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death cab @ bannaroo 06


listen up members of death cab for cutie! i got a real beef with you’s. thats right ben, the other guy, the other guy, and the guy with really creepy hair, i am talkin to you! your last record sucked a whole lot of ass.? i dont know if i know anyone with half a brain that really enjoyed it, save a couple for a couple of tracks.? i forget why did you leave barusk for atlantic? you could have been on the OC soundtrack on your former label.? you’ll be back, they always come back.? ahhh, i still dig ya though or at least everything up until Plans.

here is death cab’s performance from bonnaroo 06

1. passenger seat

2. different names for the same thing

3. the new year

4. we laugh indoors

5. title and registration

6. soul meets body

7. lowell, ma.

8. crooked teeth

9. your heart is an empty room

10. a movie script ending

11. company calls

12. what sarah said

13. i will follow you into the dark

14. we looked like giants

15. the sound of settling

16. transantlanticism

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an ode to nick cave of sorts


there is no other artist in my catalogue that has sparked such a wide range of emotions in me than nick cave. his records have been in and out of my life since his 1988 release, Tender Prey. i have probably bought and sold all the earlier cave records 3 or 4 times, lets just say i was not very good with money in my younger years. it was not until 1996 and his record Murder Ballads that i finally “got” nick cave.

as the name implies, Murder Ballads is a 10 song collection of tunes that all focus on varying degrees of murder. the creepiest in my opinion is “the curse of millhaven.” the chorus more or less centers around the fact that all of gods children all have to die. he sings it with what sounds like such distaste for human life that it’s borderline psychopathic. his duets with polly jean harvey on “henry lee” and kylie minogue on “where the roses grow” are down right gorgeous, in a morbid kind of way.

it is from this record that i learned to appreciate his earlier more trying and gothic works like Tender Prey, The Firstborn is Dead and Kicking Against the Pricks. while i dont listen to them as much as i should they serve as interesting building blocks for the nick cave of today. His last record, the double cd Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus are cave’s finest hours and bring all of these blocks together to form a record of epic proportions.
here are some random live tunes that i stole, he was willing, from

do you love me?

henry lee

into my arms

stagger lee

the curse of millhaven

the mercy seat

the ship song

there is a kingdom

Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus The Boatman's Call Murder Ballads


table for one act 1

for your viewing pleasure, i present Table for One (Act I) done by a couple of dear friends of it’s subtle humor at its finest.

for more information visit the stone road

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annie and bright eyes bonnaroo the conclusion


this post has nothing to do with giant drag, except that i felt annie had been neglected by me for too long.? here is the remainder of the bonnaroo 06 set by much loved/hated bright eyes.

11. gillian and david intro

12. lua

13. laura laurent

14. hello sunshine

15. singing a song in the morning

16. an attempt to tip the scales

17. well whiskey

18. june on the west coast

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bright eyes @ bonnaroo

i typically keep my affinity for bright eyes on the down low, but today i will out myself and say that i like bright eyes. maybe one reason that i dig him/them is that i listen to their records, sparingly. their catalogue is not something that can be listened to in full in one sitting, like a lot of my favorite bands. a little bright eyes here and a little bright eyes there works for me, and doesnt make me abhore him/them. for some reason though, i sometimes feel like i am much to old to be listening. am i the only one?

anyway, here is the first part of their bonnaroo 06 set.

1. intro

2. four winds

3. train under water

4. first day of my life

5. ship in a bottle

6. take it easy

7. poison oak

8. love i dont have to love

9. soul singer in the session band

10. another travelin song

the remainder will be posted tomorrow afternoon

Fevers and Mirrors Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground

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i bid you farewell, the ladies of sleater-kinney


RIP, just the band not the members.? thanks for the music and the memories!
this dude is reporting via a sub pop press release.? why the hell wasn’t included on this!