dj shadow ft run the jewels “nobody speak” – official video

top of the afternoon. this is one of my favorite songs of the year, and its off shaadow’s the mountain will fall. i havent listened to it much, but what i have listened to i have dug quite a bit.

austin lucas ft lydia loveless “wrong side of the dream”

here be the video for “wrong side of the dream” which is off probably my favorite record of the year, austin lucas’ between the moon and the midwest. you can pick it up via last chance records or wherever you buy your shit. the video premiered earlier today via american songwriter, so read more about it here.

bj barham “unfortunate kind” – video

top of the afternoon. my man bj barham, american aquarium, has a new record coming out shortly entitled rockingham. i have not heard the whole thing yet, but dig the nebraska-ish vibe of this tune. im sure its gonna be a great one. read more about it via american songwriter.

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sharon van etten “do you realize”


i love this song, and i love sharon, and while i was a bit nervous of this cover, she does it beautifully. this is for an amazon kids program gortimer gibbon’s life on normal street and a bunch of great folks have contributed to the soundtrack, liz phair, the mountain goats and deer tick. you can read more about it via consequence of sound.

hiss golden messenger “biloxi”


mc taylor’s hiss golden messenger has been one of my favorite band the past couple years. both his 2013 release, haw, and 14 record, lateness of dancers, were in my ten from those years. well he’s got a new one coming out on merge entitled, heart like a levee, which is due out on 10.7.

buy his stuff via merge, or pick up haw, my personal fave, via his bandcamp page

here’s a few of my favorite hiss golden songs

adam remnant “when i was a boy” – ex southeast engine


about a month ago, i was on a big southeast engine kick, and proclaimed somewhere either twitter or facebook, that they are in the top 3 bands i miss most. they put out some of my favorite records of the 2000’s, well the 2011 release canary. so it was much to my joy, surprise and excitement when i was notified that adam remnant was releasing a solo ep, when i was a boy on july 29 via trailer fire records. apparently, a full length record is due out sometime in the near future, and while i cannot wait for that full length, there is more than enough here to tide me over. honestly, this is one of the best things i have heard this year, top 5 material for sure. he’s a brilliant songwriter, and there is just something about the vibe that makes me feel at home. when i was a boy is that warm comforting blanket you reach for in the middle of a cold night. if that makes any sense? he’s got some gigs coming up, so make sure you check out the shows section here. if you dont ever listen to me about anything musically related, please listen to me know, and thank me later, listen to that song down there, and go buy or listen to southeast engine.

matt woods “the american way” – video

so, matt woods and austin lucas played at my house couple of days ago, and admittedly, i was not familiar w matt’s work. i am not sure why i hadn’t listened to his stuff before, cause most of my friends are fans, but im a lazy fuck. anyway, his performance blew me away. the entire night did, and if you have a chance to see these two together please for the love of god, do so. real talk, it was one of the best shows i have ever seen. they are playing together until the 7.23, i believe, check out the tour dates here. this is off his upcoming record, how to survive, which you can pre-order by clicking here.

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bo burnham “cant handle this”

you should watch this, and then watch his netflix special “make happy.” its quite brilliant, and while he’s only 25, the themes transcend age. lord knows i hate a lot of stuff, but couldn’t find any reason to hate this. some of you may hate it or find him annoying, but whatever, found it worth posting. its definitely deeper than it leads one to believe.

justin kinkel-schuster, water liars, “headed south”


oh this is very exciting, new record from water liars’ just kinkel-schuster which is due out 9.30 on fat possum/big legal mess and is called constant stranger. if you’ve never checked out water liars before, g’damn, what you waiting for? i celebrate their entire catalogue, and i am sure justin’s record is only gonna add to my unwavering fandom. there’s a couple water liars tracks down there in case you cant read.

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drive-by truckers “surrender under protest”


well this was a surprise as i didnt realize dbt had a new one coming out. admittedly, i have been underwhelmed by every dbt record since brighter than creations dark, but w every release i have hope. not saying they are bad records by any means, but just saying is all. the new one is called american band and is being released on 9.30 via ato records. honestly, at first i couldnt even tell this was cooley singing. read more about american band via npr.