the afghan whigs, 2.26.99 live in atlanta

that is still probably my favorite album cover. i just love the look the girl is giving the little boy. something very innocent yet very adult about the situation. i suppose it fits the mood of gentlemen very appropriately.

here are the afghan whigs playing at the variety playhouse in atlanta on 2.26.99.

this can now be found here

1. intro

2. uptown again

3. debonair

4. just enough for the city

5. neglekted

6. when we two parted

7. my curse

8. papa was a rollin stone

9. crazy

10. dont stop til you get enough

11. what jail is like

12. me so horny

13. band intros

14. faded

15. no woman no cry

16. beast of burden

17. omerta/she loves you

if you got nothing to do this evening and you happen to live in the atlanta area matt and kim are playing at the unicorn. from what i hear they put on one helluva show.

looks as if uncle bob has had enough of touring.? i am sure we will see him out on the road again – i hope.

a minor rant(s) and tindersticks' amsterdam


you know what kinda depresses me? the state of modern radio. dont ask me why, because i really dont listen to anything on the radio besides npr, which is even a bit too high brow for me. i know radio has sucked for some time, but the shit that they are putting on the air waves now is fucking offensive. not offensive in a crude way, but offensive in the dumbing down of america kinda way – which is definitely more damaging to the american psyche in my opinion. here is the deal, if you are going to participate in making me dumber at least make me laugh in the process.

this morning i happened to turn on 99x, here in atlanta, and the conversations between the jocks was so mundane and trivial that it reminded me of a bunch of stay at home moms discussing their daily yoga routines. one of the segments, that i heard, was a contest amongst themselves to see who would buy breakfast. i mean come on, are they serious?! this was seriously part of their conversation

dj one: so where do you want to go?

lady dj: how about ihop?

dj 2: waffle house takes credit cards now

lady dj: waffle house sounds good

they got rid of fred toucher for these ass clowns?

i understand that not every bit is going to be comedic gold, but i seriously dont need to know who is going to buy your fucking breakfast. one of the later segments was going to be based around stuff that annoys them. i cant believe people get paid a lot more than me to do that shit. hell, i cant even blame the jocks, they cant necessarily help it that they suck. i blame the mock turtle neck, twill pant wearing honchos that will put anything or anybody on the air that wont offend the lowest common denominator.

on another media related note. this evening, the wife and i were watching extra – not my idea, kind of. they had a wonderful and informative 3 minute piece on how people can find hundreds of videos on youtube/ebay on the subject of “lock thumping.” i think thats what it is called. the premise of these videos is teaching people how to easily break into people’s houses or anything that requires a key. thats responsible journalism for ya.

one band that doesnt get the love they deserve, at least here in the states, is the uk’s tindersticks. they are not on easy pill to swallow, kinda like nick cave, but if you dedicate enough time to ’em, you will be rewarded with some of the most gorgeous and moody sounds you would ever want to hear.

here is a long outta print, gorgeous live recording entitled amesterdam recorded in 94. it was only available for a short time, and mainly at their shows and through mail order.

1. marbles

2. tyed

3. kathleen

4. milky teeth

5. blood

6. jism

7. raindrops

8. drunk tank

9. for those

Tindersticks Can Our Love... Curtains

too much ball stretching?!?!

saw this when it originally aired, and laughed my ass off. then i was reminded of it today when it showed up on gizmodo – another one of my favorite sites. is rob corddry still on the daily show? i haven’t seen him on in a while. him and sammantha bee are the really the only reasons i watch the daily show.

public enemy 11.25.87 in the uk


i am back after a week of rest and relaxation down in sunny florida. although the first couple o’ days were less than enjoyable, at least weather wise, the whole trip was pretty great. lots of fishing was done, unfortunately not so many fish but i caught enough to keep it exciting. i could probably sit out there for 8 hours and as long as i had some bites here and there, i would be happy.

i think it goes without saying that public enemy is one the most indluential musical acts of at least my/our time – that is to include everything pre greatest misses.? when i speak of public enemy i typically reference nation of millions and fear of a black planet.? this is a bit unfair, me thinks, because as i go through their catalogue i often find myself listening to yo! and apocalpyse more than the other two.? could be that i have listened to them just too damn much, but thats not the point.? both of the latter records are damn fine pieces of work, even if yo! does sound a bit dated.? even so, the makings of things to come is pretty evident and of course lyrically chuck is on point.

below is a pe show in norwich, uk at the university of east anglia on 11.25.87.

1. intro

2. more intro stuff

3. too much posse

4. bring the noise

5. miuzi weighs a ton

6. rightstarter

7. raise the roof

8. sophisticated bitch

9. posse intros

10. peace, power rap

11. rebel without a pause

12. flavor dance

13. you gonna get yours

14. time to get busy

15. posse in effect

16. public enemy no 1

mary lou lord live in boston 9.9.05


there is no sweeter voice in all of music than the one owned by mary lou lord. even with all her voice’s sweetness there is a hint of sadness in just about every song she sings. i guess thats why i really connect with her and her choices of songs she covers, because even the greatest moments in ones life are filled with a little bit of melancholy.

she doesnt write too many songs, but the ones she has are pretty solid – see what was supposed to be a breakout record, got no shadow for proof. the songs she covers are grade A and often will include the works of springsteen, elliot smith, teenage fanclub, richard thompson, and her favorite go to guy, the much unappreciated nick solomon aka the bevis frond. i cant stress enough the awesomeness of nick saloman and his work. unfortunately, his records can be hard to come by but they are well worth the hunt.

for those that are not up on the history of miss lord, please check out her wikipedia page and if you are feeling up to it here is some info on mr saloman.

here is mary lou performing at the first act guitar studio in boston on 9.9.05

1. intro

2. western union desperate

3. flood warning

4. its a wonderful life

5. the wind blew all around me

6. stars burn out

7. he’d be diamond

8. forty-three

9. my own worst enemy

10. bewitching me

thanks to the original taper.

Got No Shadow Mary Lou Lord Baby Blue Hit Squad What Did For the Dinosaurs New River Head

the desert sessions vol 1-2 and who are the superimposers?

sometime in 92 i walked into my local record shop, the long since outta business, red tower records in orland park, il. i was probably in there at least 4 times a week, so i had a bit of a relationship with the folks that worked there. it was one of my main sources for new music, plus i had nothing much to do and there were worse places to spend my days and monies. this particular day the staff was fawning over kyuss’ blues for the red sun. even as cool as i thought blues for the red sun i really didnt “get it” until many years later. so, after a few listens, the tape, do they even sell tapes anymore, sat there in a box for a few years without nary a listen. it wasnt until i was preparing for a big move that i re-discovered blues. in typical fashion, i got sidetracked from my packing duties and started listening to stuff that i had not listened to in years. most was crap, but blues hit me like a ton of bricks. from that moment on, i was on josh homme and companies dick like white on rice. although, i was not to impressed with the queens lullabies to paralyze.

here is the long outta print desert sessions vol 1-2. if you are not familiar with the desert sessions check this page out. it was supposed to be reprinted a year ago, but nothing has surfaced since. typically this desert session collection goes for like 75 bucks on ebay, which is a bit outrageous.

1. preaching

2. girl boy tom

3. monkey in the middle

4. girl boy tom

5. cowards way out

6. robotic lunch

7. johnny the boy

8. screamin eagle

9. cake (who shit on the ?)

10. mans ruin preach

i got my hands on a copy of superimposers’ 2006 release missing, which is pretty darn good. as it turns out, according to their myspace page this release was not released with their blessing. if you read the disclaimer blog posting on their page the record was released under their name but most of the stuff is demos and was even worked on by other artists. in any event, the stuff is pretty cool – think avalanches mixed with a 60’s acid trip.

dont letcha

eye of the beholder

Blues for the Red Sun Queens of the Stone Age - Rated R Queens of the Stone Age Desert Sessions, Vols. 3 & 4

a lame plea for wii and some random songs


if any company wants to send a wii my direction for a full, hardcore week long review, please feel free to contact me. unfortunately, i wasnt invited to participate in the zune/your favorite blogger festivities but thats cool the wii is where its at. i look forward to not hearing from you.

i dont got much time to get into a whole bunch of stuff today but here is a bunch of stuff from various artists that i deem worthy to grace these pages. i have a pretty cool public enemy show that i am going to be posting either tonite or tomorrow. until then…

jeremy warmsley

dirty blue jeans

i promise

the inner banks


glittering sky


scott solter plays pattern is movement

witkin dub


outrageous cherry

memphis stereo

paranoid world