ladies and gentlemen, we are rummaging through the garbage


anyone happen to catch bill gates on the daily show last evening? i was quite suprised on how awkward the whole interview went down. one would think that if an individual was planning on going onto either the daily show or colbert, they would either a. have some kind of sense or humour or b. be quick witted. bill gates was neither of these, but i guess when you are bill gates you dont have to be. still, it was quite odd especially when he bolted off stage while they were still on camera. there are a few early reviews in on vista, some good, some bad, some indifferent. i played with it a bit at bestbuy the other day, and my initial reaction was “so what?” granted thats a pretty sophmoric reaction, but there was truly nothing outside of the animated wallpaper that would make me want to upgrade. although, if i had an intel mac i would maybe invest in it.? check out this post over at gizmodo.? it piqued my interest quite a bit.

it took about 6 months and a shit load of convincing from kyle over there at more cowbell to make me a believer in the arcade fire. i listened the hell outta funeral to little personal fanfare during that estimated time frame. i dont know when, specifically, i started diggin on funeral but i can almost say with 90% certaintity that my new found appreciation was fueled by either a. beer or b. vodka. the most excellent things in my life have been discovered under the influence of the above liquids, see my wife and child for evidence. while i would like to consider myself a mid-size arcade fire fan, i have yet to listen to any of the leaked tracks off of the yet to be released disc. i’ll get around to it one of these days, i am sure of it.

here they are playing at first avenue in minneapolis on 9.29.05 – great recording, btw.

1. neighborhood #1

2. crown of love

3. headlights look like diamonds

4. no cars go

5. haiti

6. neighborhood #2

7. i’m sleeping in a submarine

8. five years bowie cover

9. neighborhood #4

10. neighborhood #3

11. wake up

in the case of mine, can you read in the dark?

its been quite a while since i have seen grant lee in concert. with such a passage of time, i had forgotten how amazing his voice is, particularly in a live setting. this is mainly due to the sad fact that there aren’t that many glb boots out there. in fact, i have only come across a few that are even worth listening to. the first time i saw grant lee buffalo was when they opened for paul westerberg at the metro many, many moons ago. the sound was sketchy for grant lee’s set, and well paul was paul – entertaining as hell though. the second time, well lets just not mention the second time. i had come pretty undone, but even in my drunken state i will always remember the beautiful version of “honey dont think” that was performed that fateful evening.

here they are performing in oslo, norway at the rockefeller music hall on 10.15.94

1 mighty joe moon

2 demon called deception

3 drag

4 mockingbirds

5 wish you well

6 soft wolf tread

7 the hook

8 lone star song

9 fuzzy

10 grace

11 jupiter and teardrop

12 happiness

13 for the turnstiles

14 the shining hour

15 you just have to be crazy

16 stars n stripes

17 honey dont think

grant lee buffalo, live from germany

i am beginning to feel like shit. so, this is going to be short and sweet.

here is a wonderful grant lee buffalo radio performance from 1993 recorded live in germany. i definitely dont talk about grant lee and gang enough, but they definitely rank pretty high on my favorite artists list.

this can now be found here

1. the shining hour

2. jupiter and teardrop

3. the hook

4. wish you well

5. grace

6. fuzzy

7. soft wolf tread

8. america is snoring

9. burning love – incomplete

your logic does not compute

“i dont wanna sound like a dick, but your chart says youre fucked up. you talk like a fag and your shits all retarded.” its a damn shame that mike judge’s latest flick idiocracy didnt make it past week 2 at the theaters. i am guessing that its going to gain a office space like cult following after a year or so. it’s definitely funnier and smarter than the above mentioned judge flick. idiocracy works much in the same way as office space. its hilarious cause its not far off from our own personal realities or in idiocracy’s case, not far from a possible sad reality. the only thing that keeps idiocracy from being the hit that office space was, is that it will probably offend more than it humors.

somehow about three weeks ago, the coup’s pick a bigger weapon ended up on my ipod. me thinks i drunkingly dowloaded it via emusic, i think this cause it was in my emusic folder. i, of course, had heard of the coup but had never listened to ’em. my knowledge of their existence stemmed from the shit storm of controversy stemming from their 01 release, party music. it wasnt the music that caused the controversy, although it ended up being #8 on the pazz and jop poll, but the art work depicting the coup blowing up the world trade centre. a cover that had reportedly been in the can several months before 9/11. anyway, i still have not heard party music, but if its half as good as pick a bigger weapon it will be the second or even best hip hop record i have heard in a long while.? head couper and mastermind, boots riley, melds various styles that on paper sound like a nightmare, but the end product sounds like a political science major mc’ing an ass shakin block party.? that still doesnt really do the coup’s choice of style/lyrical offerings justice.? check ’em out to make up your own lame comparisons.

my favorite mutiny

we are the ones

i enjoy drinking beer

i still contest that the best ten years in rock’s brief but torrid history are those crammed between 85 – 95, give or take a couple of years on either end depending on my ever non-commital mood. its hard to argue against the likes crooked rain, nation of millions, bee thousand, automatic for the people, double nickels (late 84 – close enough to 85), exile in guyville, loveless, appetite, etc. shit, even metallica put out a couple classic records during that time, see master of puppets and justice for all for evidence. i know those are fairly obvious examples, but you get the bigger picture. i just know you do.

i would be remiss if i didnt include the fathers of geometery rock , slint and their hypnotic yet challenging yet beautiful 91 release, spiderland to the above list. admittedly, i couldnt stand spiderland when i first listened to it. in fact, i dont think i made it past “don, amon.” to me, it was too precise, too calculated and cold, to truly grasp and get my head around. i think it was just my psychological state at the time that forbode me to giving into its every angular whim. it wasnt until a few years, and a copious amount beers later that i immersed myself into spiderland. it was right around the time i started losing faith in man kind that this shift in attitude towards spiderland happened. maybe it was not so much losing faith in man kind as it was i started realizing that most people are fucking morons. i say that with a grain of salt, sort of. this is not to say you have to embrace such a cynical outlook, as i do, to enjoy spiderland, but i think it helps. even if you have never listened to slint or spiderland you will know their work, cause its been copped, to some degree, by both the underground and the mainstream.

nosferatu man

good morning, captain

kent from tweez

rhoda from tweez

by the way, have you guys checked out the c.h.o.p.s. program yet?? donnie davies has got it all, and i mean all, figured out.? thats all i am going say.

peter, i hear you're a negro now

wordpress 2.1 has been released, and its quite swell. unfortunately, with the new release/upgrade a few issues has reared their ugly heads. not major ones, but for some reason i cant upload and post photos, amongst other things. if anyone has upgraded to 2.1 and has some insight on how to remedy at least the photo issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

the sportsgasm i experienced yesterday has left me tired and really in need of sleep. couple that with 24 and prison break tonite, my ability to do anything constructive is nil.

here is a short rem set from 5.20.88 live at the 40 watt. they were opening for the fabulous vic chesnutt, a show i am sure was killer. speacking of vic, southern shelter, has a show of him backed by elf power at the 40 watt recorded on 12.16.06.

1. orange crush

2. stand

3. pop song 89

4. the one i love

5. i remember california

6. you are the everything

tired of the dehydration


hey there, hows it goin? the past week has been quite the bitch. ever since we got back from chicago my little buddy has been feelin quite ill, as i had previously reported. yesterday he woke up with a bit of a fever, but he always runs hot as i am sure most kids his age do. anyway, so at about 1 o’clock the wife noticed that he was acting kind of lethargic and took his temperature. it was a 104.9! she called the doc and was told to bring him in in 2 hours, which i thought was a little weird but i am not a doctor. what the hell do i know? i was suprised that they didnt tell the bride to bring him to the emergency room. nobody really fuckin cares anymore. i think thats pretty apparent. you get receptionists that are sick of answerin the damn phone and will give you the generic “i’m not really listening” response. yeah, so, in the mean time he had a seizure which was brought on by his temperature. my wife loved that little episode. after 4 hours at the emergency roomed he was released with the diagnosis of “he has some kind of virus.” ok, thanks, doc. jesus christ, i had that one figured out! even with insurance i am sure this little adventure will cost a few hundred bucks. whatever, i suppose. damn you sweetwater 420 and your ability to open my wife’s legs with such ease!

along with david vandervelde’s awesome the moonstation house band, i have been diggin on sweeden’s loney dear’s loney, noir, as of late. having grown frustrated with belle and sebastian and artists of the like, loney dear fits the bill nicely. loney, noir is not life changing by any means, not every record has to, but it’s a great collection of not your garden variety pop songs.

i am john

rem is a band that you may have heard of, and probably like you, if you are older than 28, have grown quite disappointed with. their last two records, quite honestly were shit. luckily just about everything before said pieces of crap were brilliant. we live in a “what have you done for me lately” type of world, but i dont subscribe to that school of thought. well, at least most of the time. rem pretty much helped define and refine my own musical journey – i am sure a lot of 30-something music dorks will proclaim the same. i hope they still have a few classics left in them.

here is a soundboard recording of a show from the 40 watt on 4.19.87

1. finest worksong

2. welcome to the occupation

3. the one i love

4. begin the begin

5. orange crush

6. disturbance at the heron house

7. title

8. superman

9. its the end of the world

Automatic for the People Murmur Reckoning Moonstation House Band

btw, i got 4 more rem 40 watt shows coming up in the next week.