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mister, i love the way you wear that hat

top o’ the afternoon people. man its beautiful here in atlanta today. the one thing i will never get used to though is that the wind is quite cool but that damn sun is, well, freakin hot.

if i were you, i would not miss william elliot whitmore tonight at smiths olde bar. i, unfortunately, have to miss him cause i am working but you really have no excuse except maybe pure laziness. i have not seem him yet, but from all reports, he is supposedly pretty amazing.

the chariot from song of the blackbird

midnight from ashes to dust

cold and dead from hymns for the hopeless

i posted a show from iowa about a year ago if you want to check it out. here

i like polyphonic spree, but sometimes they are just a little too much. now los angeles’ bodies of water, on the other hand, bring their take of the bombastic gospel sound with a more rustic/old timey feel. i have to spend a bit more time with their ears will pop, eyes will blink but thus far its pretty damn cool. check em…

i guess ill forget the sound, i guess, i guess

we are co-existors

these are the eyes

doves circled the sky

bodies of water site / myspace

part of the problem with working at night is that i dont want to listen to anything to poppy cause it’s kinda annoying at 3 am, but i dont want to listen to anything too solemn due to the fact that i dont want to fall asleep. so, i usually find myself listening to either mogwai or explosions in the sky most of the time. both perfect soundtracks for the late night set.

here is a 3.11.98 fm broadcast of mogwai

1. like herod

2. a place for parks

3. ex-cowboy

4. helicon 2

5. katrien

6. ithaca 27-9

7. xmas steps

8. helicon 1

9. mogwai fear satan

10. dj closing

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im a teacher, not a holiday inn

in terms of cool, no one, not even mr dulli, comes close to taj mahal, in my opinion. everything he does sounds absolutely effortless. he cant be just pinned down as a “blues” artist cause he combines so many styles into one cohesive art form and again, all effortlessly. just listen “why did you have to desert me” and try to deny its coolness.

here is taj playing at ultrasonic studios in hemstead, ny on 10.15.74.

this can now be found here.

1. intro

2. going up to the country and paint my mailbox blue

3. good morning little school girl

4. blackjack davie

5. why did you have to desert me

6. interview

7. further on down the road you will accompany me

8. stealin

9. instrumental

10. johnny too bad

11. take a giant step

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im a karate man i bruise on the inside

firstly, thanks to aquariumdrunkard for reminding me that i needed to do an update on the everybodyfield’s nothing is okay.

i am going to be real honest here and admit that i initially was drawn to listen johnson city, tn’s the everybodyfields mainly by the beauty of bassist/vocalist jill andrews. what kept me around is the fact that nothing is okay is a damn fine record – definitely going to be in my top ten of the year. not since ryan and caitlin has there been a duo that could create such beautiful harmonies as jill and her other half, sam quinn, do – which is evident on “aeroplane.” both are wonderful vocalists in their own right, but together is where they truly shine. the instrumentation is really organic, filled with lap steel, piano, fiddles, etc, and has a certain daniel lanois production quality to it – a real credit to whomever manned the helms.

they are on tour as i type. they play a 1 pm in-store tomorrow in blacksburg, va @ crossroad cds and then later in the day they play in roanoke at 202 market.


dont turn around

buy nothing is okay on amazon

neil young’s helpless

the everybodyfeilds site / myspace

from across the great divide known as the atlantic comes londoners, is that what you call people from london, attaboy clarence. i’ve had real hard time pinning down attaboy clarence cause i hear a whole bunch of influences. none of which are overly in your face but are definitely evident. sometimes i hear travis like vocals, other times i hear early pavement guitar work, sometimes it sounds like they are going to break into some huge stadium like anthem like on “eden,” but they reel it in. both of these tracks are great, but i am really diggin “firewalk with me” which can be found on their myspace page.

their new goodbye blue monday can be purchased presumably through their myspace page and finer indie retailers especially those in the uk.


the science of our sleep

attaboy clarence myspace

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you remember my corporation, kramerica industries?

in case you were wondering, i recently rekindled my torrid love affair with the man known only as biker fox. jealous much?

i should mention that spoon was added to the the echo project festival here in atlanta. hopefully i will be attending the festivities.

dawson’s creek is on right now and i forget how cute katie holmes used to be. also, what the hell happed to josh jackson?

suprise, fuckin suprise, rich and his the cable and the tweed was voted best atlanta blog by the people of this fair city as reported by creative loafing. fuckers! in all seriousness, he does a great freakin job and i can only wish to be half as cool as he. congrats, rich!

me and sonic youth have a more of an admiration based relationship rather than one based on actually being able to make it through an entire record. actually thats a lie, i can make it through goo and daydream nation. i think hansel really summed up our relationship when he so elequantly had this to say about sting, “sting would be another person who’s a hero. The music he’s created over the years, I don’t really listen to it, but the fact that he’s making it, I respect that.” just replace sting with sonic youth. out of the other side of my mouth, thurston has a pretty great solo record out now, in case you didnt know. its called trees outside the academy and while there is still a lot of his signature fractured and spazz out guitar work, its pretty toned down or at least as toned down as thurston can get.

frozen guitar


thurston moore site

i dont know much about frightened rabbit except that they are from glasgow. a place that if i were to believe the men of mogwai sounds like the most depressing place on earth. of course you can use belle and sebastian as an argument to the contrary, but in my mind they arent from glasgow. anyway, frightened rabbit are much more in the vein of american indie rock/pop than anything that i have heard coming out of that neck of the woods – which isnt a lot but enough to formulate an opinion.

they gots a new record, sing the greys, coming out on 10.2 and are going to tour this fall with pinback.

be less rude

frightened rabbit site / myspace

speaking of guided by voices, uncle bob has not one but two records coming out on 10.9. coast to coast carpet of love will find bobby exploring the beatles side of his musical personality and standard gargoyle decisions will explore his stones side. i have yet to hear either, but these should be very, very cool. we already know what his beatles side can produce. i hope his stones influenced stuff is full of anthematic rockers.

rud fins from coast to coast..

the killers from standard gargoyle..

bob pollard site

here be the remainder of the bruce show from 6.6.78 live from kansas city, misery.

11. mona

12. she’s the one

13. growin up

14. backstreets

15. rosalita

16. the promise

17. born to run

18. tenth ave freeze-out

19. quarter to three

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he's an obscure writer. beatnik. from the village

here is the first part of bruce and the e street band in kansas city on june 16, 1978. part two and a bunch more will be posted later today.

1. for you

2. darkness on the edge of town

3. promiseland

4. prove it all night

5. racing in the street

6. thunder road

7. jungleland

8. paradise by the c

9. fire

10. adam raised a cain

thunder road

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i want your eyes, pig

top o’ the morning. you guys hear about that purported meg white sex tape? yeah, well if you go to egotastic you can check it out, or atleast a minute or two of it. its clearly not her, but for a minute i was mildly excited. i mean the body says maybe but the face says not so fast champ. i still watched the whole clip, you know just to make sure. in the end, it was just some chick with a big rack gettin nailed and a set of nuts i didnt need to see. oh well. i should mention that its definitely nsfw.

go bears!? ugh…

i still cant get over how awesomely hilarious sunday nights season opener of family guy was. i knew they were doing something star wars related but i didnt know that they were pretty much running through all of episode iv. very very cool.

lookin for something to do this fine evening in atlanta? well, the sea and cake are playing at the earl at 9ish, probably wont be more like 11 until they go on. then animal collective plays at the variety tomorrow evening. i am still vey much on the fence regarding my opinion of animal collective. although, the new one is supposed to be pretty good? anyone hear it yet?

the more i listen to iron and wine’s “boy with a coin” from the shepherds dog i become more convinced that its probably my favorite song of the year. for all 4 of you that have somehow not participated in the iron and wine frenzy, check it!

boy with a coin

innocent bones

woman king from the woman king ep

the shepherds dog is out today and its definitely a contender for record of the year.

iron and wine site / myspace

i like this kid, markland starkie, and his sleeping states. he states that he has a real issue with the whole singer-songwriter genre and finds it “cheesy beyond belief.” now, i am not to sure what he’s doing to change anyone’s perceptions of the dreaded singer-songwriter genre but it sounds good to me.


sleeping states’ there the open spaces was released last week on misra

sleeping states site

if daytrotter isnt the best music site on the interwebs please point out which one is. i seriously dont think you will find one. they have a repeat performance by one of my recent favorites, catfish haven. if you havent checked them boys out yet now’s your chance to do so either here or there.

crazy for leaving

please come back

too hungover to headbang

catfish haven site

its been a long ass time since i have done something gbv related. mostly due to not having a huge quality selection to choose from, at least the avenues i travel, and well thats probably it. so today is the aborted gbv record, circa 1995, the power of suck. now from all accounts, the power of suck, was going to be a concept record about the mediocre rise to success that gbv garnered after bee thousand and going into alien lanes. its all folklore at this point but check the gbv database for further details.

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welcome to costco, i love you

in an interesting turn of events, the captains dead compound will soon, in 7 months, have a new member. thats right, my bride is expecting our second child. just when i thought i was just about done wiping ass and making vain attempts at explaing the universe, i get pulled right back in. this is all from a guy and a gal that never expected to have one, let alone two. i blame my wife! i told her that if she wasnt such a slut we wouldnt be having these little happy accidents. she laughed. no, seriously she did.

in other news, i am unfortunately going to have to start deleting a lot of older stuff. this is due to quite a few pains in my ass that refuse to stop the leeching. i am blowing through about 20 gigs a day when i should only do about 5. so, anything older than 4 months old will be going away over the next few days. there will be no way for me to recover this stuff cause i just dont have the time to download everything. its just much easier to delete the stuff.

how awesome would it be to live in a tree house?

half way through listening to former athenian phosphorescent’s pride, i got this weird vision in my head that i was sitting in some church and a through the black couds shown a light directly on me, kinda like what happened to jake in the blues brothers. pride has this really strange, but uplifting, other worldly quality that is hard to deny. there is something very church like about pride. the vocals seem to reach to the heavens, but the music seems to be from the dirt – if that makes any sense. pride is one of those special kinda records that you dont want to share with anyone, but want to preach to the masses about from the top of a mountain. not to sound overly queer, but pride left me kinda stunned. i wasnt expecting this at all and i actually sat there motionless for a few moments once it was finished. that is something that hasnt happened since my first listen to bee thousand – which happens to be my favorite record of all time. if i dont listen to another record this year that would probably be ok with me. as a reference point, i would say that pride is part graceland era paul simon, beach boys’ pet sounds and will oldham’s ease on down the road.

pride is being released on oct 23 – i believe. he’s currently doing a bunch of shows, so check his myspace page for details.

a picture of our torn up praise

daytrotter has an interview with matthhew houck, who is phosphorescent, and in typical daytrotter fashion have a couple of live tracks available.

phosphorescent myspace

i found this pumpkins bootleg the other day and found it to be kinda cool. i dont know much about it but its entitled “may we have a record contract, please.” according to some sources this is a demo collection circa 1989 which is pre gish.

1. honeyspider (alternate)

2. with you

3. egg

4. rhinoceros (alternate)

5. bye june

6. stars fall in

7. daughter

8. daydream

9. psychodelic

10. bury me

11. daydream

12. not worth asking

13. honeyspider

14. rhinoceros

15. snap

16. love (old demo)

17. c’mon

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This is my boomstick!

if i had the cash, i would definitely be all over this one. woot has a brand new white 30gb zune for lousy 130 bucks. go get yourself one. you know you want it or if you dont just buy your boy one. i’ll take it.

band of horses and musictoday are taking pre-orders for cease to begin and all orders come with an awesome band of horses beer koozie. who couldnt use a koozie now-a-days especially when you just need to have that road brew. they have a few t-shirt/cd/lp deals going on and you can buy tickets to their upcoming shows. sadly, no atlanta date at this time. check out the goodies here

the first time i laid eyes on jesy fortino aka tiny vipers i had to do a double take cause she looks a lot like a young lady i used to date when i was about 20/21. then the more i looked at her, the more i realized they look nothing like each other but there’s still something about her that is eerily remiscent of my ex. regardless, i am really loving this song. now do i love it on its own merit or because she reminds of someone i used to really dig. probably a little bit of the latter but it is a wonderful little song. she’s got a new record out on sub pop entitled, hands across the void.

on this side

tiny vipers myspace / subpop

after listening to “the man who sold the world” about 30 times today i needed to hear more bowie. i ended up finding this very cool boot. its the pre-show rehersals for a show in dallas @ las colinas on 4.27.83. i forgot to mention that stevie ray vaughn is playing guitar. its a wonderful soundboard recording.

1. star

2. heroes

3. what in the world

4. look back in anger

5. joe the lion

6. wild is the wind

7. golden years

8. fashion

9. lets dance

10. red sails

11. breaking glass

12. life on mars

13. sorrow

14. cat people

15. china girl

16. scary monsters

17. rebel, rebel

18. i cant explain

19. white light, white heat

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i really got nothing for you up here today

can one or two of you fine peeps do me a solid? i am testing out this new theme but i seem to be having an issue when viewing it with internet explorer. for those of you using ie, can you either confirm or deny that when you click on a single post, the sidebar is all the way at the bottom of the page? kisses, greg.

oh, yeah if you are looking for an internship and are in the new york area domino records is looking for someone. they are saying that you must be available at least one full day a week, be committed to at least a 3 – 6 month internship, have a knowledge of their catalogue, friendly, focused, blah blah and you must get virtually hard or wet at that prospect of working at domino. if this sounds exciting and you think you are more than capable, email them at

i forgot to mention that the teenage prayers are playing at star bar, atlanta, tomorrow evening as part of the atlantis music fest. check em out and report back.

if you are a new yorker, please do go check beirut’s two performances as part of the wordless music series. well, in this case there will be words, but thats really not the point. tonights show is at the brooklyn masonic temple and their performance on the 24th is at ny society for ethical culture. tickets are a measely 25 bucks and doors open up @ 6.30. upcoming participants in the series are grizzly bear on 11.3 and fat cat recording artist max richter, who is making his first ever us concert appearance.

wordlesss music

i cant say i was a huge azure ray fan, but i was a big fan of the ladies of azure ray – orenda fink in particular. well, azure ray is no more, but fear not orenda has a new band, art in manila, and a new record, set the woods on fire, out now saddle creek. art in manila are out on tour, right now, with rilo kiley. orenda will be pulling double duty during the tour as not only the leading lady of art in manila but a member of rilo kiley during their performances.

set the woods on fire

the abomination

art in manila myspace

check out this outtake from 1900’s cold and kind entitled “everybody’s got a collection.” cold and kind comes out on 10.2 and they are playing a few shows with oakley hall. check their myspace page for dates, including info on the record release party at the empty bottle on the 12th.

everybody’s got a collection

the 1900’s myspace

on a presumably cold night this past february in chicago, the men of backyard tire fire took the stage for a sold out show at the double door. that show featured the band playing their most excellent vagabonds and hooligans in its entirity. didnt make it to the show? no problem, they have the entire show available for download on their site, for free bitches! they are starting a fall tour on oct 5 at the university of illinois and along the way they will share the stage with jason isbell, craker, lynyrd skynard, and phonograph. check their site for exact dates. here are a couple of tracks from the show..

vagabonds and hooligans


backyard tire fire site

here is a very cool comp of the originals of some of the more popular nirvana covers. even i have never heard the original “love buzz.” another idea i had been playing with but yet have been to lazy to get around to. someone is always one step of me, or is much more ambitious than yours truly.

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