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annette, don't bust my onions!

if the bloc party happen to be your thang then head on over to criminal tomorrow evening and be wowed as they helm the wheels of steel for a special dj set starting at 6 pm. they play later in the evening at the tabernacle.

on saturday, i will probably be attending the free in store by non other than mitch easter – the man behind a whole bunch of stuff but most notably for producing rem’s early, and finest releases. he will be playing at the aurora in the highlands @ 3 and then later that night @ the earl. here are a couple o’ tracks off his latest, dynamico.

sudden crown drop

time warping

oh, shit! just when you thought you were safe from the bedhead series think again. here is part one of the 4th volume.

1. call me on your way back home

2. learn how to say goodbye

3. learn to love

4. to be young

5. amy

6. anybody wanna take me home

7. strawberry wine

8. your love is an impossible dream

9. jacksonville skyline

10. love is hell

11. nightbirds

12. tennessee sucks

13. chin up cheer up

14. i wanna see you smiling

15. my baby blue

16. why do they leave

17. oh my sweet carolina

18. prison letter

19. whether we make it or not

20. white lights

21. dear, chicago

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missy's the poo, so take a big whif

you may or may not know, or care for that matter, but i am a technology geek. i visit engadget, gizmodo, boy genius report, phone scoop, etc more often than i care to admit. gadgets are my second addiction and they could be my first if i could actually afford them. i am forced to live vicariously through the brief descriptions and unboxings that grace their pages. sigh! as it turns out not all hope is lost in my quest to get my hands on the latest and greatest. somehow through the vastness of the internets, sprint happened to find mine and offered me a chance to participate in their ambassador program. so, they sent me the samsung upstage – part phone, part mp3 player and have provided me with 6 months of unlimited voice and data. at this point, i am really torn but i will provide a decent review in a few weeks after i have gotten past the learning curve.

lily allen the bj queen? sure why not?

i am approaching the new queens of the stone age, era vulgaris, with a controlled enthusiasm mostly due in fact that i am not a fan of lullabies to paralyze. it was just way to hit or miss for my liking. here’s hoping to a return to form.

here are the queens playing @ the bizzare festival in 2001.

1. precious and grace

2. regular john

3. quick and to the pointless

4. the lost art of keeping a secret

5. go with the flow

6. i think i lost my headache

7. avon

8. tension head

9. song for the deaf

10. walkin on the sidewalks

11. feel good hit of the summer

some studio video during the making of era vulgaris

you may or may not ignored the new tab up there labeled “survey, please.” if you have 10 – 15 minutes to spare please do go through the motions for me. will ya? i mean it probably wont mean much in the long run, but it couldnt hurt or so they tell me. love ya!

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i want johnny walker to go to ucc

am i the only one addicted to the deadliest catch? just wondering?

here is the remainder of the pumpkins show from 5.22.

16. rocket

17. winterlong

18. to sheila

19. glass and the ghost children

20. cherub rock

21. 1979

22. tonight, tonight

23. neverlost

24. thats the way

25. disarm

26. zero

27. untitled

28. encore break

29. shame

30. silverfuck w/ the end (doors)

31. encore break 2

32. annie dog

33. muzzle

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hope all my fellow americans had a most excellent memorial day weekend. all you non americans i guess i hope you had a good weekend too. mine was interesting/good to say the least. imagine camping with a 2.5 year old and you will get the idea. or if you dont have children, imagine camping with a puppy that you cant keep on a leash. sounds like fun, right? sometimes he was great other times yeah not so much. we had fun though. i did get to push the limits of cleanliness, i didnt take a shower for 3 days. parts of me that i didnt know were possible to smell, of course stank pretty rank.

i will not deny that during the years of 1991 – 1994, smashing pumpkins were probably my favorite group on the planet. by the time melon collie rolled out i had kinda stopped caring, which is really no fault of theirs its just that i had grown out of them. i still listen to gish and siamese dream quite often, although gish is showing signs of definte aging while siamese dreams still sounds pretty fresh. this is all given the fact that both are more than 14 years old.

so it was with mild intrigue that i delved into this pumpkins show from paris. i gotta admit the new songs sound pretty good, this is to say much better than the shit on the last few pumpkins records. definitely going back to basics with more of a guitar based sound – which is definitely a good thing.

1. intro

2. united states

3. today

4. stand inside your love

5. bleeding orchid

6. doomsday clock

7. home

8. hummer

9. starz

10. tarantula

11. bullet with butterfly wings

12. gossamer

13. billy talking

14. for god and country

15. 33

the remainder of the show will but up later this evening. if you notice that the track count posted here is different than on the mp3 tag its cause i didnt post two fade in/out tracks.

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moisture is the essence of wetness

oh yeah, i forgot to mention this little nugget of information.  uncle bob is again hooking up with chris slusarenko to release another takeovers record.  bad football finds the boys teaming up with stephen malkmus, tad doyle!, john moen (decemeberists) and dan peters (mudhoney.)  sounds like it should be pretty bad ass.  bad  football is being released sometime soon – june me thinks.  check the off records site for complete details.

fathers favorite temperature

molly and zack

my will

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there's no way, no way! that you came from my loins.

photo by soleil konkel

here is part one of richard buckner w/ doug gillard performing at bottom of the hill in san francisco on 5.6.06. part two will be up later tonight, probably in the wee hours of the morning.

1. charmers

2. kingdom

3. lucky

4. song of 27

5. spell

6. and the clouds could’ve lied

7. before

8. hoping wishers never lose

9. mile

10. stumble down

11. believer

12. ocean cliffs clearing

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how about a lot less talk and a lot more, shut the hell up!

over the past couple of years my appreciation/love for explosions in the sky has increased 10 if not 100 fold. i truly never thought that an instrumental band could ever emote as much passion as band, well, with vocals. needless to say i am terribly wrong quite often. i dont think there is any group in rock today that create greater moods/atmospheres than explosions in the sky. no matter which explosions record i listen to i always end up walking away like i have just been through some kind of transformation or battle, of sorts.

this can now be found here

here they are playing at the grey eagle in asheville, nc on 3.14.07.

1. first breathe after coma

2. welcome ghosts

3. the only moment we were alone

4. greet death

5. what do you go home to

6. yasmin the light

7. catastrophe and the cure

8. memorial

welcome, ghosts (studio version) from all of a sudden i miss everyone

btw, the remainder of the explosions spring/summer tour has been canceled. check their site for more info.

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