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the next 3 radiohead records for download or twilight singers II

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, May 31st, 2006


yep, i gots em and i aint sharing.

so, i gotta say that jawbreaker’s dear you and 24 hour revenge therapy could be two of the greatest records of all time – given the right situations. the right situation being this, driving down an open road with the windows open in the extreme heat. they both rock pretty fuckin hard.

apparently, there is an encore, which i dont have and was not present or available, but it included that wacky gnarls barkley song “crazy.”

8. love

9. annie mae

10. there’s been an accident

11. candy cane crawl

12. papillon

13. martin eden

14. forty dollars (414)

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twilight singers 5.29.06

Posted by gregor on Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

I will post the remainder of the show tonite, or if you cant wait its available on dimeadozen in fabulous flac. ??

welcome to paradise.

1. i’m ready?

2. esta noche

3. too tough to die

4. live with me (massive attack)

5. bonnie brae

6. 66

7. teenage wristband (988)

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brightblack morning light

Posted by gregor on Tuesday, May 30th, 2006


photographer: magic andy mcleod 2006

i’ll be damned if that dude doesnt look like mitch hedberg, but i guess any dude with long hair a beard and aviator glasses could look like mitch hedberg. anyway, brightblack morning light sounds pretty damn cool as far as i am concerned, and as much as one track could lead me to believe. plus its cool that the dude can shoot rainbows outta his fingertips. they gots a new record coming out on matador on june 20 entitled, well its a self titled record.

everybody daylight

btw, they have a pretty extensive summer tour coming up and seem to be hitting just about every town in the us. check it! (403)

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ostersizer and the sundayrunners

Posted by gregor on Monday, May 29th, 2006


i really wanted to dedicate a post to musician/painter/lover/all around good guy, tobin sprout, but he was not offering any mp3’s on his site and i am much too lazy to at this point to move off the couch.? if the name doesnt sound familiar, tobin was part of one of the songwriting duos in history during his stint in guided by voices.? he was gbv’s mccartney to uncle bob’s lennon.? as much as i love gbv, it was kinda all downhill after tobin left.? the gbv records were still excellent, most of the time, but tobin brought out a sweeter side to the records.? frankly, his solo records are probably better than anything pollard has put out since he left.? besides being an excellent songsmith, tobin is a awesome painter (as you can see above.)? i? have been wanting to get one of his paintings for a very long time but unfortunately his stuff is pretty pricey.? if you got the cash though it definitely worth every penny.

through tobin’ site i found a band that sounds pretty promising, the sundayrunners.? i dont know what tobin has to do with them, if anything, but if he’s attached in anyway its good enough for me.? not wanting to string any more words together to make sentences, i will let the music do the talking.


half my height

later this week i will put up some primo tobin stuff. (294)

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the invisibility cloak

Posted by gregor on Monday, May 29th, 2006


i dont know if you guys have been paying attention to this whole invisibility cloak deal, but man if i were like 15 i would be so fuckin psyched right now. the way it is now, i am 31, and kinda psyched. oh man the places i would go with such a kick ass piece of technology. i would be totally sneakin into the girls locker room during gym class, and wreakin general havoc around my hood – again this would be if i were 15, maybe.

so here we wrap up this waits show from the lovely city of warsaw, and that would be in poland.

16. innocent when you dream

17. 16 shells from a thirty-ought six

18. gun street girl

19. who are you

20. pony

21. swordfishtrombone

22. i’ll shoot the moon

23. come on up to the house

24. lucky day (539)

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the white people are melting

Posted by gregor on Sunday, May 28th, 2006

ok, so we decided to brave the atlanta heat and check out the decatur arts festival. we are always up for a good festival, and although we dont have any money, we like daydreaming about the art we wish we could buy. of course most of its crap, or at least in my eyes, but there is always some awesome stuff. we were not prepared for the oppressive heat that awaited us within the crush of mass humanity. we lasted a mere 45 minutes. jesus christ was it hot. it had to be at least 100, and i was shocked to see people wearing jeans and such. how uncorfortable must one be wearing shorts to wear jeans in such a heat? i am not one to judge, but wtf people?

london based duo psapp, pronounced sap, are readying a new record, the only thing i ever wanted, set for release on tuesday 6.6.06. omg!!!!!!!!!!! thats the same day the new omen comes out!!! devil horns!!! i, honestly, had never listened to psapp before but an email i recieved described their eclectic tastes to include mr waits, the cure, duke ellington, etc. so, with a bit of skepticism i figured what the hell and gave them a listen. from the two tracks i have provided to me, i can say that i really dig what i have heard thus far. i can kinda hear the waits influence, especially rain dogs era waits.




tour dates

? Wednesday 14th Jun
KCRW — Morning Becomes Eclectic 11:00 AM PST (PSAPP ONLY)
Los Angeles, CA

? Friday 16th Jun
El Rey Theater
Los Angeles, CA

? Saturday 17th Jun
San Francisco, CA

? Sunday 18th Jun
Doug Fir
Porltland, OR

? Monday 19th Jun
Seattle, WA

? Tuesday 20th Jun
Richard’s On Richards
Vancouver, BC CANADA

? Friday 23rd Jun
Cedar Cultural Center
Minneapolis, MN

? Saturday 24th Jun
Hothouse (sans Jos?)
Chicago, IL

? Sunday 25th Jun
Magic Stick
Detroit, MI

? Monday 26th Jun
Trinity St. Paul
Toronto, ON CANADA

? Tuesday 27th Jun
Montreal, PQ CANADA

? Wednesday 28th Jun
Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, MA

? Thursday 29th Jun
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY

? Friday 30th Jun
Black Cat
Washington, DC

? Saturday 1st Jul
World Cafe
Philadelphia, PA

? Monday 3rd Jul
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY

? Wednesday 5th Jul
Joe’s Pub (HEADLINE GIG) 9:00 PM
New York, NY (717)

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things to do in boston on memorial day

Posted by gregor on Sunday, May 28th, 2006

been meaning to mention that one of favorites, franksmith, is going to be part of a killer bbq at great scott. its 10 bucks in advance and 12 bucks at the door, that includes bbq. should be a gay ole time.

the snakes in the trees

9 isnt 10


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time for a sexy party

Posted by gregor on Sunday, May 28th, 2006


the world is a much sexier place this morning, brad and angie welcomed their little girl shiloh into the world. meanwhile i cant seem to shake this damn double chin.? thank god for them.

you guys see this story? the reasoning behind not sending this convicted child molester to jail is absolutely amazing.? yay, justice system!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

tom waits 5.26.2000

11.tango til they’re sore
12. warsaw 5 am
13. picture in a frame
14. cemetary polka
15. invitation to the blues (480)

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you wanna be my latex salesman?

Posted by gregor on Saturday, May 27th, 2006

never ever underestimate the power of a mere photo of two hot chicks with copious amounts of boobage to draw a crowd, and send people on a wild goose chase just at the thought of seeing more of the like. on an average day i average about 200 outclicks to other sites, but if the current pace keeps up i will have about 500 today, with misshapes taking about 400 of those. it leads me to believe that i am in the wrong business.

in other news from around the webosphere:

as you may or may not know, i am a huge fan of we vs death. i just recieved a copy of their debut long player in the mail last week, and it is fantastic. after listening to it many times over said period i have made up my mind that it is on par with any explosions in the sky have done.

thomas corner and the valley houses

mother and father and me

conor over at san diego serenade has provided us with the hard to find tom waits vh1 storytellers show.

cable and tweed bustin out the pete seeger goodness

whats apple up to?

thats all for now dear people. (288)

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oh the things i could do and orton/m ward II de IV

Posted by gregor on Friday, May 26th, 2006



i hate to sound like a broken record, for those that have heard this before, but it pains me to know that these young ladies even exist.? apparently, as my main man kyle at morecowbell pointed out, they are some random club chicks from this here site.? it may even pain me more looking at the photos of the other “party goers” that frequent their events.? i am not one to judge others, but wtf?

in this installment of beth orton at largo, the fabulous m ward joins beth on stage for a few numbers.? its muy delicioso!

7. what we began

8. heartland truckstop

9. buckets of rain

10. touch me with your love

11. i want it

12. pieces of sky

13. stolen car

14. its not the spotlight

15. feel to believe

in the next episode its mr ward all by his lonesome. (294)

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