is pretty solid from what i could gather after only a couple of listens – kinda like shoegazey pop.

crown victoria – robbers on high street myspace

home – great northern myspace

cincinnati’s over the rhine are playing this evening at eddie’s attic with rosie thomas opening up. i really, really dig over the rhine and wanted to share a couple o’ tracks but nothing is available via their site. since i cant get to hype/elbows/myspace i got nothing except my word to stand on that they are wonderful. rosie thomas is cool too, but again she doesnt have anything available either. how difficult is it to throw at least one track up somewhere? that shouldnt let that stop you though. they are definitely worth your time and effort.

today as i laid in bed, half asleep, my phone start buzzing alerting me i had an email. usually the phone is set to silent cause i hate, i repeat hate, being woken up mid sleep. anyway, before turning it off i checked my emails, just because. one of them caught me eye and perked me up a bit. the correspondence in question, and this is really only exciting to me probably, was information about verizon’s new moto q music which apparently can hold hold up to 32gigs, with a supplied card of course. i dont think i have ever seen a 32gig sd card yet and i wouldnt even want to fathom the price on it. still pretty cool, though. so, i continued reading and by the end i was like ok lets just get to the part where you want to send one to me. of course that is not that case. as i come to find they only want to send me a picture! yeah, lets do that. send me that picture! i’ll just print it out, and tape it around my current, sprint supplied, phone. yeah..

i truly hate judging/pushing a band/artist by one or two tracks, but sometimes you just gotta trust your gut. there are times when i am on the money and other times, not so much. i would like to think its more of the former. anyway, here are a couple of bands that hopefully can live up their respective supplied and very cool tracks.

faster than cars – kate tucker and the sons of sweeden myspace – she’s hot btw, and has a great voice that reminds me of neko/orton/the chick from mazzy star. her self titled debut is out on 10.30

brother – annuals myspace – kids from north carolina aren’t even 22 and make a pretty nice racket. kinda like arcade fire meets grandaddy meets sparklehorse with a little promise ring thrown in. cool stuff. their latest, be he me, is out now on ace fu records.

bleary eyed

dry clothes

it had been a while, until a few days ago, that i threw on some freakwater. after listening to springtime, end time and old paint in succession i can say that i need to call on them much more frequently. i am imposing a personal requirement that i must listen to at least one freakwater record every other week. those three records are as close to perfection as humanly possible. incredible pieces of work with two of the most achingly beautiful voices imaginable – those belonging to janet bean and catherine irwin.

here are the ladies of freakwater performing at the great american music hall on 4.17.98. part two will be up later today. thanks to calrust for this soundboard recording.

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enjoy your extra big ass fries!

just when i started wishing i wouldnt love again, at least for the rest of the year, glossary’s the better angels of our nature has me enamored. simply put, its a great american rock record and yeah i love it. it has been on repeat for the past two weeks and it seems that each listen brings something new to gush over. which is the true sign of a great record. lately its been the lone lady in the group, kelly’s shiny background vocals which are a perfect accompaniment to joey kneiser sometimes solemn southern confessionals. lyrically, joey is right on in my book and pens some truly great lyrics. songs about love, loss, failure and death but with a glimmer of hope, no matter how faded it may be, is my manna from heaven.

“blood on the knobs,” could be the greatest theme song for any touring band that figures it might be better just to fade away but then decides to, to paraphrase bret michaels a bit, keep on feedin the bitch that is rock n roll. upon initial listen, “little caney” seemed like your standard rocker fare, albeit great, but lying just below the surface unearths a wonderful lyrical gem about family you never knew, only to be known through stories and fading memories.

if you havent checked out the better angels of our nature yet, and there’s really no reason not to, you really should. considering its free, it makes the deal and journey all that much sweeter. download it here

they are releasing a limited run cd on tuesday, btw.

little caney

blood on the knobs

shout it from the rooftops


glossary site

here tis the remainder of the bruce show from stockholm.

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