i call bs

so, last evening i was awoke by my dog, who is knockin on heavens door, at about 12.30 am and after letting her out to do her thing i was unable to fall back to sleep cause of this program on the history channel. first was a special about UFOs and how american presidents have either played off the fact that UFOs exist or how they have tried to declassify information on the subject as Bill Clinton did during his presidency. it was a pretty interesting program, but the next one – a special about nostradomus and people of the like – got me really thinking about how vague these predictions really are. so, nostradamus wrote his predictions in prose and while some of them are eerily similiar to some events that have occured in the past 500 years, but thats the thing that makes me laugh. i could easily put something down and probably come close to describing some happening within the next 500 years. that doesnt impress me at all, now if someone could predict shit like within a 48 hour time span then that would get me excited. i just dont see how people can get all excited and worked up over this shit. i remember after 9/11 i read something about him predicting an event where two birds run into a building or something along those lines. i called bs at the time and i am sticking to my story.


dear you


today i would like to recognize Ray Lamontagne as someone that everyone should get to know. if you dig Van Morrison, Iron & Wine or the likes of Cat Power or I would say even Springsteen, then give this dude a chance. he has an amazing voice and writes some pretty great songs.


10 years

i have been thinking a lot lately about the ten best years in music. dont ask me why, cause i really have no reason outside of the fact that i have a lot of time on my hands. i am going to go out on a limb and say that between the years 1985 and 1994 churned out the best stuff. off the top of my head i can probably name 30 records between that time that would fall into my top 50 of all time. i will update this post within the next 24 hours with evidence to my statement.


will johson.vultures await