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sleater kinney debut LP up for bid


the second item up for bid is sleater kinney’s debut record on vinyl.? its pretty rare, at least in vinyl format.


guided by voices prince whippet lp auction


the first item up for auction is a copy of guided by voices’ the pipe dreams of instant prince whippet.? it is sealed, which means its never been played.? everything i will be putting up for auction is from my personal collection.? up next is a very rare sleater kinney record from 1995.

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alice in chains giveaway, demos and pat spurgeon auctions


today through monday i am holding a contest for a copy the newly released alice in chains 2 disc retrospect the essential alice in chains.? its a great looking collection, and even has a couple of tracks off of my personal favorite alice in chains release the sap ep.? i am going to make this easy and all you have to do is say either “here” or “present” in the comment section.? so, in honor of this contest here are the demos to their groundbreaking 1990 release facelift.

1. suffragette city

2. bleed the freak

3. social parasite

4. we die young

5. chemical addiction

6. sunshine

7. king of the kats

8. the real thing

9. killing yourself

10. sea of sorrow

11. i cant remember

12. queen of the rodeo

later today i will be placing a few items from my personal collection on ebay to help rogue wave drummer, pat spurgeon get a new kidney which he so desperately needs.? so, be sure to check back later today for more info.? in the meantime,? check out frank from chromewaves auctions and ryan from muzzle of bees’ cool stuff up for sale.

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that bitch is crazy


congratulations are in order for my man rich at cable and tweed for snatching up the readers choice for best local music blog in atlanta’s creative loafing. way to go rich! fucker! hopefully he can pull himself away from them damn learning books to start posting again at least on a semi regular basis.

at this point in the day i am sure you guys have taken a gander at the hot carl/filthy sanchez that was unleashed by screech powers in his porno debut – via stereogum. lets all pray that this is the last time screech and porno are used in the same sentence, unless of course lisa turtle or kelly kapowski are involved, particularly the latter.

now lets dip into the back log of emails that i have recieved over the past few weeks. its gotten to the point that its like the longer you dont talk to a friend the less of chance there is that you will speak again. just cause its too god damn awkward. so i better post these before it gets weird.
hot snakes – braintrust

the hot snakes disbanded last year but they recorded thunder down under! last year during a stint in australia. thunder down under comes out sometime next year.

pinebender – polly gray

chicago’s pinebender is releasing a new record, working nine to wolf – a horrible title but then again it aint my record, on nov 3.

the end of the world – last cast

the end of the world – show your age

new york’s the end of the world are releasing their debut via flameshovel on the ghouliest of all days, oct 31.? they will be opending for cursive on sept 30, saturday, at the sommerville theatre in sommerville, mass.

feathers – skara brain

based out of miami, feathers makes some pretty cool insturmental pop music.? they recorded their third ep, synchromy, at chicago’s famed soma studios with mr john mcentire at the helm.


drunken lucero review and centro-matic the 10th anniversary show


sometime in 1980 a young writer sat alone in his cramped studio apartment. smoke after smoke he pounded out word after word, page after page on his thrift store IBM Selectric. they flowed like KY on the third shoot of an all anal porno. the story was complicated but relateable, the characters were multi-faceted but simple. after a tiring 6 months, the writer stood up, boxed up the pages and there it sat for quite a while, in fact. a few months went by and the author turned his focus on another manuscript, that, oddly enough, was along the same lines as the story that now sits in a box. this time when he was finished he called up a buddy to begin working on the soundtrack. the very thing the author couldn’t hear the first time around. a year later his second work was put to film, with the soundtrack he had always hoped for. that movie was eddie and the cruisers.

that movie that was never made, now has an un-official soundtrack some 23 years later. Lucero’s Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers is that soundtrack. it has this strange quality that inspires a movie type visualization in me brain. i can hear the lead in promo go something like this…

“a man with nothing to lose, and a history he cant escape meets the women he wished he could forget and everything that happens in between…”

its very rare that a record invokes this kind of feeling and thought process that rebels, rogues and sworn brothers has. even the simplest lines like “the difference between what was and what is..” as ben declares on “cass” stirs up a whole bunch of feelings that i havent felt in years or maybe feelings i have never felt personally, i cant decide. the opener “what else would you have me be” is one of the best springsteen-eque songs any follower has ever put to tape. i can just hear ben counting down 1, 2, 3, 4 ala bruce in between the drum kicks and the tamborine fills.

so, i guess this is more of a soundtrack to a less than perfect life, than eddie and the cruisers: the untold story. less than perfect probably sums most of us more than we care to admit, but if we were perfect we wouldn’t be able to relate to this damn near perfect record.

another one of my favorite bands is centro-matic. here is the first part of a 41 song set celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

1. test

2. pilots

3. parade

4. post it note

5. terrified

6. hoist up

7. ordinary

8. 60 odd drummers

9. huge in every city

10. most everyone

11. aerial spins

12. gas blowin out your eyes

13. proud son

14. given geography

15. guillotines

16. argonne

17. patience for the ride

18. triggers and trashheaps

19. covered up in mines

buy lucero music directly from lucero. buy centro-matic music directly from centro-matic


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first night with the hold steady


as the world patiently awaits the release of the hold steady’s boys and girls in america, i am having a much needed cigarette. in the mean time aol music has a download of “first night” off of said record.? you can also download it below.

first night

check out the tour schedule!? oct 4 at the earl in atlanta!


los lobos got a new one and suicide handbook part two

i think life can be summed up in the blank and plastic emotions painted on lego people. today i am a bit bummed, or disappointed as it were. i received an email from a good friend the other day on a lead for what was pretty much my dream job – being a publicist for a well established “indie” label. in case you were not aware, i was in public relations for 9 years before my current gig. i love pr but its tough, mentally and spiritually, pushing shit that you cant get behind at least 80 percent. so, thats why i have stayed away from that field for a while. so, when this opportunity arose i was pretty psyched, not only because of the company but because it would bring me back home. my excitement ended at roughly 4.30 est time today. apparently, they hired someone a few weeks ago. i guess i should check the cmj job section more often. it wasn’t meant to be, i other news, one of my favorite groups, los lobos, has just released a new record entitled the town and the city. if you have never listened to los lobos i cant recommend them more highly. when i say every record in their catalogue is stellar i am not over exaggerating at all. they are streaming the new record here, and then if you are feeling really adventurous go out and pick up kiko and/or colossal head.

here is disc two of mr adams suicide handbook

this can now be found over here

1. you dont know me

2. bow to the sad lady

3. off broadway

4. cracks in a photograph

5. im waiting

6. cry on demand

7. miss sunflower

8. just saying hi

9. california love

10. idiots rule the world

11. dear chicago

Kiko Town & The City (Dig)


the suicide handbook part one

the years of 1994 through 2002 are a complete blur. they may have well not existed at all. during those years i lived in some newcastle induced time negelected vacuum. which i guess was cool at the time but now looking back the details are sketchy at best. some time during that time i stumbled upon a bloodshot records block party, i think it was bloodshot, featuring whiskeytown. i dont think i was invited but i was there nonetheless. i dont remember much of the whiskeyton set, to be honest. i do remember walking away being smitten with mr adams and crew. after a few weeks i went and bought a copy of rural free delivery and faithless street. fastforward a few years and a whiskeytown breakup, i found myself in possession of ryan’s debut record heartbreaker. a record, that at the time i thought was the greatest thing i had ever heard, but now i feel falls flat. i still love the record, but time has not been very kind to it to my ears. hearbreaker pretty much sums up my feelings for ryan and his work. some of it is killer and some of it is filler. after listening to this npr interview i kind of understand and appreciate where he is coming from.

i am sure these demos have been passed around enough that they since become a bore but thats not my concern. here is part one of the suicide handbook.

this can now be found here

1. wild flowers

2. perfect and true

3. tell it to my heart

4. she wants to pay hearts

5. pretenders

6. famous eyes

7. touch, fell and lose

8. firecracker

9. la cienega just smiled

10. for no one

Faithless Street Strangers Almanac Heartbreaker

for those in atlanta, richard buckner, eric bachmann and the wunderkid know as beirut are playing at the variety tomorrow evening.

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