i can almost hear you getting fatter

yeah i might have to break down and get a 360 not only for the new grand theft auto, but i also hear that my favorite gaming franchise, metal gear, is coming to the 360.

in other news, i have been completely addicted to this song for the past couple of weeks. it tis “run, christian, run” by super furry animals off of rings around the world. super furry animals fall into the “bands i love but dont ever listen to” category. while i have been digging into their catalogue the past few weeks, i am sure they will fall back into the deepest depths of my hard drive not to be listened to again for several months.

run! christian, run!

rings around the world

lets welcome our guest healer mr. claude henry smoot

man i really kinda fucked up the inner workings of this joint, but thats really none of your concern. let me say this, it has been a pain in the arse getting all this shit to play nicely with each other. as i have stated before there are other tinkerers out there, like me, and they mess shit up to. luckily for us the smarter people have started forums to help us dumbasses get out of our collective binds.

again, i am running short on time cause i have to make myself look presentable for this evenings working duties. which after about 9 hours of lugging computers, crawling under desks, etc i look like complete shit.

todays offering is a supposedly “free” demo type record that mr black francis let the world have, as i said for free, a few years back. its entitled sunday sunny mill valley groove day and its pretty great, me thinks.

1. constant sorrow man

2. pan american highway

3. sunday sunny mill valley groove day

4. humboldt county massacre

5. angst

6. sleep

7. sister isabel

8. le cigar volente

9. i will run after you

10. his kingly cave

btw, the man himself just announced that he is releasing a new record entitled, bluefinger. in typical fashion it is making is ways around the internets.

oh, the good ol days

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we're gonna need a bigger boat


i have to admit, i enjoy watching nascar. its a great sunday afternoon, about ready to take a nap tv. one thing i dont understand though is the difference between the busch and the nextel leagues/cups? there were two races this weekend from bristol, tn and was confused on the differences between the two. so, if any of you can explain the difference to me it would be greatly appreciated.

in the face of having to get ready for work in less than 45 minutes tonites offering comes with very little information on my part. thus i look to you fine folks to hopefully hook me up. it is an arcade fire demo record entitled 2001.

1. winter for a year

2. my mind is a freeway

3. accidents

4. goodnight boy

5. asleep at the wheel

6. in the attic

7. cant let go of you

8. you tried to turn away

9. instrumental

10. the great arcade fire

buy arcade fire stuff on Arcade Fire

links for 2007-03-25

pina-colada butt lotion?

drawing by brendan donnelly

ok, well, we probably wont be going down for a day or so. so, i kind jumped the gun on that one. its an annoying character flaw of yours truly – jumping the gun that is. although, i am sure anyone that knows me can pick out a few more.

i am sure these guys, vietnam, have been all hyped up around the net by now, and if they havent, they should have been. damn dirty hippies they are or is it thrift store chic, i dont know, but do they make a glorious racket. if you took the stones, sonic youth, a more coherent black mountain, took their respective man juices and forced bob dylan to have their child, you may have vietnam. they released their full length self titled debut back in january.

priest, poet and the pig

mr. goldfinger

here is the remainder of the kozelek/sun kil moon show.

12. glenn tipton

13. duk koo kim

14. evil

15. revelation big sur

16. have you forgotten

17. encore chatter

18. carry me ohio

jester, you can run kid but you cant hide!


photo by wendy lynch

dont have too much time to chit chat cause i gots to get ready for work. only, and hopefully, one more week of this over night bullshit. its really starting to take its toll on my body and my ability to accomplish anything during my waking hours.

firstly, wilco world is accepting pre-orders for sky blue sky and of course there are a whole bunch of cool incentives if you do so. i am personally going to be ordering the cd/tshirt deal which i believe is like 33 bucks. they are also pressing it to 180 gram vinyl, which is pretty fantastic, but the cool thing is is that if you order the vinyl you get the cd too.

secondly, my offering of the evening is a beautiful recording of mark kozelek as sun kil moon performing at the great american music hall in san fran on 4.31.04. the second part of the show will be posted tomorrow.

1. intro

2. grace cathedral park

3. dragonflies/void

4. banter

5. pancho villa

6. admiral fell promises

7. all mixed up

8. new jersey

9. banter

10. trailways

11. find me, ruben olivares


jumbo shrimp. thats a contradiction


sadly i have only witnessed built to spill live, once. every time they came around i was either too busy, lazy, drunk, broke, or any random combination to attend. i dont remember much of the performance, but they did kick my ass something fierce. it was like doug martsch firmly grabbed, but not too hard, my nuts for an hour and half and had his way with them. by the end of the evening my soul and my bones were shaking in a way that only my bloody valentine and the truckers have ever accomplished. so the only way i have to even slightly relive that glorious evening is through the random live recordings i have accumulated over the years.

here are the men of buit to spill playing live in detroit on 9.28.06

1. liar

2. the plan

3. goin against your mind

4. distopian dream girl

5. untrustable

6. rearrange

7. traces

8. good old boredom

9. conventional wisdom

10. bomb shelter part 2

11. big dipper

12. carry the zero

13. crowd noise/tuning

14. randy described eternity

conventional wisdom video