a lips peel recording circa 92 and some other stuff

since yoshimi my love affair with the flaming lips has taken a severe turn for the worse.? sure their back catalogue is pretty stellar, but i live in a “what have you done for me lately” universe.? btw, is that daryl hannah in the photo?? as i have stated in the past me thinks people are more in love with the possibilities of the lips than they are of their actual output. they sure put on a hell of a show thats for god damn sure.? i was lucky enough to take part of the boombox experiment when it hit chicago back in the nineties and that was definitely an experience i will never forget.? anywho, are the lips recorded back in 92 during a session with the late john peel.

hit me like you did the first time

life on mars

the sun

in other news, my favorite radio station woxy is signing off in a couple of weeks.

the hold steady have started up a you tube type site to coincide with the release of the new record boys and girls in america. check it out.

the kamikaze hearts and waits in atlanta the finale

that dude in the center, looks like a chubby, hugh jackman inspired wolverine.? i just thought i would mention that.? anyway, albany, ny based the kamikaze hearts are honestly right up my alley.? they remind me of a more straighforward califone and a less annoying okkervil river, even though i really dig okkervil river, tim hardin’s vocals get on my damn nerves from time to time.? their debut record oneida road is set to be released on 9.26.

top of your head

no one called you a failure

the remainder of mr waits in atlanta is below.? i am missing track 12, but its just a bunch of jibberish so you are not missing anything.

13. tango til they’re sore

14. house where nobody lives

15. dont go into that barn

16. lie to me baby

17. whistlin past the graveyard

18. banter

19. ninth and hennepin

20. trampled rose

21. get behind the mule

22. murder in the red barn

23. shake it

24. singapore

25. going out west

26. day after tomorrow

27. heart attack/spoonful

tom waits live in atlanta, 8.1.06 part one


you guys ever hear the “cribbing story” backed by photographic evidence waits told on letterman?? i watched it the other day on you tube and even though i have seen it numerous times i still chuckled.

1. intro

2. make it rain

3. hoist that rag

4. shore leave

5. gods away on business

6. banter

7. november

8. til the money runs out

9. blue valentine

10. banter

11. lucky day

thanks to the original taper! the conclusion will be posted tomorrow.

travel by sea, yes please


so, over the weekend i got a copy of travel by sea’s shadows rise, which kyle from the band was kind enough to send my way.? to say i dug it more and more with each listen is a bit of an understatement.?? its a very understated affair, that is a bit reminiscent of wilco’s yankee hotel foxtrot or great lake swimmers’ bodies and minds.? i would highly recommend it to fans of either of those records.

i wont let you down

complete shakeup

closing down my house – will johnson cover

up next tom waits in atlanta

yoni gordon & stereogum's got new califone


yoni gordon seems to be a man on a mission, whatever that mission may be i haven’t the faintest.? judging by his brand of ted leo/billy bragg?inspired pop/punk rock he is?destined? to get that chicken, but he needs your help!? one thing i dig about this dude and his music?is that?it seems honest and sincere. like he maybe singing for his life or at least a big mac.? he reminds me of a young rocky, in his under dog, kid from philly days.? all he needs?is his mickey to be screaming from?offstage “you’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!” or?something like that.

in a jam?

the fallout?- my personal favorite

blow it away

gotta get out

cant stick around here

i forgot to mention that stereogum had?posted a new califone track “spider’s house”?which is off their yet to be released record roots and crowns, due out on 10.10.

later tonight i will be offering up tom waits in atlanta, which i believe was on 8.1 @ the tabernacle.


and the award goes to… & mike doughty on the current


on saturday night the wife and i were driving home and led zepplin’s whole lotta love came on and it made me finally realize something. i had pondering this for some time, mind you, who is the worst vocalist of all time? in my opinion robert plant takes the cake. i am sorry there is nothing remotely redeeming about plants vocal stylings. he sounds as if someone is putting a cats head in a vice and slowly tightening it. he’s so over dramatic its beyond ridiculous.

in other news, one guy/band i always forget how much i dig is mike doughty/soul coughing.? maybe its cause i dont listen to them/him that much that when i do listen i dig em.? any way, here is mr doughty recorded on 10.13.05 on the current 89.3, the next to last installment.

1. busting up a starbucks

2. talk

3. madeline and nine

4. talk

5. your misfortune

from haughty melodic

bottom of a well

your misfortune

i love jenny lewis and/or how i deal with rilo kiley

jenny lewis reminds me a lot of the two face chick from seinfeld. sometimes she looks really freakin hot and to steal a phrase from joey lawrence “whoa!” but not in a good way. i could spend forever in her bosom, thats for damn sure. her 06 release rabbit fur coat with the watson twins is definitely in my top 10 of the year. no rilo kiley record has done much for me in all honesty. i like about half and then the other just falls flat. here is rilo kiley on none other than the current 89.3 from 5.16.05.

this can now be found here

1. talk

2. more adventurous

3. talk

4. ripchord

5. talk

6. potions for foxes

7. talk

Rabbit Fur Coat

a man named jim salinger


so, yesterday i was wading through the months of backed up friend requests over there at myspace.? i try to give everyone fair a shake, or at least a chance to pass my 10 second rule which most people dont.? sometimes it just gets to be too fuckin much, i just want to hit the?detonate button and blow myspace the hell up!?one guy i found rather interesting was this guy outta LA named jim salinger.??he’s still a bit rough vocally, but the songwriting and instrumentation is spot on.??plus he name checks jack logan as an influence which is good enough for me, typically.

how did i get this far

this quiet night

tennessee slide

younger than a dead man

the shins dig the current and new jeremy enigk tracks


the shins are a band that i find really hard to dislike. i cant remember the last time i listened to an actual shins record but when the tracks pop up on my ipod i typically hit repeat. i dont know why i cant sit through a whole record? interestingly enough, i know quite a few people that feel the same way. here they are on the current 89.3 recorded on 4.12.05.

1. hot for teacher

2. talk

3. girl inform me

4. talk

5. gone for good

6. talk

7. caring is creepy

8. talk

9. turn a square

10. talk

in other news, jeremy enigk has a new album out shortly entitled world waits. i have heard the record and it is quite fantastic. here are couple o’ tracks off of it.

been here before

river to sea

he is currently on tour, so check his site for dates.

feist does the current and other stuff

i dont know about you people, but i dont think this john karr guy killed jon benet.? sure the guy is creepy as hell, but i still stand by that the dad had his fingers in the wrong pie.? my theory is that karr got busted for some shit in thailand and would rather face a long drawn out court case here in the us than daily sodomizing/canings that were sure to happen in thailand.

keeping with a theme is something i never stray away from.? neither is ending sentences with prepostions.? so, today is the lovely young lady that goes by the name of feist recorded on on 7.8.05 for 89.3 the current.

1. talk

2. one evening

3. talk

4. secret heart

5. talk

6. mushaboom

7. talk

in other news, apparently allmusic or better yet stephen thomas erlewine feels that paris hilton’s debut is close to perfect, giving it fucking 4 and half stars!!!!!!111 stephen better have gotten one of them patented paris blowjobs for that kinda review.