thanks for nothin!

god damn, midphase! i felt like bono atop the rooftop during the making of the “where the streets have no name” video. if you dont know what i mean go watch the video.

without much further ado, and hopefully no more account suspensions, here is the remainder of the iron and wine show.

17. naked as we came

18. banter

19. peace beneath the city

20. banter

21. muddy hymnal

22. banter

23. boy with a coin

24. banter

25. jezebel

26. banter

27. carousel

28. banter

29. resurrection fern

30. banter

31. trapeze swinger

32. encore return

33. upward over the mountain

34. banter (one more)

35. flightless bird, american mouth

on another note, you can download a very cool comp featuring the likes of some def jux artists lik aesop rock, el-p, mr lif with cannibal ox, etc of the the adult swim site. check it

you fed a baby chilli?


its rare that a record recorded by a woman kicks my ass. sadly, they have been few and far between the over the span of past 5 or 10 year. sadly, the only group of ladies capable of kicking said ass is sleater kinney and early pj harvey. its been my experience that when female artists attempt to “rock out,” to put it lamely, they come across as comical/cartoonish. marnie stern is anything but comical. she brings the rock, in a weird sonic youth meets joe satriani kinda way. not as artsy as sonic youth, and definitely not as masturabatory as satch’s guitar prowess. miss sterns kill rock stars debut, in advance of the broken arm, is like a sonic boom being filtered through a megaphone going off in a rinky dink studio apartment in the middle of some urban metropolis.? i would be remiss if didnt make note that she’s pretty hot too.

every single line means something

precious metal

the remainder of the iron and wine show will be up tomorrow.? i am attempting to watch the oscars – so far, boring as hell.

where the twain shall meet


whats up people? its been a pretty boring week around these parts, at least for me. my wife, on the other hand, has been given the opportunity to create a munu for a new restaurant opening up in ventura, ca. her best friend’s sister is the owner of a couple of joints in the area and is looking for a chef, which my wife is, from chicago to open and create a menu for his new space. so, its kinda exciting but i am not going to hold my breathe. i have always wanted to live in california, and this might just be our opportunity.

i am totally backlogged on bands that i need to write about. sadly, i have found little inspriation/energy to write much of any substance as of late. one band that i think are quite interesting is the soft complex, straight outta d.c. the soft complex features ex members of burning airlines – ex j robbins band, phaser and trixie delicious, the later bands i have never heard of, but that doesnt mean much. from the one track i have heard, they have a guitar sound kinda reminiscent of early day duran duran – which i dig. i am interested in hearing the whole ep, entitled barcelona.


here is a recent iron and wine show live from the fabulous city of milwaukee, recorded live at the pabst theatre on 2.08.07. the show features 9 brand spankin new songs.

1. intro

2. banter

3. die

4. banter

5. he lays in the reins

6. banter

7. sodom, south georgia

8. banter (annouces new album)

9. pagan angel and borrowed a car

10. banter

11. love song of the buzzard

12. banter

13. free until they cut me down

14. banter

15. house by the sea

16. banter

thanks much to the original taper and the remainder will be posted tomorrow.

i won the battle, but i lost the war

not in the much for idle, one-sided chit chat this fine evening. i am aiming to be in bed within the next twenty minutes. lame i know, but what the hell?

here is a whiskeytown boot entitled drinking games. i happened to be rummaging through my cd books and lo and behold there it was. i dont remember and am too lazy to get background info on this particular performance. so, if someone can help a brotha out, it would be awesome.

1. today

2. 16 days

3. yesterdays news

4. excuse me while i break my own heart

5. midway park

6. breathe

7. i forget the name

8. not home anymore

9. everything i do

10. waiting to derail

11. avenues

12. i won the battle

13. losering

people on death row get to eat whatever they want

thank goodness for days off. i have accomplished nothing today, except getting an oil change and taking a much needed mid day nap. why is it that going into a mid day nap you feel ok, but when you wake up hours later you kinda feel like shit or more tired than pre-nap?

in other ponderings, i know this has been the butt of many jokes but what is up with the excessive amounts of advertising logos on both the cars and the drivers who participate in nascar? seriously its pretty obnoxious. i can kinda understand the logos on the cars, but all that shit on their queer little uniforms is a bit much. i actually kind like watching nascar. i find it kinda relaxing and good background noise to accompany whatever else i am up to – which is usually napping and/or on the computer.

i got an email earlier today from big scary monsters records, and enclosed was a brief bio/mp3 for yndi halda. the bio described them as “more joyous than explosions in the sky, less vocal than arcade fire…” which from the song they sent is a perfect description. kudos to their marketing/bio writing department. check em out. they have a new record out entitled enjoy eternal bliss.

dash and blast

so, the new sea and cake, everybody, is out there floating around the internets and let me say that its quite grand. everybody was recorded with brian paulson, one of my favorite producers. its a return to their earlier work, like their debut and the biz – which are a couple of my favorite records. the fawn is also great too, btw.

well, as much as i would love to go on and on about the sea and cake, my programs are coming on shortly and i gots a kid i have to get to bed.

here is tortoise performing at the echo in los angeles on 6.3.2004

1. intro

2. djed

3. eros

4. monica

5. in sarah…

6. its all around you

7. stretch

8. ten day interval

9. five too many

10. dot eyes

11. tin cans and twine

12. gamera

13. blackjack

14. i set my face to the hillside

here i come, elizabeth!


wow! the fantastic four movie is pretty bad, i dont know if the delictable jessica alba can save this train wreck. with that said, the new fantastic four, rise of the silver surfer, looks pretty bad ass – at least that’s what i can gather from the preview.

what can i say about husker du that hasnt already been stated probably more elequantly before? i dont listen to ’em nearly enough as i should, but for some reason i can only handle them in small but intense doses. i think the quality of most of the recordings makes them almost unlistenable now. i understand that was part of the husker du experience, but my aging ears find it hard to dig in like i use to.

here they are playing in london on june 21 of 1987 – its supposedly a soundboard recording.

1. these important years

2. charity, chastity, prudence and hope

3. standing in the rain

4. back from somewhere

5. ice cold ice

6. youre a soldier

7. could you be the one

8. too much spice

9. everytime bed of nails

10. tell you why tomorrow

11. whats going on

12. chartered trips

13. green eyes

14. celebrated summer

15. she’s a woman

16. never talking to you again

17. gotta lotta

snuggle up with warm in the wake


photo by Kristen Alexander 2006

i want to thank rich from cable and tweed to bringing this group of atlantians/decaturites, warm in the wake, to my attention. they just released an ep entitled gold dust trail and if you are in the market for sounds that would fit ever so nicely with a beer, a backporch and warm summer evening then look no further than warm in the wake. this is sunny pop for those that may not necessarily dig sunny pop, yours truly included. “golden inhibition destroyer” is a brilliant gem that is part yankee hotel foxtrot era wilco crossed with the rollicking piano made popular, most notably, by 70’s southern rock outfits. this by no means is a southern rock record, i want to make that clear, but those influences are most definitely present. some of the guitar/production work reminds me of daniel lanois and/or t bone burnett, and some of their extended instrumental interludes are earily reminiscent of yo la tengo.

they are playing in atlanta this fine evening @ smiths olde bar starting @ 9 p.m. – i wish i could go. check out their myspace page for tourdates and stuff

golden inhibition destroyer


gold dust trail can be purchased at itunes or your local “indie” record shop

here is the video for “good king”

i was the king of pitfall


i aint got no commentary tonight, just the remainder of the tweedy show from the vic. btw, the modest mouse record still pretty much sucks.

19. encore break one

20. gun (aborted)

21. gun

22. we’ve been had

23. candyfloss

24. henry and the h bombs

25. acuff rose

26. banter (cell phones?)

27. im the man who loves you

28. encore break two

29. misunderstood

30. encore break three

31. laminated cat

32. family gardner

33. how to fight loneliness

34. john wesley harding

35. callin nels

36. political science

37. hummingbird

38. the late greats

39. encore break four

40. passenger side

41. california stars

42. i shall be released

i want to see if this new feature works at all. this is “small black box” from michael penn’s fabulous resigned record.