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you're on the ledge silver. dont jump.

good day all! hope the day finds everyone well and preparing to meet this 3 day weekend with an unbridled passion for getting your “drink on.”

i dont mean to be a dick, but if you are using some kind of windows media plugin called an nsplayer to stream songs from this here site, please stop! you are killing my bandwith. feel free to download all you want but excessive streaming is just too much. thanks!

looking for the next drive like jehu or hot snakes? well, look no further than cloak/dagger – which i hope is in reference to the classic 84 flick by the same name. they bring it loud, hard, fast and brief – like any self respecting punk band. you can stream their new record we are via the jade tree site.


cloak/dagger myspace / jade tree

here is the remainder of the sebadoh show from the social in orlando.

16. sixteen

17. vampire

18. give up

19. junk bonds

20. drag down

21. mind reader

22. flood

23. too pure

24. rebound

25. got it

26. freed pig

27. bouquet for a siren

28. elixir is zog

29. emma get wild

30. soul and fire

31. gimme indie rock

sebadoh site



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gently take my skull for a ride

i like saying yes and watching you take

i dont need to sleep or eat

i’ll smoke a thousand cigarettes

— shit soup

those three lines, eloquently sum up my early to mid 20’s experience. a time filled with insecurity, indifference, anger and uncertainty than i actually care to admit. i am not lying when i say that sebadoh’s bakesale put(s) all that shit in perspective and helped me get through a lot of shit. its like a self help record for wayward music dorks. while those days are gone, there is no doubt that bakesale is a classic of the utmost importance – at least to me.

here are the boys playing at the social in orlando on 4.10.07. its a marathon 31 song set and thus part two will be posted later today.

1. (intro)
2. level anything
3. violet execution
4. scars, four eyes / stars for eyes
5. sacred attention
6. ride the darker wave
7. it’s so hard to fall in love
8. brand new love
9. cheap shot
10. broke up
11. moldy bread
12. attention
13. god told me
14. crisis
15. mystery man

sebadoh dot com has a bunch of shows available for download – free of charge mind you. here is a brief sampling

license to confuse from kvrx radio in austin

freed pig from criminal records in atlanta

two years two days

skull from mercury paw in louisville

on fire

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i didn't really say everything i said

anyone know whats going on with the avalanches?

talk about a coming out of left field love affair i am currently in the midst of. “take it to fantastic” by elementary school teacher sharon hagopian, or as she is referred to out of the classroom cannonball jane is a brilliant piece of hack n slash musical quiltery – i dont think thats a word. sounding a bit like the go team if they composed a sean connery era 007 flick with j mascis and the shirelles only to be produced by phil spector. on paper it sounds a hot mess but its all about the execution.

take it to fantastic

knees up is due on 10.9 and features some help from king adrock

cannonball jane site / myspace

i used to really dig ben lee, but something happened cause i havent listened to anything of his since something to remember me by. thats a damn fine record and maybe with this release it will get me back into him. nonetheless, hes got a new one comin out on 9.18 called ripe.

what would jay z do? a question we should all ask ourselves, daily.

ben lee site / myspace

ever since the whole rbally/cat power fiasco that went down some months ago i have been a bit hesitant on posting another live show featuring the artist formerly known as my soon to be ex girlfriend. time has passed, hearts have been repaired, feelings have returned to their normal state of indifference. so, i figured it was time.

here she is performing on 11.11.05 @ la cigale in paris – wonderful recording, btw.

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you wasted my clearisil on another picture of thor?

sup peoples? if you have not noticed i have had to disable the music player that usually accompanies all posted tracks. there has been some unscrupulous activity going on behind the scenes and until i ban all the ip’s, which is about half of china, that are causing all the issues, the music player will remain down. you can, of course, still download the stuff as usual and if you want to stream it just click on the track. a new window should open up.

for those in the atlanta area, lucero is playing at the earl tomorrow evening. unfortunately, i will not be in attendance due to scheduling conflicts. they are coming back sometime in october though.

two other atlanta shows i wanted to make mention of, and are both free, are jason isbell at the park tavern on 9.9 and the apples in stereo, also at the park tavern on 9.23. its part of 99x’s unplugged in the park series.

have you folks heard of caleb boddicker, or boddicker for short, as of yet? its wunderkind’s like this that just make me sick. the story goes that at 16 he recorded a 22 track demo in his bedroom and ended up sending up 1000 copies of it. of course, his run of good luck doesnt end there. if it did i probably wouldnt be talking him now would i? isaac brock ended up getting his paws on a copy and passed it along to the folks at sub pop. fast forward 4 years and he is doing a 3 week recording stint, which would result in his official debut record big lionhearted and the gallant man, with my man brian deck at engine studios. it would seem that this pairing of boddicker and deck was a no brainer if not a match made in some weird alternate universe. boddicker’s brand of microphones/califone/sparklehorse brand of disjointed pop is a deck specialty. check it!


when i go out

big lionhearted and the galant man is coming out via banter records on 10.2

boddicker site / banter records

there is no sweeter voice in all of music than the one owned by mary lou lord. couple her voice with her choice song selections and in my mind there is no reason she isnt more popular. i just dont understand it?! anyway here she is peforming in portland on 10.4.97

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from now on, it's magic man and el diablo

i have been tinkering with an idea like this for some time, but i’ll be damned if it aint a major pain in the ass and undertaking. its especially difficult when there arent that many live shows of a specific artist. in any event, here is neil young’s classic on the beach presented in live form. the only song that is missing is “vampire blues” cause its only been played once and there is no known recording of it.

much love for haahnster for putting this all together.

1. roosevelt raceway, westbury, ny: 1974-09-08
2. national exhibition centre, birmingham, uk: 1987-06-02
3. oakland stadium, oakland, ca: 1974-07-13
4. brady theater, tulsa, ok: 1989-01-13
5. oakland stadium, oakland, ca: 1974-07-13
6. the bottom line, new york, ny: 1974-05-16
7. the bottom line, new york, ny: 1974-05-16
8. the bottom line, yew york, ny: 1974-05-16
9. the bottom line, new york, ny: 1974-05-16
10. the bottom line, new york, ny: 1974-05-16
11. oakland stadium, oakland, ca: 1974-07-13
12. oakland stadium, oakland, ca: 1974-07-13
13. universal amphitheater, universal city, ca: 1983-01-23
14. roosevelt raceway, westbury, ny: 1974-09-08

1. walk on

2. see the sky about to rain

3. revolution blues

4. for the turnstiles

5. on the beach

6. motion pictures

7. ambulance blues

bonus tracks

8. pushed it over the end

9. revolution blues

10. on the beach

11. ambulance blues

12. pushed it over the end

13. revolution blues

14. ambulance blues

“walk on”

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oink oink, baby

if you havent noticed, i am beginning to take donations for a breast cancer walk my mother is participating in in october. one of her dear friends, a woman i have always referred to as my aunt, was recently diagnosed with the disease and i guess you sometimes dont start caring wholeheartedly about a cause until it affects you directly. so, if you find an extra buck or two in your pocketbook….

anyone watching my boys on tbs? its actually kinda good. sure, there isnt anything revolutionary about it, but as far as half hour sitcoms go, its better than your average. i just happened to catch it a couple of times last weeks. thus, i didnt have any expectations going in which i suppose helps. it also doesnt hurt that jordana spiro is quite adorable.

if i were a betting man, and as it turns out i am, i would place many a dollar on that chin up chin up’s we should have never lived like we were skyscrapers has been my most listened to record of the past few years. i actually listen to it more now, which is at least a couple times a week, than when it was first released. the damn thing never seems to get old, and i am constantly finding new shit i hadnt heard before. truly the sign of a record destined to be a classic at least to these ears.

we should have never lived like we were skyscrapers

virginia, dont drown

this harness cant ride anything from the album of the same name

chin up chin up site

a minor rant coming in 3,2,1: in my mind the worst thing a publicist can do whilst drafting a press release for their latest and greatest is to lead with how fuckin crazy and snotty they are, how they cant handle their blessed pbr’s, or how they give the proverbial middle finger to the establishment. wow, how exciting and new! so, what you’re trying to say is that they are just like 80% of the bands out there with a collective age under 28? another case of the dreaded all style, no substance disease. here’s an idea dont try to blind and wow us with your creative writing prowess cause the hyperbole police live fairly close to me and i will call them. trust me! let the music do the talking which is really what freakin counts. luckily, for chicago’s mannequin men i didnt let the blather dissuade me. cause judging by these three tracks i must contend that they sound pretty great. if you dig the likes of television, wire, early replacements, maybe even fIREHOSE and bands of the like they are definitely worth checkin out.

their new record fresh rot is due out on 9.18 on flameshovel


dead kids


mannequin men site / myspace / flameshovel

i have never seen dylan live and up until a couple days ago i didnt think i wanted to at this stage of his game. yeah, i was pretty wrong with that line of thinking. cause this show from last week, 8.17, from melbourne is awesome. i am definitely going to try and catch him here in atlanta on the on 9.22. i am scared to check ticket prices, though. that may be the dealbreaker. thanks to the original taper, and i hope he feels better!

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well then come for me, gmorg! i am atrayu!

photo by steve gullick

ok, i have been silent for way too long! what in the hell is going on with blair and the jealous sound? anyone know? their classic kill them with kindness was released in 03 for christ sake! i could have put out at least two records, and i suck. well, at least an ep.

hope for us

the fold out

priceless from their self titled ep

“the fold out”

jealous sound myspace / site

man, i forgot how great sings greatest palace music is. admittedly, i was a bit skeptical upon hearing that he was remaking his own stuff, but i’ll be damned if most of the remakes arent better than the originals. still, viva last blues is still his piece de resistance in my opinion.

so, here is will oldham when he was still using the palace moniker performing @ headliners in louisville on 7.17.99

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you know the message you're sending out to the world with these sweatpants?

photo possibly taken by ann marie young

man, i cant believe its almost september. that means its gettin to be that time. the time to start flushing out your end of the year best of lists. yeah i know theres still 4 months left but what else is supposedly coming out the remainder of the year besides the new band of horses, malkmus and chinese democracy?! i know theres more than that, but i am seriously drawing a blank. with that said, i think my top 3 favorites of the year thus far are isbell’s sirens of the ditch, iron and wine’s the shepherds dog and of montreal’s hissing fauna.. although ga ga ga ga ga, chris whitley and jeff lang’s dislocation blues and the besnard lakes are the dark horse are knockin on the door. what am i missing and what are you guys lovin this year?

if you have not heard whitley and jeff lang’s dislocation blues, please go get it now. their version of dylan’s “changing of the guard” is absolutely heart wrenching and alone worth the price of admission.

changing of the guard

here is a random jeff buckley boot thats goin around. its simply entitled sessions.

01-05: live in session, atlanta 5/12/95
06-07: mtv studios- camden, london, uk 1995
08-10: wmfu session, new jersey 10/11/95
11-12: azabu studios-tokyo, japan 1995
13: oxford road studios, manchester, uk 8/22/94

this can now be found here

1. last goodbye

2. so real

3. mojo pin

4. grace

5. lover, you should have come over

6. eternal life

7. last goodbye

8. the way young lovers do

9. satisfied mind

10. hallelujah

11. so real

12. last goodbye

13. grace

lastly, and probably most importantly. have you heard about this kid, eric volz, who is wrongly imprisoned in nicaragua? the story is so fucked up, it almost seems like a movie plot, i cant even fathom what he is going through right now. please visit the site that was set up and read what has happened to him. thanks to drew for bringing this to my attention!

friends of eric volz

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i'll lose everything, but i wont let go of your hand

welcome to the first installment of “the same 5 questions with…” the first willing participant to take on these 5, albeit very lame questions is montreal, canada’s bad flirt – who play the treehouse in lawrenceville, ga on saturday evening.

the six members that make up bad flirt conjure up a sound that reminds me of makin out. not like the awkward mashin of your early teens, but like the late night alcohol fueled encounters some of us have somehow talked ourselves into and then only very awkwardly talked ourselves out of sometime the next day. maybe its cause lead flirt jasamine’s vocals makes my brain recall a dream i once had about makin out with juliana hatfield, who jasamine kinda sounds like. or maybe its their three guitar attack that gives me that tingly feeling. who knows? whatever it is, bad flirt make a sound that i truly dig. even if i aint gettin any. at least, at the moment.

1. your record would be the perfect soundtrack to what?
An episode of Thats So Raven.

2. what are you putting off today that you wont get to tomorrow?
showering and finally buying healthy food. ah, the luxuries of tour.

3. we are all our own worst critic. is there anything, no matter how minuscule, about your record that annoys you?
Jared Leto’s harmonies aren’t what we hoped they would be…but we made do with what we had.

4. is it better to has been or a never was?
Has beens still get royalty checks.

5. tell the world a secret.
We hate babies. But we love puppies!

they have a record coming out sometime next year, and this is a track for that yet unnamed record.

heart of darkness

let it be known that after putting all this together, i watched the video for the above track and what does it have two people doing at the beginning? thats right makin out! i knew it!

their self titled debut can be purchased through their site, or maybe even at their show. check their myspace page for upcoming dates.

bad flirt site / myspace

i talked about the ladies in atlanta’s coathangers about a month ago but i thought they deserved to be regurgitated. their new record, which i have not heard as of yet, is out on 9.4 and have made a couple more tracks from the release available for public consumption. i dont know what it is, but for some reason whenever i hear the coathangers i feel like getting laid. wow, i must really be deprived. two mildly sexual references in one post.

shut the fuck up

dont touch my shit

stream the record here

the coathangers site / myspace

here is the remainder of the g n r show from san diego

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i tell people, let's don't fear the future, let's shape it

i aint got much today except for this g n’ r recording from 9.30.92 in san diego at jack murphy stadium. part two of the show will be posted tomorrow.

1. intro

2. welcome to the jungle

3. its so easy

4. mr brownstone

5. night train

6. attitude

7. live and let die

8. bad obsession

9. lucy in the sky with diamonds

10. patience

11. double talkin jive

12. civil war

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