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i cant take it

this site is killing me. just knowing that these people exist is comedic gold. i truly cant string enough words together to intelligently express how this shit makes me laugh.

are you fucking kidding me?

seriously you guys are just fuckin around right?

oh my fucking god, you aren’t joking

i have nothing to say


scare tactics

i hope that 99% of the population doesnt get wind of this latest piece of information.? this kind of reporting is down right irresponsible in my humble opinion.?? your average american dumbass will read this and will start taking there 50 gallon drums down to the local BP and stockpiling, which i did see happening here in Atlanta after the whole Katrina “shortage.”


nyc Whitley memorial

Come join us in this intimate Celebration/memorial of the Spirit of my brother Chris Whitley in NYC on Fri, Feb. 17th at: the Baggot 82 W 3rd St (bet Sullivan & Thompson) Greenwich Village, NYC 212-477-0622 8:00-Closing time (all night long!!)

Advance Ticket sales here:?

There will be lots of great music/songwriters/musicians, spoken word memorials, photographs, Chris Whitley audio/video. Also we will probably allocate some time for people who would like to get up and dedicate a personal spoken word memorial to Chris. Among those performing music will be some of Chris’s friends and family =) :William Nowik, Dina Ragine, The SawTele’s, The Dan Whitley Band, Kelly Joe Phelps, Steve and John Conte and many other surprises! I hope to meet some of you there and thank you. Also stay tuned for info on the Austin and Houston Texas Benefits!

Love and Light, Daniel


rampant douchebaggery

these guys have hit this unfathomable epidemic right on the head.? hilarious shit.

Das UberGeigh


roundhouse kick

uncle bob kicks off his first solo tour tonight in Athens, oh how i wish i could go.??here is a nice little write up in?UGA’s Red and Black paper.? rockathon



?mr cave?does not look in the mood to give out moustache rides

?nick cave



one thing

i have come to the conclusion that the most annoying phrase used today is “Vegas, baby!”??whenever that phrase is uttered, typically by?some dude that just “scored” three of a kind at his local Beer Palace’s poker “tournament,” it gives me instant faucet ass.?????


new neko case

the good folks at chromewaves has a new single off of neko’s yet unreleased record and damn its good. dig it


cat power's living proof video

dont ask me how i ended up on the MTV2 website but regardless of how i got there, they are featuring my girls new video.? unfortunately here at work it was?almost unwatchable due?to all the buffering that was taking?place – high speed my ass.? one thought about MTV2, and it should be no suprise, but it sucks pretty fuckin hard.? i thought the original concept behind it was to be an “alternative” to the “mainstream” MTV?? here is part of MTV2’s lineup – Beyonce, Yellowcard, Good Charolette, Foo Fighters, POD, Biggie(?), etc. you get the picture.? what a fuckin waste of time.??

living proof?