prince birthday party show, 6.7.84


admittedly, i wasnt the biggest prince fan, but obviously believe he’s one of the greatest musicians to ever walk this earth. i found this the other day, and figured a few of you, maybe a lot of you, would appreciate it. this is one of those posts that may get taken down quickly, but you never know?

download the entire thing here

1. shortberry strawcake
2. 17 days
3. our destiny
4. roadhouse garden
5. interlude
6. all day, all night
7. free
8. noon rendezvous
9. erotic city
10. something in the water
11. when doves cry
12. happy birthday
13. irresistible bitch
14. possessed

hop along “powerful man”


i didnt do a top 10/20 of 2015, and while we are, shit, almost 6 months into 2016, this was my favorite record of last year. that would be hop along’s painted shut, i still listen to it all the time cause its amazing. definitely check them out. me thinks most people its gonna be either love or hate kind of record.

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the afghan whigs live in milan, 1.30.94


happy morning. while i sort shit out around here, gonna post some of my favorite shows that have previously been posted before the apocalypse. this is radio broadcast, and fucking awesome.

hey, if someone or a couple of you hit one of the tags over on the left side and tell me if you see a warning about malware, and leave a comment, that would be super awesome. xoxox

download the zip here

1. if i were going
2. debonair
3. turn on the wather
4. gentlemen
5. be sweet
6. my world is empty without you
7. when we two parted
8. retarded
9. fountain and fairfax
10. come see about me
11. you my flower
12. what jail is like
13. tonight
14. milez is dead

paul westerberg live on kfog and an update


top of the morning, peoples. well, here it is the new captainsdead. well its actually not new, but unfortunately i had to blow away the old site. somehow it had gotten infected w malware and as much as i tried to fix the issue, it just became too much for me to handle. so, i downloaded everything that was on my server, moved hosts to something i felt comfortable managing, and blew that shit up. all 10 years of posts are gone, but it kind of feels good in a way. for a while i really dreaded logging in cause everything was such a mess and it was kind of depressing. this site is no longer relevant, as most blogs, but i missed working on it. so, hopefully ill get back into a routine of sorts. shit i need something to do than worry and stress over work. any who, figured i would make an inaugural post of my favorite thing ive ever posted, or at least its very close to it.

EDIT: it appears that if you click tag or category, the malware shit is still there, but i would not worry about it. this is a fresh install and probably just left over residue until google deems the site “safe” again.

you can download the entire thing here via zip

1. waiting for somebody
2. valentine
3. once around the weekend
4. these are the days
5. i will dare
6. aint got me
7. achin to be
8. john, im only dancing
9. mammadaddydid
10. black eyed susan
11. merry go round
12. angels walk
13. love untold
14. left of the dial