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happy halloween and ted leo live @ the touch n go anniversary

From 06 halloween

happy halloween people! hope everyone had some cool parties to attend. me you ask? nope, none this year. the highlight of my halloween experience can be summed up in the above photo.

i dont got much to offer this evening, other than this ted leo show from the recent touch n go 25th anniversary party. thanks to the original taper! its a decent sounding recording.

1. intro

2. 2nd ave, 11 am

3. the ballad of the sin eater

4. sons of cain

5. some beginners mind

6. army bound

7. lost brigade

8. crying over you

9. me & mia

10. c.i.a.

11. suspect device – stiff little fingers
Hearts of Oak The Tyranny of Distance

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see furvis to fill all your needs


sometimes i really dont feel like working hard or “spending time” with a record in order for me to finally realize i like it. dont get me wrong, its a great feeling when a record finally clicks, but come on sometimes you just want shit laid out like a north avenue hooker. such is the case with boston’s furvis’ carpe carpet. a record so god damn enjoyable, that if for some reason you couldnt “get into it” we would definitely not be friends and there is something probably wrong with you. you like pavement, right? well what about later day wilco? or how about any other kick ass band? cause we both know you’re cool, correct? yeah, thought so.

sultan of sun

aaa cowboy

have you guys checked out irving yet? i rather dig them, but at this moment in time dont have time to get into it. so, in the mean time…


turn of the century

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uncle tupelo radio performance, 7.29.90

not much good came out of 1993 and my brief time spent at western illinois university located in the shit hole known as macomb – all apologies if you happen to reside there. lets just say mistakes were made, nothing very serious but attending college with a high school sweetheart is not a grand idea. people kept warning me not too but the thought of having all the uninterrupted sex i could muster was all i could think of, thus clouding my judgement.

one morning i happened to be listening, not by choice, to the otherwise very lame campus radio station when tupelo’s “wipe the clock” flooded the desolate cafeteria. as soon as it ended i ran down to the station to find out who that was, cause as my luck would have it the end of the song signaled an ad for some bar and then the local walmart. i found myself walking in the freezing rain to the local shop, rockin robins. luckily she had still feel gone AND march so my quest was not in vain. for the next 6 months i dont think i listened to anything else, that is until anodyne came out.

here is a radio performance on WFMU, east orange, nj on 7.29.90.

this can now be found here

1. screen door2. there was a time

3. true to life

4. watch me fall

5. life worth living

6. flatness

7. whiskey bottle

8. no depression

9. factory belt

10. sin city

11. atomic power89/93: An Anthology Still Feel Gone March 16-20, 1992 Anodyne

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william elliott whitmore 9.1.06 live in iowa city

there is no singer today that can put you in another place and time better than william elliott whitmore. listening to william is to put yourself in a smokey off a dark alley club somewhere in the heart of mississippi during the depression. he is blessed with a voice that is part modern day tom waits and as alluded to above part depression era bluesman. in my opinion, he is one of the most important up and coming american artists.

here is a recent show, 9.1.06, from the picador in iowa city, ia. thanks to the original taper!

1. intro

2. take it on the chin

3. dry

4. one mans shame

5. midnight

6. rest his soul

7. the chariot

8. burn and body

9. red buds

10. sometimes our dreams…

11. porchlight

12. diggin my grave

13. johnny law

14. our paths will cross again

15. black iowa dirt

Song of the Blackbird

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matt & more importantly kim plus lanois the finale


firstly, omg! omg! have you guys checked out the clip for the new season of 24?? i was really curious about what direction they were going to go in given the outcome of last season.? i thought it would have been cool to have a CTU man hunt for jack in china, but the direction they have gone in looks much cooler.? i am not that much of a tv person outside of football and baseball, but 24 and prison break definitely help break up the monotony of every day life.

secondly, that matt and kim show featured in the pic above looks like a shit load of fun.? given their chosen musical stylings, a cross between quasi and some cheesy 80’s synth pop band, that atmosphere looks perfect.? oh to be 22 again.? anyway, from the two tracks i have heard from matt and kim they seem pretty damn cool. it also doesnt hurt that kim is cute as hell.
their self titled debut was just released this past tuesday on the iheartcomix label and if you are in the nyc area they are having a record release party @? 3rd ward in bushwick @ 8.

yeah yeah

silver tiles

here is the remainder of the lanois show from boston.

12. as tears roll by

13. power of one

14. panorama

15. sweet soul honey

16. the maker

17. slow giving

18. under a stormy sky

19. o marie

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the midnight hours vs bottomless pit


as i was in the middle of writing about the midnight hours last night, i got sidetracked by sleep.? the past couple o’ days i have been tired as hell.? dont know if its the weather or maybe?its just mono.? anyway, back to the midnight hours.? last night whilst fast asleep their song “miss marie” found its way into my dreams.? what the dream was ultimately about was a conversation i was evesdropping on between a man and a woman.? apparently the man wanted to?leave his lady friend?and move to idaho -?the reasons were unclear.? then as the man was getting on board a train to leave?his lady followed?him and?the conversation started up again, but instead of the conversation “miss marie” started playing.? after that, i dont remember much except the couple ended up at the ocean building a sandcastle.??below is the beginnings of my?original post.????

i always find it interesting the way bands describe their “sound.” typically, the description sounds like it came straight from the mouth of a publicist and/or was born out of some stoned creative writing session. new york city’s by way of japan, texas and jersey’s the midnight hours sound oddly quite a bit as they describe themselves musically, like a train.? its probably the combination of the?driving sound of the drums combined with what sounds like a lap steel that gives the midnight hours that train or at least a traveling type sound.? they remind me of a dirtier, twangier version of a 60’s pop band – which is right up my alley.? if you like catfish haven or bands of the like you should dig these ladies and gents.

they have a new ep out now entitled the five believers which can be purchased directly through the band, on itunes, napster and/or rhapsody.????????

miss marie?

its alright

get gone

one band that i love(d) is chicago’s own silkworm, which after the senseless death of michael dahlquist decided to call it a day.? it had been about a year since i visited the silkworm site, but the other day something told me to check it.? to my suprise, tim is now leading up a new band, bottomless pit.??not to my suprise the new stuff sounds damn good.


the cardinal movements

the remainder of that daniel lanois show will be up shortly.?


rock out with your cock out

whats up motherfuckin (insert you city here)? they never said we would make it outta 1987 alive, but here we are man, 19 motherfuckin and 88!!!! they also said that we would never sell any records. look at us now! doesnt matter if its 1988, 1998 or 2006! we will keep on rocking your balls off and sellin out arenas! there aint no county fairs in our futures! hell no!

anyway, i loaded up the ipod this morning with some choice hits from my formidable early teen years. thats right, i rocked out to some la guns, cinderella, winger, iron maiden, megadeth, anthrax, danzig, etc. damn that shit brought me back to simpler times, simpler things like dry humping, stealing parents cigarettes, prank calling unsuspecting victims and making them believe they just won a thousand bucks by claiming their favorite radio station was whatever they said, etc. but, damn i didnt make it through one of those records. i came close to making it through danzig’s debut, thats still pretty decent and oddly enough cinderella’s long cold winter is not that bad. regardless, going back to that stuff every now again is good for my soul and might be good for yours too – that is if you believe in that kinda stuff.

danzig – twist of cain

megadeth – wake up dead

ratt – i want a woman

winger – seventeen

cinderella – coming home

cinderella – shake me

anthrax – im the man

in other news, if any wordpress user knows how to install the newly released bbpress, wordpress’ answer to a forum, and would like to help me out i would be greatly appreciative. i think i can do it but i dont want to mess shit up.

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ron mexico's big day and tweedy: the resurrection

since moving to the atlanta area i have become quite a big falcons fan. now, they wont ever over take the bears but they are damn fun to watch, even though they are quite frustrating. todays game, at least offensively, should have solidified a new look falcons. the falcons will never go all they way, see super bowl, running the ball – no matter how great the ground game is. vick can throw the ball, i think thats apparent, but he has to start early to get himself and his receivers into a groove. once he gets going it will open up the ground game and should cause the opposing defense to question their selection of defensive sets. what the fuck am i talking about? i dont even know, and i know quite a bit about football.heres the remainder of the tweedy show. wanted to say thanks to the original taper.

this can now be found here

14. passenger side

15. shot in the arm

16. encore intro

17. walken

18. fragment of elizabeth cotten song

19. losing end

20. california stars

21. in christ, there is no east or west

22. new madrid

23. im the man who loves you

24. acuff rose

Summerteeth Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Still Feel Gone

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