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aimee mann, obscure no more


aimee mann’s inclusion in paul thomas anderson’s difficult flick, magnolia, was more or less a re-introduction to the finnicky music buying population. let’s face it most people had not thought of aimee much since being labeled as “that chick with crazy hair in the one video,” all the way back in the 80’s. i, of course, referring to til tuesday’s voices carry video. even with two well recieved solo records under her belt, whatever and i’m with stupid, she still lingered in a bit of obscurity. admittedly, i had not given aimee much thought, before magnolia, for much of the decade. i pride myself on being up on just about everything, and if she was out of my mind, i am sure she was all but forgotten by 99.9% of people.

magnolia was decent, the magnolia soundtrack was most excellent. not only did it add so much to mood of the film, but the songs even without the backdrop of the film were magnficent. which leads me to 2000’s release, bachelor #2, the first “real” aimee mann record i had physically/monetarily purchased. it’s a lush and intimate record that was recorded around the same time as the magnolia soundtrack, which i guess is the reason why they hold roughly the same qualities in terms of orchestration.

lost in space is a piece of work that was a bit of a let down when it was released. i was still riding high on bachelor #2, and i was ill prepared for the quasi concept record that is lost in space. like most of her songs subject matter, the main theme running through lost in space is lost and despair. its a real bummer of a record, but have since grown to love it.

if it weren’t for lucero’s nobody’s darlings, the forgotten arm would have been my favorite record of the ’05. a record that revolves around a boxer, and his dealings with abuse, self doubt, and hopefully the thoughts of recovery. lyrically mann is at the top of her game, the subject matter flows elegantly from track to track. creating a world that i know i wouldnt want to inhabit. as an outsider looking in to the world mann created, one is left to wonder how much of her is in her songs?

this is a collection of recordings for two seperate radio sessions.
girls talk – mp3

say anything – mp3

tracks 01-05 recorded at JPR 1 (NOB Studio) in Hilversum on March 10, 1994.

tracks 06-07 recorded at NOB radiostudio in Hilversum on June 7, 1993. sessions recorded for the Dutch radio program “2 Meter Sessies”.

01 Girls Talk (Dave Edmunds/ Lowe)

02 Say Anything

03 50 Years After The Fair

04 I Should Have Known

05 4th Of July

06 Stupid Thing

07 I Know There’s A Word

flac rar file

thanks to the original


the bleedin bleedins


so, men of the bleedin bleedins you guys think you’re hot shit eh? fame is a bitch, guys, are you ready for that? which one of you is going to develop a habit and then end up in the tabloids ala pete doherty? if anyone of you guys nails scarlett johansson, i want pictures!

i dont know where i was going with that, but boston’s the bleedin bleedin’s sound like that’s where they are headed. whether or not any of the above mentioned scenario’s ever play out(crosses fingers for johansson pics), the bleedin bleedins sound big. much much bigger than their 3 piece status. i can picture people takin long drives and carefree summer days blastin the bleedin bleedins. one thing i cant see is small clubs holding these guys for very long. this shit is meant to bang rafters and swirl throughout madison square garden. this is not arena rock, by any means, just rock thats bigger than the sum of its parts.
their self released debut record, life without computers, is out now.

darkest day

the lights are out

darkest days remix


strange packages and south san gabriel

so, being the nice guy that i am, i decided to deliver intern steve’s mail to him in the hospital.? his mail consisted of jet, jugs, and a piece of mail conveniently, or inconveniently for me, wrapped in brown paper.? wanting to make sure it wasn’t a letter bomb or contained anthrax, i had to open it.? it was the print version of mandigo: blacks on blondes volume 38.

if your an avid reader of you know that i have a unflappable love affair of all things will johnson/centro-matic/south san gabriel.? i am much too lazy and too tired to string enough flattering words together on the subject of south san gabriel.? with that being the case, i will let the music do the talking.

the dark of the garage

i am six pounds of dynamite

tomorrow on

taj mahal live at the fillmore east in 71

aimee mann radio sessions from 93

maybe, more spoon rarities


call me ishmael and spoon pt III


so, the wife tricked me into going to the hospital to see steve the intern.? she said that she was taking me to my favorite place for awesome food and one serious salad bar, ruby tuesday.? i have been totally craving some really authentic mexican food, and ruby tuesday is as authentic as they come.? dont ask how she tricked me, its quite embarrasing.

as it turns out intern steve was traveling up to the georgia mountains to pick me up something that i had been for searching, high and low, for the better part of fifteen years. every time i thought i had it within my grasp, i would get outbid on ebay.? it was my eleanore, for those that have seen gone in 60 seconds.? what is this piece of history you ask?? an original RAD movie poster signed by bill allen himself!!!? i dont know how that little son of a bitch found it, but he did.? i guess i should not have cut his brake lines.? he still isn’t comin back to work lookin like he does.

in the right place the right time

is this the last time

jonathon fisk

let the distance keep us together

paper tiger


not dead yet and dead hot workshop


as it turns out, steve is not dead. he’s just badly injured, and apparently horribly disfigured. frankly, he is not wanted around these parts anymore if he’s any uglier. i am sure i would lose my lunch if that were the case.

one thing we love doing here at hq is going through old cd boxes that we haven’t looked at in years. since we are almost completely digital now, we really dont have any need to look through these boxes that often. every once in awhile though, we get bored and need something to do.

a record that i used to love that was pulled out of the wreckage is tempe’s dead hot workshop’s 1001. i am not ashamed to say that i loved the gin blossom’s new miserable experience, and dead hot workshop is in the same vein. while new miserable experience was pure pop bliss, 1001 is a wee bit dirtier and not as poppy, but just as good in it’s own right. after that record though, they seemed to have fallen off the map. as it turns out they have put out two more records, that i cannot vouch for, but the mp3’s on their site sound pretty all right.

river otis

jesus revisited

sex with strangers


steve update and pavement in montana

steve, the intern, is dead. long live steve!!!!

it should come to no surprise that being of the early 30’s demographic that i am, one of my favorite, if not my favorite, bands is pavement. depending on the day it fluctuates between pavement, guided by voices, superchunk, wilco and a few others. it’s sad to admit, but i am an aging hipster. one day i woke up and was married, had a mortgage, two car payments, and a wee lad. all of this and i still feel like i am 15, at least mentally. dont think it wont happen to you, people!

hearing slanted and enchanted for the first time struck me the same way as it takes a nation of millions. it was a glorious racket that was an absolute mess, not unlike my life at the time. it sounded as if everything could fall apart at any moment, but they kept on moving forward regardless. it truly was a life affirming record. if i thought that slanted and enchanted was life affirming, then crooked rain was life changing. we’ll touch on that at a later date.


missoula, mt


passat dream

grave architecture

gold soundzzzz

shady lane

heaven’s a truck

date with ikea

the hexx

black out


transport is arranged

kennel district

old to begin

westy cant drum

gangstas and prankstas

type slowly

summer babe

blue hawaiian


we are underused

in other news.

why does american apparel ads use such big breasted women?? they taunt me.

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