lucero 5.7.04 @ blue cats, knoxville, tn

damn you lucero, damn you straight to somewhere that is not very pleasant. i will be honest, i was a little bit late to the lucero game. i got into them last year, long after a friend had raved about them a mere 2 or 3 years earlier. she lived in memphis, they are from memphis and were rippin up the local scene and from the way my friend spoke of mr nichols and co., they were also in the heart breakin business. nobody’s darlings was my favorite record of the 05, followed closely by seperation sunday and the unforgettable arm. this year we find the boys set to release rebels, rogues and sworn brothers. a record that if i didnt know any better sounds like it could be a lost springsteen record from the 70’s. i will go more in depth on rogues.. in the coming weeks. its a phenomenal record, but i dont think it will be winning over any new fans, in fact i think it may alienate those looking for another futher west or tennessee. ok, i dont want to get ahead of myself. look for a full fledged review in the next week.

in the meantime, here is part one of a show from 04 in knoxville, tn. it’s a soundboard recording i believe
1. intro

2. that much further west

3. kiss the bottle

4. fell around the world

5. wandering starr

6. nights like these

7. old sad songs

8. tonight aint gonna be good

9. raising hell

the rest of the show may be up later tonight, depending on my mood.

remember you can still pre-order rogues, rebels & sworn brothers by clicking here. i think its a great idea that they are sending everyone who pre-orders a link to the download the record within two days of ordering.

the you


one of my favorite knob fiddlers is mr brian deck. i have been a huge fan of his work for what seems like an eternity. there has been only one brian deck produced/engineered record that i didnt like, and that was oak lawn, illinois’ boom hank’s sophmore record ish ly ghost your e & y. their debut, nuisance, was a brilliant piece of poppy punk, but their second record sounded like a bad red red meat record. i am sure it was not brian’s fault, but i have to blame someone. so, when i got an email about brian working on pittsburgh based the you’s debut record, for the masses, it of course piqued my interest. from what i have heard thus far from the you, they are definitely a bunch of chaps i can get behind, not literally of course. sitting at work today i tried to come up with my best “sounds like” or “if you dig…” comparisons, but i could not. maybe its because i had to bullshit my way through a 6 page paper about software and office automation today – turned out pretty well, though. check out the you, if you like good music, plain and simple.

i’m going to kill myself

they got a bunch of songs streaming on their myspace page which you can get to by clicking on the you link above.

random mp3 of the day

one of my absolute favorite artists is chris whitley. chris passed away suddenly last year, which broke this already fragile heart o’ mine. so, here is a very haunting version of dirt floor performed in the spring of 05 in australia.
dirt floor

the archie bronson outfit


i have been a huge fan of domino records for quite a while now.? mainly because they used to release a lot of cool pavement ep’s.? plus they just re-released the classic sebadoh III record, which i wrote about a week or so ago.? so in my eyes, domino are good people. anyway, the archie bronson outfit was “discovered” by domino owner laurence bell at one of his local hang outs over across the pond.? now, i dont claim to know much about the british music scene, but apparently these lads are way out of step with such scene.? be that as it may, they definitely have an american influenced sound, at least to these ears.? they remind me of the hold steady meets tom waits meets the wilderness. thats the best i can come up with after hearing only this track.? they recorded their debut in nashville with jacquire king who has worked with mr waits and modest mouse.

dart for my sweetheart

tragically hip 12/89 in toronto

a band that i dont talk about really ever, but are quietly in my top 5 favorite bands, is canada’s the tragically hip. one thing i love about the hip is that there is little to no ego in their music, but its still cool as hell. as great as musicians as they are, lead singer gordon downie really makes the the hip, well the hip. he’s reminds me of a crazy history teacher that has some crackpot theories on shit and that has smoked way to much weed or still does. no tragically hip record sounds like the one before it, they dont stray far from their formula but there always seems to be a distinct and differnt vibe to each record.

i actually won a contest back in 2000 to film and hang with the hip when they played in chicago. unfortunately, my video is no longer up but you can read my drunken rambling, here.

this is show from 12.??.1989. no one seems to know exactly when this show took place except that it was close to christmas, that it was in 89 and in toronto. the usually reliable hip base doesnt even have a clue.

1. she didnt know

2. highway girl

3. small town bringdown

4. opiated

5. everytime you go

6. last american exit

7. boots or hearts

8. 38 years old

9. blow at high dough

10. new orleans is sinking

11. when the weight comes down

Day for Night Road Apples Fully Completely Live Between Us In Between Evolution

unfortunately amazon doesnt have my favorite hip record available, and that would be phantom power.

jeremy enigk live in bobcat studio 8.29.96


during my 21st year, myself and a couple of friends headed to the metro, in chicago, to see velocity girl. velocity girl was fronted by the object of our collective desire, sarah shannon. velocity girl were pure pop bliss, btw. we happened to be running on time that particular evening so we able to catch the opener, sunny day real estate. if i had to choose between nailing scarlett johansson and reliving that show, it would be a tough call. i would still probably take scarlett, but you get the picture. while, i dont listen to diary much anymore, i find it hard to digest, i still pull out how it feels to be something on quite a bit. how it feels is much more focused and dare i say “mature” than the angst ridden diary.

jeremy is following up his orchestral laden debut return of the frog queen with a record called world waits on 10.17. here is a very cool 5 song show that he did for some contest winners in seattle. he is backed by a 9 piece orchestra and it was recorded at bobcat studios the same place he recorded frog queen.

1. abegail anne

2. return of the frog queen

3. lizard

4. carnival

5. explain

thanks to shawn.

Diary How It Feels to Be Something On Return of the Frog Queen

explosions in the sky 3.7.04

i liken listening to explosions in the sky to an out of body experience or sitting in an open field during what seems like a cloudless night then watching a terrific and violent storm pass through. even after you think the coast is clear, that scenario plays out over and over again, only this time even more beautiful and terrifying.

here is a show from berlin from 3.7.04

1. your hand in mine

2. greet death

3. yasmin the light

4. have you passed through this night?

5. memorial

6. the only moment we were alone

The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever How Strange, Innocence

lucero pre-order info

lucero is offering a kick ass offer for anyone who pre-orders their fabulous new record rebels, rogues and sworn brothers.? you get an immediate download of the record, w/i two days of your order, a 3 pin set, the record sent to you a week before its released and access to a sweet ass limited edition shirt for only an extra 10 bucks.? show some love and order directly from these guys, cause they absolutely deserve it.

order here

later tonite, an explosions in the sky show from sometime in the past.? great quality.