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its not that i'm lazy. i just dont care.

photo credit steven cohen @ music photography

i thank the big baby jesus above that the day of infamy, the iphone release date, has passed. now, we must wade through extended, see bullshit, coverage of said device at just about every tech website imaginable – most notably two of my favorites, engadget and gizmodo. as it turns out, and not surprisingly, there are few issues arising after making their purchases. a few that i would find quite annoying if i had purchased one are: activations taking greater than 24 hours, most 3rd party head phones dont work and it turns out the iphone doesnt work with 64 bit xp or vista. even with all these annoyances i still wish sprint had gotten it. i dont understand why oh why apple would team up with att – probably the worst network out there. i had att for 5 years and their tdma service was awesome but as soon as i switched to gsm all bets were off. what they claimed and what was delivered were two totally separate things. that was in chicago, then when i came to atlanta and cingular took over my phone was pretty much unusable 50 percent of the time. i still want one! did any of you guys buy one and if so whats up?

hey, in case you have not heard everyones 6th or 7th favorite canadian ensemble, stars, have a new record, in our bedroom after the war, coming out on sept 25. in case you never heard it, there debut set yourself on fire is pure bliss and i am hoping for more of the same from this one. here’s the first single off in our bedroom..

the night starts here

you can listen to set yourself on fire on the arts and crafts site, here

stars site / myspace

austinite chris simpson who goes under the monikor, zookeeper, has crafted a wonderful piece of lazy day, going no where in particular pop with his zookeeper debut. suprisingly, he’s been around for awhile in such bands as mineral and the gloria record – anyone ever hear of them – but i have never heard of him until a few days ago. after listening to it repeatedly over the past few days, i can confidently say this will probably end up in my top 10 of the year.

i live in the mess you are

tax collector

you can stream the record here

zookeeper site / myspace

has anyone listened to wilco’ sky blue sky more than 5 times? i know i havent. is there something i am missing? this has been my view of sky blue sky over my 5 +/- listens: meh, getting better, better, skip skip, meh, boring. i know thats six, what can i say? every time i go to listen to it, i find myself skipping over 90% of the tracks which is truly depressing. definitely my most disappointing record in some time. anyway, here they are in 2001 @ the majestic theatre in detroit.

1. i am trying to break your heart

2. always in love

3. war on war

4. pick up the change

5. shes a jar

6. why would you want to live

7. hesitating beauty

8. one by one

9. should have been in love

10. shot in the arm

11. ashes of american flags

12. kamera

13. cant stand it

14. im the man who loves you

15. passenger side

16. physics lesson

17. california stars

18. monday

19. outta sight

20. sunken treasure

21. i got you

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tell my wife i like her, jon

motherfuck! today i turn the ripe old age of 33.  in my brain i dont feel a day older than 16 but damn if my knees arent giving me the business lately.  like sand in the hour glass so goes the days of our lives.

i will return to more in depth posting later today or tomorrow.  in the mean time, here is the remainder of the gary louris show.

17. omaha nights

18. i wanna get high

19. sound of lies

20. saturday morning on sunday street

21. ‘tuning’

22. bitter end

23. ‘tuning’

24. tailspin

25. three too many

26. what led me to this town 

27. starman

28. waiting for the sun

29. ‘crowd noise/banter’

30. precious time

31. blues run the game

32. ‘tuning’

33. stumbling through the dark

34. until you came along


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pai mei taught you the five point palm-exploding heart technique?

photo by ana yturralde

here is gary louris performing @ bar pomme d’eve, paris, france on 6.25.07. part two will be posted later today/this evening. thanks to the original taper!

1. intro-tuning

2. vagabonds

3. ‘show dedication’

4. dc blues

5. angelyne

6. ‘the eiffel tour’

7. sundays

8. black grass

9. save it for a rainy day

10. true blue

11. to die a happy man

12. ‘tuning’

13. listen joe

14. ‘tuning’

15. kick the wood new song from upcoming record with mark olson

16. i’d run away

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the innocent shall suffer – big time!

is it odd that while i love the magnetic fields, i actually feel the exact opposite towards his other projects – save the first 6ths record?� anyway, according to stephin’s site the new magnetic fields record is slated to be released sometime in early 08 presumably on merge. currently, he is working on a stage adaptation of neil gaimins’ coraline.

i have been listening the hell outta the charm of the highway strip and 69 love songs the past few weeks.� depending on how you look at it, they are either two or four, since 69 is 3 discs, of my favorite records of all time.

long vermont roads from the charm of the highway strip

yeah! oh, yeah! from disc 3 of 69 love songs

for those of us in the atlanta area, voxtrot is playing this evening, wednesday the 27, at the drunken unicorn. admittedly, i love the two eps but find their full length quite a dreadful bore. opening the evenings festivities is brooklyn’s, and misra artist, palomar. they kinda remind me of a less poppy velocity girl or as their bio states, the fastbacks. their all things, forest can be pre-ordered through the misra website.

our haunt from all things, forest

okkervil river is prepping for the release of the stage names on 8.7.07 on jagjaguwar – my favorite label the past couple of years. with only one listen under my belt i can confidently say that its pretty great and seemingly much different in terms of instrumental scope than black sheep boy, but sadly thats all i can muster in terms of an intelligent critique at the moment. here is the first single from the stage names

our life is not a movie or maybe

here is a beautiful richard buckner show from 2.5.97 @ the great american music hall

1. intro – richard bruckner?

2. slow down old world – willie nelson

3. 4 am

4. blue and wonder

5. raze

6. desire

7. home

8. eds song

9. song of 27

10. lil wallet picture

11. still lookin for you – townes van zandt

12. here – pavement

13. your lone journey – doc watson

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squish, just like grape

top of the morning y’all. firstly click here! vote for the teenage prayers, por favor. they have fallen 80 votes behind and we need to help make that up. this is the last time i will ever bring it up but please do go vote for these dudes.

secondly, superchunk is streaming “misfits and mistakes” on their myspace page. “misfits and mistakes” is from the aqua teen movie soundtrack, btw.

thirdly, here is the clash performing at l.a.’s memorial coliseum on 10.29.82. its a nice soundboard recording, just to let ya know.

this can now be found here

1. london calling

2. police on my back

3. guns of brixton

4. this is radio clash

5. spanish bombs

6. rock the casbah

7. the magnificent seven

8. janie jones

9. train in vain

10. tommy gun

11. clampdown

12. brand new cadillac

13. should i stay or should i go

14. i fought the law

should i stay or should i go?

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im not like other people

i still am unsure that world needs a new bad brains record, but considering that the first single, “give thanks and praise” off build a nation is pretty cool i maybe willing to change my opinion.
give thanks and praise

if build a nation happens to suck there is always the classic bad brains records, their self titled, rock for light and i against i to fall back on.

here is part two of bruce at the university of akron

14. youngstown

15. sinola cowboys

16. the line

17. the new timer

18. across the border

19. does this bus stop at 82nd st

20. this hard land

21. no surrender

22. galveston bay

23. the promise land

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shes the last of the v8 interceptors

a perfect soundtrack for a lazy, hazy saturday morning.

bob marley and the wailers live at the boarding house in san francisco on 7.7.75

1. trenchtown rock

2. get up stand up

3. burnin and lootin

4. midnight ravers

5. them belly full

6. rebel music

7. no woman no cry

8. kinky reggae

9. stir it up

10. lively up yourself

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its out of africa meets pretty woman

most of the time when i get emails touting this band and that band i typically dont read the actual release. i usually just skim for key words like who they supposedly sound like/influenced by, and well thats really about it.

so, when the release for coyote bones gentleman on the rocks came across my in box and likened them to “something lou barlow’s sebadoh would have released in the early 90s..” i of course had to check em out. we all know i am more or less stuck in the 90s. anyway, while i can kinda here the smash your head on the punk rock era sebadoh similarities i hear more like the first and only good wheat record. did they fall the hell off or is it just me. that first record was so, so good then meh the rest of the way. back to coyote bones, their debut gentleman on the rocks features members of a whole bunch of bands/artists i have never heard of including the anniversary, jet by day, neva dinova, etc. members of tilly and the wall participate as well – i have heard of and dig them.

stream gentleman on the rocks here

grand eclipse

39 forever

coyote bones site / myspace

i was lucky enough to see three of springsteen’s solo ghost of tom joad shows. to say they were amazing is an understatement and doing the experiences an injustice.

here he is performing on the ghost of tom joad tour @ the univ of akron on 9.25.96

1. tom joad (woody guthrie)

2. atlantic city

3. straight time

4. highway 29

5. darkness on the edge of town

6. murder incorporated

7. nebraska

8. little things that count

9. red headed woman

10. shut out the light

11. born in the usa

12. dry lightning

13. reason to believe

part two will be posted tomorrow.

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san diego, it actually means whale vagina

could she be any more captivating? i dont think so.

the other morning @ about 5 am i awoke to what i thought was an angel singing to me. its kinda crazy what you will think when you wake up abruptly from a slumber – even if it happens to be at work. the song that i woke to was joanna’s stunning “clam, crab, cockle, cowrie.” since then i have found a greater appreciation for her work and started listening in a little deeper than i had previously.

here she is performing @ bottletree in b’ham, alabama on 11.25.06. its a beautiful recording only marred by a couple glitches here and there.

1. bridges and balloons

2. the book of right on

3. traditional scottish song

4. emily

5. monkey and bear

6. sawdust and diamonds

7. only skin

8. cosmia

9. sadie

10. peach, plum, pear

clam, crab, cockle, cowrie from joanna newsom and the y’s street band ep

dont forget to waste 3 seconds and vote for the teenage prayers as the deli’s best nyc band for the month. please click here

here’s another track from their recently recorded everyone thinks you’re great

dreams of the south

**edit thanks to everyone, all 60 of you, who have taken the time to vote for the teenage prayers but dear lord people! there have been more than 1700 of you who have been through here in the past 24 hours and all we can come up with is 60? kinda disappointing people.  we can do better than that.  i just know we can.  thanks in advance, again.

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how much for just one rib?

hey whats going on? can you do me a solid? well, actually not me but my buddies in the teenage prayers need your help.  they are hoping to be nyc’s next artist of the month according to deli magazine.  it would mean so much to them and me if you could just take two clicks, seriously like 3 seconds, out of your daily web browsing to just click here to vote for the teenage prayers.  when i say it will take 3 seconds i am not lying.  i figure that with the amount of people that visit here daily we can make it a landslide for the prayers.  again, your pal, me, would truly appreciate it.

as a special gift here are two tracks from their recently recorded everyone thinks your the best – who knows when it will be out.


im in love again

i think the prayers are offering a puppy with every vote or something like that.  if you think your vote doesnt count get that filthy whore of a thought out of your noggin cause it does.

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