oh my god this girls really turning me on!

thanks very much to humblmunkey for this great recording and allowin me to share this with the rest of y’all. its mr malkmus w/ bobby n on drums(for 2 songs) at the pfork fest on july 15, 07.

1. intro

2. heaven is a truck

3. blue arrangements silver jews

4. new song

5. us

6. extradition

7. loud cloud crowd

8. spit on a stranger

9. walk into a mirror

10. trigger cut w/ bobby n

11. in the mouth a desert (false start) w/ bobby n

12. in the mouth a desert w/ bobby n

13. new song

14. we dance

me flunk english? thats unpossible!

sometimes i am real slow to come around to certain things – and when i say things i really mean records. i dont think its necessarily a character flaw, some may tend to differ, but me thinks it only deepens my appreciation for that particular recording. that being said, its only been in the past month or so that i have done a complete turn around and now am completely ga ga for the thermals’ the body, the blood and the machine. what a kick in the head and punch in the balls this record is. “here’s your future” is one of the best openers i have heard in long ass while mostly due to the fact that it sets the tone and scope for the rest of the record, perfectly. in my opinion, no greater song has been written about god’s indifference and inevitable mass annihilation of the human race than “i might need you to kill.” i maybe reading into a bit much, but its still a bad ass song.

heres your future

a pillar of salt

the thermals myspace / site

the fine folks at misra have a couple of recent signings that sound rather cool. the first is a young dude straight outta the uk that goes under the moniker sleeping states. still cant put my finger on who he sounds like but this song “rivers” is pretty low key in a lo-fi kinda way. ed droste of grizzly bear listed “rivers” as one of his favorite songs of the past year on pfork, if that does anything for ya. sleeping states’ there the open spaces is going to be released sometime soon i suppose. you can pre-order it on the misra site.


sleeping state site / misra

secondly is three lads out of massachusetts that call themselves mobius band. they have a new record entitled heaven and if i can judge the record by this single its going to be filled with glitchy keyboard pop. which sounds good to me.


mobius band site / myspace

im not going to lie and say i have been an ac/dc fan since i was like 12 or something. in fact its more like since i was about 29. my first real encounter with ac/dc was in high school and this kid ryer tried to turn me onto them the way he did with danzig. hey, that first danzig record is still pretty damn good! anyway, i went to a “christian” school, long story, and the majority of the kids believed that ac/dc stood for “against christ, defeat christ.” it was fairly comical. anyone else ever run into that? i have tried to get into throughout the years, but the amount fuckin ass clowns claiming ac/dc as their favorite band somehow kept me from fully enjoying ’em. yeah, i used to have some strange hangups.

here are the men of ac/dc playing at the hammersmith in 1982

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corky, we love you and we want you to live!

this is another one of those boots that comes with a lot of questions but very few answers – as i am only able to provide one piece of actual info. what i do know, for sure, is that this is rem playing sometime in the 80s. what this supposedly is, is an irs era unreleased live recording of a performance @ page auditorium on 9.25.84 in durham, nc. i have read that it was set to be released on irs but stipe didnt like it and thus got scraped. i also read that there were no plans for a live release during that time. this may also be known in some circles as we are having a heavenly time. as always, if you can shed some light on what this may or may not be it would be appreciated.

1. seven chinese bros

2. catapult

3. radio free europe

4. 9-9

5. gardening at night

6. windout

7. letter never sent

8. kohoutek

9. so. central rain

10. dont go back to rockville

11. 1,000,000

12. hyena

13. west of the fields

14. old man kensey

in other news, scott bondy, formerly of the great birmingham trio verbena, is prepping the release of his debut under the aa bondy moniker, american hearts on 9.18. judging by the this track it seems as if mr bondy has ditched the trashy stones for a more dylan-esque approach. american hearts was recorded in a new york barn during the dead of winter and it sounds like it.

there’s a reason

aa bondy myspace / superphonic records

did you just call me coltrane?

you can listen to the first single off rilo kiley’s upcoming release under the black light over at stereogum. cant say that i am particularly thrilled by it but heres hoping its a grower.

on paper the phantom family halo sounds like they should be awesome considering their lineage, members of slint – yay! – the for carnation – awesome – and dead child – who? although this is a bit misleading cause michael mcmahan, who was(is) in the for carnation toured with slint during their recent reunion tour. so, he wasnt part of the original lineup. still i guess thats cool cause the for carnation are great. so, with all this in mind i expected at least mid level great things from the phantom family halo. maybe its just my mood but the two tracks i listened to did absolutely nothing for me. again, it could be my mood cause i feel like i should really dig em.

black river

lady blue

you can stream the legend of black six here

the play tonite @ scolaris office and on saturday at either a place called house party or an actual house party, i dont know, but both shows are in san diego. they got a bunch of other tour dates comin up.

the phantom family halo myspace

on the other end of the musical diggin spectrum is the mabuses. i havent read anything about em cause there isnt anything available in the way of information. what i do know is that they gots a new record, mabused, out now and if you dig any of the bands that make up the e6 collective then you should, in your right mind, dig the mabuses.



the mabuses myspace

on september 7, 1971 van morrison played a gig in sacramento and here is that performance. its an absolutely beautiful recording and performance.

this can now be found here.

1. dead or alive

2. moonshine whiskey

3. you’re my woman

4. these dreams of you

5. domino

6. call me up in dreamland

7. blue money

8. buona sera

9. into the mystic

10. i’ve been working

11. fridays child

12. just like a woman

van and the band “caravan”

jack flack always escapes

did anyone watch the youtube debates? no? yeah i didnt either.

you may or may not notice but in the version of the river rhine tapes i have there is no track 14. apparently the copy on dime, where i got it, had a song that eventually ended up on one the official releases recently released.

15. good rockin tonite

16. 20 flight rock

17. her majesty

18. maxwells silver hammer by johnl

19. maxwells silver hammer by paul

20. suzy parker

21. bad finger boogie

22. mean mr mustard

23. all things must pass

24. the walk

25. river rhine

26. billy beatle boogie 

that kid is back on the escalator again!

so, who’s takin bets on lohan in the death pool?

i cant ask for anything more out of a band than possessing the ability to transport me to another time and place. a time before bills, a mortgage, and responsibility ruled my world, which is why i usually fall back onto the early – mid nineties as my go to dream place. atlanta’s parade has such the ability and thank god for em. maybe its their guitar tunings/tones or the fact that lead parader carrie hodge sounds vaguely reminiscent of ex-throwing muse and belly singer, tanya donnelly – who i used to absolutely love. their new ep, answer me, is cool plain and simple. its smart without being pretentious and familiar without leaving the “i have heard this all before” aftertaste.

thats hott


yune from a red button

penelope shoes from a red button

they are doing a whole bunch of shows over the next few months including lennys, atlanta, on 8.3. check their myspace page for details.

parade site / myspace

i was kinda excited at first when i got this press release about russian rapper ivan ives and his teamin up with cappadonna from the wu. the more i read the less excited i became though. i was hoping for an actual russian instead of a guy that was born in mother russian but now lives in brooklyn. not to say he’s not russian, shit his name is ivan, but whatever. luckily, this track off of his sophomore disc iconoclast is pretty tight.

victory feat vast aire

ivan ives site / myspace

tonight is an interesting collection of beatles songs entitled the rhine river tapes collected and posted by a former user of etree called heyrickey. i dont know if they are demos or what but the shit is very cool. if anyone has any info on these please feel free to pass along. this will be a two parter, btw.

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i love you, not in a friendly way.

hopefully everyone had an excellent weekend. mine was uneventful other than the fact that i fucked up my lawnmower. i am not mechanically knowledgeable in anyway and i didnt know there is such a thing as too much of a good thing at least when it comes to putting oil in said lawnmower. i pretty much put the whole bottle of oil into the reservoir and apparently thats a big no no. i dont understand why the hell they would allow you to put that much in when all it calls for only such a small amount? i think its a damn conspiracy set in place by the lawn mower manufacturers and their cohorts to screw over dumbasses like myself who dont bother to read/follow proper operating instructions. its always someone elses fault!

you guys ever check out this woot type site called jellyfish? its really an interesting concept. i have only checked it out at night/early am but they offer up one item and it goes down like 5 cents per second until someone buys it. in between items they have a contest that requires you to pick what you think is going to be the least popular choice amongst people voting. last night someone one 170 bucks, which is kinda cool for not really doing anything. on the sidebar is a instant messaging type of random discussion going on between everyone watching “the show.” its really a time waster if nothing else.

anyone go see richard buckner @ the earl on saturday? of course i didnt go. cause thats the way i do shit. i talk about it and then dont follow through.

mark your calendars for monday, 8.13 for neko case at the tabernacle. dont expect to see me there either not cause i dont want to but i will be outta town in cambridge, maryland for the week. anyone live around there and can maybe fill me on some stuff to do in the area. we are staying at a house on the bay and maybe looking to get out and see a show or two in the general vicinity. so, if you got any info hook a brotha up will ya? thanks.

in other non related news. outside of thinking she is total fucking pain in the ass, i am still undecided if lindsay lohan hot or not? you tell me.

speaking of the lovely atlanta ladies in the coathangers, they gots a new self titled record coming out, if is not already out. i have really dug everything i have heard from em in the past and judging by the first single i dont see why my admiration should wane. imagine if you will a more playful but equally as serious sleater kinney – i know thats a pretty lazy comparison but its mostly true.

parking lot

stream the album here

the coathangers site / myspace / robs house records

“parking lot” live @ the earl


random song i used to be, and still kinda am, obsessed withslackjawed – the connells

on july 26, 1972 the rolling stones performed at madison square garden and here is that recording. this boot is commonly referred to as welcome to new york. tracks 1 – 6 are from the original tape and the rest are from the lp. the fine man commonly known as watchit on dime lovingly did some stuff do the recordings to make them sound as lovely as possible. thanks man!

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dude, she's got a bit of a 'stache

looking back the replacements was not as “enormously funny” as mr lyons wanted to lead us to believe.

15. white and lazy

16. color me impressed

17. kick your door down

18. move it on over country

19. move it on over hardcore!

20. i hate you/hey good lookin

21. sweet home alabama

22. mr whirly

23. johnny b flat

24. jailhouse rock

25. ill be there

26. submission

27. gimme noise

28. i walk the line

29. i hate music

30. talking

31. willpower

32. go

33. unknown

i didnt even know this video for “when it began” existed

“bastards of young” as far as i am concerned one of the greatest videos ever for one of the greatest songs ever penned


early concert warning for atlanta! rilo kiley are playing at the variety on sept 29 in support of their new unreleased record under the blacklight. under the blacklight is set to be released on aug 21. check the rilo kiley site for dates and pics of jenny.

if you are not in the atlanta area and are up for a roadtrip next weekend, july 25 -28, you could do much worse than wast your weekend in athens @ the 10th annual summer fest and blue ribbon ball hosted by team clermont. the blue ribbon ball, yeah its sponsored by every hipsters beverage of choice pabst, is an actual prom like event. what would a prom be without some spiked punch, an actual prom photographer, balloons and streamers, and some of the artists doing some cheesy ass covers? sounds like a grand time to me, and i might actually try to make it over there. for 2007, the sexy theme of the ball is james bond. yeah get it? 007. awesome! oh, yeah theres also a kickball game going on sometime during the weekends. i used to kick total ass at kickball. i had quite the leg on me it was pretty well known within my zipcode.

the main headliner is chicagoan and all around character, bobby conn. i never was able to get into any of his records but he is very entertaining in a live setting. shows will be going on all weekend at the 40 watt, caledonia lounge and go bar! a few of the artists taking part this year include starlight mints, summer hymns, ladybug transistor, deerhunter, bottom of the hudson, alina simone and more! heres a sampling of the artists.

pumpkin – starlight mints

going numb – tin cup prophette

spring hall convert – deerhunter

handwriting – bottom of the hudson

start swimming – summer hymns

skeleton key – a northern chorus

king for a day – bobby conn

check the team clermont blue ribbon info page for tickets, show times, etc.

the antlers is 21 year old peter silberman and the music he creates is quite glorious. its damn kids like this that make me sick. only 21 and creating stuff that is way beyond the paltry sum of his years. who the hell does he think he is? why i oughta!!!! anyway, his 5th release in the attic of the universe reminds me of sparklehorse cross bred with chin up chin up and then mated with arcade fire. its being re-released, after initially being offered for free, via fall records sometime this fall. in the mean time you can stream it on his site.

the universe is going to catch you

on the roof

stairs to the attic

when you sleep – my bloody valentine cover

the antlers site / myspace / fall records

i was 9 years old in 1983 and on aug 1 of that year the replacements played at fitzgeralds in houston. my age during that time really has nothing to do with anything, just thought i would mention. this particular performance is quite an interesting listen. it sounds as if there are like 5 people in the audience cause there’s alot of interaction between the mats and the audience. this is going to be a two post affair since its 33 tracks long. the remainder will be posted later this evening.

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