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god: the invisible giant you turn to when you are about to die

here is mr malkmus and his jicks performing at the crystal ballroom in portland on 12.30.05.

1. intro

2. water and a seat

3. pencil rot

4. phantasies

5. baby c’mon

6. witch mountain bridge

7. no more shoes

8. you are my destiny

9. post paint boy

10. church on white

11. it kills

12. eagle rock

btw, go bull!!!!!

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go ahead, cornelius. you can cry.

i now remember why i stopped watching basketball. i cant handle the massive double dick sucking by the commentators. case in point, i am currently watching my bull vs the heat and the heat are on a bit of a run. nothing too serious but the bull has definitely looked better during this series. anyway, the two cock suckers are currently handing over the series to the heat cause they have played 5 good minutes, but they are only up by 3. you really have to be listening or i guess watching to understand my frustration. it all comes down to the fact that i fucking hate bill walton even though he has nothing to do with any of this. i just clump all basketball commentators into the walton shit dump. go bull!

any who, the polyphonic spree has got a new record, the fragile army, coming out on june 19. they have an e-card and 8 minute mashup of the record available for download by clicking right here.

so i have this hold steady performance but i have no idea where or when it was recorded. the only thing my folder says is “fingerprints” and craig thanks “fingerprints” during the opener. it sounds like and in store or radio recording.

as it turns out that that the hold steady “fingerprints” mystery has been solved. it was recorded and is being sold exclusively at fingerprint music in the lovely city of long beach, ca. you can purchase it for a measly 4.98 by clicking here. my sincerest apologies to rand, the owner of fingerprints.

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my wife was tarded. she's a pilot now.

ok first things first. you would think that as a guy that spends 75 percent of his day online that i would have found out about this little piece of dbt news before today. i dont blame jason for leaving the mighty dbt cause quite frankly, if i were him, i would not have been cool with playing third fiddle to patterson and mike, as awesome as they are. in other jason news, his solo record sirens of the ditch is being released on july 1o on new west records. he is streaming three tracks from said record on his myspace page.

in other related dbt news, patterson has contributed a bunch of tracks to the upcoming release, finest worksongs: athens bands play the music of rem. this collection, also featuring the likes of the modern skirts, bain mattox, and the observatory, was recorded during a marathon like concert on 9.12.06 @ the famed 40 watt club in athens. mr stipe, mike mills and peter buck even show up on a few tracks. by the way, the observatory includes most of olivia tremor control, including will hart, members of elf power and circulatory system. buy it here and proceeds go to a couple of athens based charities.

patterson hood – buring hell

the observatory – feeling gravitys pull

today we gots the unreleased whiskeytown record that was supposed to find its way between faithless street and strangers almanac. its entitled those werent the days and features my favorite whiskeytown song, “empty baseball park” which of course can be found on faithless street as well.

this can now be found at

1. my heart is broken

2. things i heard

3. luxury liner

4. kiss and make up

5. further down the road

6. believe

7. 10 seconds ’til the end of the world

8. the rain wont help you when its over
9. ticket time

10. whither, im a flower

11. hipshake

12. heres to the rest of the world

13. empty baseball park

14. san antonio

15. factory girl

16. all you can feel

17. new york angel

18. only to lose

19. dreams

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who is the keeper of the katra?

whoa! sorry about that. i got a major case of the lazies yesterday, or if i were in college or worked at a brokerage firm i would have called it the tieoneon flu. sadly, i didnt get to see warm in the wake on saturday evening. i was able to catch a pretty cool band outta chapel hill, nc called twilighter and a fairly decent band called the eyes. twilighter take a page right outta yankee hotel foxtrot era wilco and throw in a lot of son volt along the way. i would definitely check em out if they come to your area.

in case you slept through the 8o’s, 90’s, this decade or maybe you just dont care, but you then probably arent acquainted with probably the coolest man in rock n roll, mr mike watt. you know the man behind two iconic bands, minutemen and fIREHOSE. anyway, i have been diggin on his 94 solo record ball-hog or tugboat over the past few days. up until last thursday i hadn’t listened to it in probably 8 years. if you arent familiar with ball-hog it features a venerable who’s who of 90’s indie/college rock, including j mascis, thurston moore, eddie vedder, evan dando, frank black, dave pirner, etc. its pretty bad ass and i definitely recommend seeking it out.

big train

against the 70’s

here is the remainder of the last uncle tupelo show from 5.1.94

14. high water

15. acuff rose

16. true to life

17. we’ve been had

18. give back the keys

19. everybody knows this is nowhere

20. whiskey bottle

21. looking for a way out

22. gimme three steps

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pj? goose? powderpuff? that's bmx talk!

if you are in atlanta, you will be able to find me at the warm in the wake show tonight at the star bar this fine evening. so, if you see me say hey or whatever and if you dont know what i look like, i will be a white sox hat of some variety. i wrote about em a few months ago if you want to check em out.

speaking of the sox. i would have given just about anything to be at comiskey this week when buehrle pitched his no-no. in case you missed it here are the 27 batters he faced on his way to a place in the record books.

in other news, what the hell has happened to jennings and rbally? has anyone sent out a search party or been in contact with him lately?

this past week i have been a huge uncle tupelo kick, which happens with great frequency. i have been particularly mesmerized by the recording of their final performance which happened on 5.1.94 in st louis at mississippi nights. for those of you in attendance, i am of course jealous cause it must have been a magical evening.

1. no depression

2. chickamauga

3. watch me fall

4. grindstone

5. satan your kingdom must come down

6. fifteen keys

7. the long cut

8. anodyne

9. new madrid

10. slate

11. atomic power

12. postcard

13. high water

part two will be posted later today or tomorrow morning.

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the landlord

just in case you haven’t seen this yet. will ferrell is a funny fuck.

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luckily my neck broke my fall

oh where does the time go, i ask you? it seems like only yesterday i was feeling up a high school sweetheart of mine, for the first time, on bench near her lake house. that same trip was featured my first foray into the world/work of j mascis and dinosaur jr. my purchases for that fateful trip was both green mind and bug, on tape. i think i listened to “freak scene” at least 50 times during that 3 hour trip – it was play, rewind, play, rewind, etc. i didnt even listen to green mind until the trip back. i was so enthralled with that damn guitar sound, i couldnt pull myself away from it. still to this day i still get all ga-ga when i hear that opening riff of “freak scene.”

of course you already know that they got a new record coming out next week called beyond. you also know that its the original dino jr lineup too, which of course is awesome.

almost ready

here they are performing an acoustic set at NRK’s studios on 3.20.07

this can now be found here.

1. this is all i came to do

2. little furry things

3. so what else is new

4. while you knew

5. flying clound

6. get me

7. outro

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they called him porky pig

i never get to catch conan, sadly. either i am watching a cops marathon or i am working but either way i never watch conan or really any other late night gab fest. the other night sure would have been cool to watch cause conan had of montreal as the featured musical guest and youaintnopicasso has their tripped out performance up for your viewing pleasure. i have never seen an of montreal show, although i have a bunch of recorded stuff. for those that have seen them, are they pretty good? are they worth checking out?

so i am on another huge hold steady/lftr pllr kick the past few days – it happens every month or so. i know its that i try to live my life vicariously through mr finn’s tales of self destruction and my longing to relive those days that i find some kind of kinship with. unfortunately, my days of recklessness now involves a few beers on the back porch and an overdose of toy story 2 and/or diego and dora the explorer.

anyway, here is everyone’s favorite brooklynites by way of the fabulous city of minneapolis, the hold steady performing at last years lollapalooza. its a great recording, btw.

1. stuck between the stations

2. the swish

3. cattle and the creeping things

4. your little hoodrat friend

5. banging camp

6. massive night

7. multitude of casualties

8. dont let me explode

9. stevie nix

10. hornets

11. chips ahoy!

12. chicago seemed tire last night

another piece of music that i have been listening to a lot lately, for some reason, if “everyday sunshin” by fishbone. i dont know how it made its way back into my head after not hearing it for quite a few years.

everyday sunshine

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25 years and still burning strong

sometimes i wonder what changes in one self between listens of certain songs or albums? this happens to me all the time. one listen i will totally dig a record and then the next listen my admiration or interest has waned completely. of course the exact opposite happens quite a bit as well. case in point, bloomington, indiana’s backyard tire fire’s vagabonds and hooligans hit my mailbox a few months ago. upon first listen i was impressed but i wasnt enthralled by any means. so it sat for a bit while other crap filled my ear holes. whilst cleaning out my hard drive i decided to give it another few chances, and of course that listen proved my initial knee jerk reaction wrong.

i really dont know what i was thinking cause really there is nothing not to love about vagabonds and hooligans. sure, they aint breakin any molds but shit not everyone has to especially when the music is this good. vagabonds and hooligans reminds me a lot of furvis’, now the dead trees, criminally overlooked 06 release, carpe carpet. both records have span a shit load of influences, some pretty identifiable, some not so much. in backyard tire fires case their sound ranges from 90’s slacker rock to good ol’ americana to the introspective stylings of the singer/songwriter set.

the men of backyard tire fire are playing at the georgia theater in athens tomorrow evening with non other than marshall freakin tucker band! huh? hey its a gig. they are on the road for the forseeable future. check em out if they come to your area.

vagabonds and hooligans


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